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12 Clothes Drying Tips for Indoor and Outdoor, Hassle-Free!

12 Clothes Drying Tips for Indoor and Outdoor, Hassle-Free!
calendarJanuary 10, 2024

Drying Rack Singapore - Washing clothes is never out of our daily lives. 

No matter the rainy or dry season, clothes must be dry so they can be used for various purposes. Therefore, knowing some clothes drying tips will be beneficial.

In this article, you will find several clothes dryer safety tips for using an air dryer or not. 

Apart from that, you will also get to know the smart drying rack, which is known to be able to accommodate everything related to drying laundry. 

Check out the info below!


12 Best Clothes Drying Tips

Leaving aside the comparison of drying clothes indoors vs. outdoors, you can apply some of the tips below to one or both of the methods above. Some tips on how to dry clothes fast include:

1. Pay Attention to The Weather Conditions

If you dry wet clothes outdoors or indoors, pay attention to the weather conditions on the drying day.

If the weather is sunny, please dry all the laundry outside the house because the drying process will be faster. 

Meanwhile, if the weather information shows that it will rain, you should avoid drying outside.

Instead, dry the clothes in an area inside the house or on the terrace. 

That way, you won't be chased by the rain when you want to save all your clothes.

2. Dry White Clothes in The Sun

This is the right tip if the weather is sunny and you have white laundry.

The UV rays from sunlight can make your white clothes look brighter. 

Stubborn stains that remain after washing can also be reduced by dry clothes in the sun.

Because of the "fading" effect, you should be careful when drying colored or dark clothes.

3. Utilizing The Spin on the Washing Machine

How to dry clothes indoors quickly? 

Pro tips: when doing the final rinse using a washing machine, you can set the spin speed to the maximum level.
The high rotation can quickly and effectively separate the rinse water from your laundry. 

So, even if you dry it indoors, the laundry will no longer drip water. Interestingly, this method of drying clothes saves more electricity than the energy expenditure in tumble drying!

If the price of a tumble dryer seems expensive and wastes energy, try this alternative!

4. Choose The Right Drying Location

If you are hanging clothes to dry outside, you can choose a spacious area away from trees or other barriers so that sunlight can reach the clothes directly.

Meanwhile, for the best way to dry clothes indoors, the ideal location is near a window (without curtains), a fan, or an area that gets lots of air circulation.

Areas that you should avoid when drying laundry in the home area are:

  • Under Air Conditioner. The bottom of the AC could have collected a lot of dirt and mold. So if laundry is placed underneath it, various dirt or bacteria can stick to the clothes.
  • Near the Wall. Avoid areas near house walls or windows when drying in the rainy season. This is because both areas will be more humid, hindering drying.
  • Near the Curtain. Remove the curtains if you must dry them near a window or glass because curtains are one of the home appliances most quickly contaminated with mold and dirt.
  • Kitchen. Avoid placing your clothes drying rack in the kitchen if you don't want your clothes to smell like cooking. A damp clothesline will absorb all the aromas around it, so the clothes will no longer smell fresh. The humidity in the kitchen is also quite large, making clothes take longer to dry.

5. Make Sure The Air Ventilation is Clean

If you use an indoor clothes drying rack, ensure the ventilation in the room is clean. 

The goal is to make air entering and leaving your drying area easier.

The method is relatively easy, namely by cleaning the inside and outside areas from dust.

You can use a feather duster or vacuum cleaner to make cleaning easier.

6. Provide A Particular Room for Drying Laundry

If you live in an apartment or housing area where it is difficult to dry your laundry outside, it is best to provide a particular room.

You can use a drying rack or clothesline. Make sure there is a little gap between each load of laundry so that air can get in and out quickly.

7. Towels Can Speed Up The Drying Process

If you want your clothes to be dried efficiently, please use these seven tips before drying them. 

But try to keep the quantity of your clothes small so that the towel performs optimally.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Please roll the clothes tightly in a towel and squeeze for some time.
  2. Then, if it's enough, open the roll. 
  3. You will be surprised to see the water on the clothes transfer to the towel.
  4. Next, you can immediately dry the damp laundry to dry completely.

8. Buy a Peg Dryer

The more surface your laundry is exposed to air and heat, the faster the drying process can occur. 

Some people use hangers, which have been proven to be effective.

However, if the object's surface is large and cannot be accommodated by a hanger, use a peg dryer. 

This mini-looking accessory is convenient for hanging laundry.

You can clamp the clothesline with this tool and let the surface of each piece of cloth be exposed to wind or heat. 

The aim is to reduce the risk of small objects falling or flying in the wind.

9. Use an Electric Fan and Towel for Thicker Pieces

The collaboration between a fan and a towel can help you dry denim, jackets, or other heavy and thick products.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. First, please follow the method of rolling the laundry with a towel until no more water dripping.
  2. After that, turn on the electric fan and hang all the thick clothes in front of the fan. 
  3. Wait until it is scorched.

