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16 Options for How to Dry Clothes Indoors, Easy and Effective!

16 Options for How to Dry Clothes Indoors, Easy and Effective!
calendarJanuary 8, 2024

Best Drying Rack Singapore - Amid uncertain weather or conditions that aren’t conducive to putting your laundry under the sun, you can choose dry clothes inside the house. 

However, with so many scourges circulating, you must know how to dry clothes indoors effectively and efficiently.

That way, we can overcome the house's musty clothes or mold risk. Therefore, let’s look at the following clever ways to dry clothes indoors!


16 Best Ways to Dry Clothes Indoors

Without needing to search for how to dry clothes indoors Reddit, forums, or other social media, you can apply several tips that we have summarized below:

1. Avoid Unsuitable Places

Some people decide to dry their fabrics anywhere in their house. However, the correct way how to dry clothes indoors quickly is different because not all places are suitable for this occasion.

Some areas that you should avoid so that the steps for how to dry clothes indoors without smelling can work optimally are:

  • Under AC

Some people think the air conditioner’s cold air can make the laundry dry effectively. Just like hot air, cold wind can make clothes dry quickly.

You already know as a resident of a tropical country that has high humidity, mold, and dirt can grow in your air conditioner.

As a result, the air indeed contains bacteria or stains. If it comes into contact with clothes, mold and bacteria can develop on your laundry.

  • Near the Window

The clothes will dry faster if you dry them near a window during the dry season or in hot weather. But avoid this during the rainy season.

Because, during the rainy season, the place around windows or walls will be more humid. If it is too damp, it will take longer to dry your clothes.  

  • In The Kitchen

Limited space sometimes makes some of us dry laundry in the kitchen. Moreover, the clothes washing area is usually also close to the kitchen.

The kitchen is not really a solution for how to dry clothes without a dryer in the apartment.

This is because the wet laundry will absorb the aroma of cooking. And of course, you don’t want to wear smelling clothes.

The humidity in this cooking area is also relatively high, so the drying process of clothes will take longer.

  • On the Window Curtain

Due to limited space or not wanting to buy special equipment, you may think of drying the laundry on a curtain rod.

Window curtains aren't recommended, although your indoor area is limited. As the curtains are near the outdoor area, more dust automatically lands on the curtain.

If you force it, your laundry will be affected by stains and bacteria. However, if you need to use the curtain rail, removing the curtains first is best so they don't stain your clothes.

2. Open Windows for Air Circulation

When it's not raining heavily, you can open the windows of your house to help more air enter. With lots of airflow, clothes will dry more quickly.

To help the process, remember to dry the clothes using a unique rack or clothesline.

If no windows can be opened, you can also open the door area of the house and hang clothes there. 

This method makes air circulation smoother and can also speed up clothes drying.

Apart from windows or doors that can be opened, ensure your house has adequate ventilation. 

This can help ensure air circulation is safer, mold-free, and avoids unpleasant odors.

3. Spin or Crumple Your Laundry

Before drying clothes, you can give the washing machine an extra spin first.

Just do it for about ten minutes. This method effectively removes the remaining rinse water on your clothes. 

The clothes will not be too wet, so the drying process will run faster.

But make sure to be careful when placing clothes in this mode. Some materials, such as linen and cotton, can rust.

Meanwhile, if you rinse by hand, you can squeeze the cloth several times until a few water droplets remain. 

Also, place the clothes in the bucket for a few minutes so the remaining water drops to the bottom.

4. Use a Dehumidifier

Living in a tropical country sometimes causes high room humidity. 

When you put all the laundry indoors and use a dry rack or clothesline, your room will automatically be more humid. 
However, a dehumidifier can be an effective solution to prevent rising humidity while speeding up drying.

This tool can accommodate and take all the humidity in your room. This product will The sucking in excess air, reduce humidity, and give the room warm air.

The dehumidifier for drying clothes also makes the outfit dry faster because of all the functions above.

5. Clothes Rotation

Your role is enormous for this method because you must regularly check your clothes.

Some clothes have materials that dry faster than others. Try to place these clothes close to hot areas so they dry more quickly.

Please move another cloth to the drying area if the clothes are dry. By doing this rotation, almost all clothes will get maximum airflow. 

All clothes can dry in one day; nothing is left behind.

6. Using a Heated Airer

This tool suits homes with cold temperatures because it emits good heat.

You can place this tool in a small room for effective results so the heat is more concentrated. 

And then, put all the outfits that you want to use or store in a closet.

You can do anything else while waiting for that outfit to dry perfectly and directly use them.

7. Use a Fan

Not only does it cool the body from the scorching environment in our country, but this tool also has a positive impact and is an effective solution to make all of your outfits dry in a few hours.

Please position the fan strategically after putting the outfits on the indoor clothes drying rack and/or clothesline. 

All the air from the fan helps to make all the excess water evaporate quickly, primarily when you press maximum wind rotation.

The fan can consume electricity, so keep in mind to use this method only when you're in a pinch.


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8. Make Your Heating Pod

As you know, indoor drying can occur quickly when hot elements are present.

Therefore, some people choose to use unique drying pods as an addition. 