10. Dry with a Dry Machine

If you have an excess budget, you can use a dry machine. You can immediately iron dry clothes after putting wet laundry into the tool.

This method is more effective than several other methods and saves space and time. 

However, keep in mind when using these laundry drying tips, there are several disadvantages that you have to accept, such as:

  • It wastes electricity and money
  • Not environmentally friendly
  • Clothes can shrink if dried with this tool. A study shows that the shrinkage could double. 
  • It can damage your laundry due to constant drying in the machine

So, behind these advantages, there are several cons that you need to consider. Because the things sacrificed are not trivial, especially related to the quality of clothing. Ultimately, the choice is yours.

11. Rotate the Laundry On the Clothesline

Check your clothesline often, especially when the weather is terrible or indoors. When there are clothes that are dry first, you can immediately pick them up.

Then, move the other laundry to that strategic place. 

That way, all the laundry can dry evenly. 

You no longer need to separate dry or damp clothes in the afternoon!

12. Hair Dryer and Iron When in Urgent Situations

In urgent situations, try using hot air from a hair dryer so your outfit dries quickly. 

It's best to combine these tips with some of the previous tips, such as removing remaining water with a towel.

Afterward, hang your outfit on a hanger and direct the hair dryer until all parts are exposed.

If you don't have a hair dryer, you can also use an iron. Make sure to place the outfit on a flat, thick surface. 

Then, please move the iron over the clothes until no more moisture is left.


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The Ultimate Tip: Use a Smart Laundry Rack

Apart from the many tips above, each method has advantages and disadvantages.

Drying outdoors will be challenging if you live in an HDB apartment or dense housing complex. 

Meanwhile, if you want maximum drying indoors, several criteria must be met.

There is an innovative and effective technology for people with difficulty drying their clothes indoors. 

The solution is to use a smart laundry rack!

Besides the shorter drying duration, you don't need to worry about wasting electricity, space, or health problems.

There is no need to worry about your outfits shrinking, changing color, or even being damaged. With the technology, all of these things can be resolved easily.

With this innovative device, complicated washing processes can be simplified without disturbing the condition of the clothes.

To become more familiar with this tip, please take a look at some of the advantages of the smart rack:

1. Easy to Use

Even though it uses the latest technology, anyone can operate an intelligent rack easily. 

You can use the physical buttons on the tool or control via the application.

2. Economical

You only need to pay a hefty amount when buying and installing it. 

After that, the electrical power required to operate the smart rack is not too big.


3. Less Space

You must provide enough space when using a regular dryer and a traditional rack or cloth line. 

In contrast to the three, innovative racks use less space. 

You can hang it from the ceiling of your house so that the bottom remains roomy and tidy.

4. Use The Latest Technology

Not only does it save space, but this tool also provides fast drying technology, making clothes smell fresher and free of bacteria. 

This is the main point because various previous tips have shortcomings in one of these aspects.

Tips for Choosing the Best Smart Rack

Because many similar products are sold on the market, you must know the proper product criteria. 

Because with a product that suits your needs, various costs and other aspects will also adjust. You can also narrow down this list of product recommendations.

So, some of the criteria you should consider are:

1. Laundry Capacity

To calculate the capacity requirements of the smart rack, you can look at the home washing machine's capacity.

The average capacity of a washing machine is around nine to eleven kilograms, where up to 40 clothes can fit.

You don't need to worry too much about this because the average capacity of these innovative racks is quite large. 

The manufacturers have certainly considered the average home's needs in this country.

This is certainly a relief, especially if you plan to extend family members at home.

2. Precise Dimensions

Because they are too enthusiastic, some people sometimes forget to choose a product with the correct dimensions for their room. 

This sometimes confuses you about where to place it because the size is too big or small.

To avoid this, you can make preparations in advance. 

First, determine the drying location, for example, in a particular laundry area, terrace, or kitchen.

Second, check the power supply so that the plug for this tool can reach power more efficiently. 

Then, measure the drying area so you know the range of dimensions that suit your needs.

3. Distance from the Top of Ceiling

Apart from taking into account the location and dimensions, also pay attention to the height of the drying area. 

Because the device is installed from the house's ceiling, you must consider the height.

The average house and apartment today has a standard ceiling height. 

Therefore, this is not a problem because you can still follow the affordability.

The problem is when the ceilings in your house are too high. 

Automatically, it will be challenging to reach the drying rack from below.

You must also work around it, such as adding a new base that makes the tool more reachable or looking for another room option with an average ceiling height.

4. Price

Each brand or product series offers various price variations, so consider your needs with your available budget. 

However, you may have to dig deep into your wallet for a quality product.

So that you feel safe, consider buying a smart laundry rack product at Hoz. 

We only choose the best products for you.

With rack products from Hoz, you buy products and get various other benefits, such as a three-year maximum guarantee, free and same-day installation, etc. 

Please click this link to view one of Hoz's innovative rack products.
If you follow some of the clothes drying tips above and choose the right product, then in the future, the problem of washing and drying will no longer feel tiring. 

Good luck!





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