You can get around this with your DIY project if you don't feel the need and your budget is inadequate.

The solution is to make a manual drying pod using bedsheets. Please place a sheet over the airer frame. 

Then, place the clothes on all the empty shelves. After that, the hot air can be concentrated in the rack area, so the drying process is faster.

9. Use the Dryer Effectively

If you have a classic clothes dryer, then please maximize its use. By paying attention to the position and how to load it, the drying process will be faster.

Drying clothes on a rack without stirring them in the dryer is much more effective and doesn't damage the fabric. 

Then, place the drying rack away from the wall. The point is to avoid moisture being trapped in the walls.

After that, try to space each item of clothing so that airflow can enter and the clothes dry more quickly.

If the drying place can only be in the kitchen, you should turn on your oven to maximize the drying process. That way, humidity can be reduced in the wall area.

10. Use Hair Dryer

This method increases your electricity bill and is only ideal for some clothes.

However, if you don't have many clothes and want to use them immediately, consider using a hair dryer. With this tool, the drying process can be many times faster. 

Because it is classified as hot, its role can be the same as direct sunlight.

This method is also more effective if you use it for small clothes. Besides being fast, electricity will only run out a little if the clothes are small.

When using the hair dryer, leave it some distance from clothes so the temperature is not too hot. Also, ensure it doesn't block airflow to the back of the dryer because the heat can also increase further.

If you're not careful, it won't just be your clothes that are damaged, but your hair dryer, too.

11. Maximize Natural Heat from Outside

If the weather outside your apartment is hot and sunny, use this to make drying clothes easier. Sunlight makes the house brighter, dries the damp air, and warms the rooms inside.
How to enter this light is very easy and fast. You can simply open the curtains and windows during the day. If your floor is made of wood or covered with carpet, the heat can last longer in the house.

Clothes inside can also indirectly get natural heat, just like drying them outside.

12. Use a Hot Iron

Ironing the outfit is one of the quickest solutions when you are in a rush and only need a few pieces of the clothes.

The method is to put the wet outfit that has been rinsed and is damp on the ironing table or other flat surfaces. 

After that, place a towel on top.

If so, start moving the iron over the towel. 

The goal is to distribute the heat to the towels and the clothing. The towel will absorb the moisture on your clothes. Towels can also prevent clothing materials from being damaged due to excessive heat.

After several ironing processes, the fabric will be dry. 

You can hang it in a place with lots of circulation for maximum dryness.

13. A Towel Can Reduce Humidity 

A towel can reduce humidity 

This recommendation may be unpopular, but it’s compelling. 

Wrapping damp fabrics in a towel is actually a game changer. 

Unlike ironing, the towel can take all the moisture from the materials and not shock you with the electricity bill.

You can put one or two pieces of the fabric shirt on the towel. After that, roll it like making a rolled cake and squeeze it. 

Wait a few moments, then take your outfit piece.

14. Arrange The Outfit Position

Sometimes, people prefer to put their laundry, like skirts, shirts, or other fabrics, carelessly when using the indoor clothes drying rack to dry their clothes.

They or you may think the important thing is that all the laundry has its position on the rack. Unfortunately, with this act, not all the fabrics dry perfectly. 

You would know when to check it in the evening or night.
This phenomenon happens because of a "small" mistake. You should know the outfit position impacts the speed of drying. You will meet that case again when the position of each outfit is not in the right place.  

Putting the long fabrics on the edge of the rack can be an excellent solution to handle that. 

Meanwhile, place the short materials in the middle or inner area.

When the long fabrics are exposed to wind and air, they can dry fast. 

Meanwhile, the shirt's collar can help the drying process because of the impact of airflow that goes through the collar and other gaps of the shirt.

So, the position of this item does not really matter. That way, all the fabrics will dry when lifting the clothesline.

15. Bending Hanger

Each piece of your clothes can stick together when you hang them with the usual hanger. 

And it makes the airflow doesn't dry the outfit well. 
Bend the tool slightly so that more area can come into contact with the airflow. 

Then, you will realize that the drying process went better than usual.

16. Installing the Smart Laundry Rack

Some previous methods still need to be convincing enough for some people. Moreover, there are issues regarding drying clothes health risks. 

It can happen when you cannot manage indoor drying properly.

A smart drying rack can solve various problems and speed up clothes drying. 

This tool is gaining popularity and can be a solution for almost all house or apartment owners.

Because of its compact and ergonomic size, it will not take up much space in your house.

In general, you can hang the rack t above the ceiling. You can also fold it so that the rack presence will not disturb the visuals of your place.

This tool can help your laundry dry perfectly and provides various other functions. This function can handle problems regarding humidity, bacteria, and odor.

Some of its superior features are disinfection and mite removal, fast mode, adjustable rods, and a load capacity of up to tens of kilograms.

You must know the majority of these innovative tools are also equipped with particular applications. Because of that, you can control them easily with a smartphone.

Let’s use the steps to dry clothes indoors according to your needs and preferences. 

However, you can buy the innovative clothes drying rack in Singapore in Hoz for the healthiest and most efficient method. We provide several types of sophisticated products to suit your needs or budget. 

Contact us now! 





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