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12 Shocking Historical Events & Facts about Locks and Keys

12 Shocking Historical Events & Facts about Locks and Keys
calendarOctober 2, 2023

Best Digital Lock - Basically, you might already be familiar with locks and keys.

The lock is a device that will protect something so people cannot open it. The one who can open it is only people who have access to its keys. 


However, even if you are already familiar with that, there are still so many shocking facts about locks and keys. 

Do you know who the inventor of the original lock? Also, who are the people that develop them until it is commonly used in modern society? What kind of historical events happened regarding them? Or other shocking facts that you still do not know about them even though you see them almost every day?
Here are some fun and unique facts that you can learn!
1. The Egyptians Were The Ones who are Inventing Locks

When talking about who invented locks and keys, one of the first societies that used them was the ancient Egyptians.

According to the archaeologists, they started using them around B.C. 2000. However, the name of the first person who used it is not mentioned in history up until today. 

Then, how unique are locks around that time? 

Considering the Egyptians were one of the most advanced civilizations of that era? At that time, the Egyptians were making locks by using wood.
It is kind of simple because you install two big pieces of wood with holes on the side between the door's crack. 

Then, on the hole, you can insert another wood, so people cannot open it on the outside. In general, the concept is not that different from public toilet locks, but with a more traditional vibe.

However, the usage of these locks is still very limited because you only can use them when you are inside the home. It is also easy to break with force because the lock was made from wood. So if you are curious about what is the oldest lock, the wood lock from the Egyptian civilization is the answer.


2. The Romans Were The Ones who are Developing Locks

Interestingly, one of the fun facts about locks is the one who develops it. As it is stated before, the locks that are made by the Egyptians are not strong enough. 

So, the Romans tried to strengthen its security by changing its material. When the Egyptians made it from wood, the Romans made it from metal. 

However, the development did not happen in a short period after the Egyptians invented them. Because, the Romans only invented the metal locks in the first century, around 870 to 900. 

They made the locks for better security. Aside from that, they also invented locks that can fasten and unfasten outside. 

So, if you want to know how old the oldest key is, the metal one was invented in the first century. While the wood one was invented in the B.C. 2000. There is a gap of around 3000 years between those two. 


3. Locks and Keys Become The Symbol of Love in Literature

Not only for practical use, people also started to use locks and keys in literature. Especially in the 14th to 17th century, when the Renaissance era started to occur in Europe. 

At that time, people started to learn more about humanity. They start writing scripts for plays, poetry, and prose. 

At that time, they also learned about parables in their book. Reflecting on how locks were invented, that is to protect something precious to you from other people, locks and keys become a symbol of love.
William Shakespeare, who is one of the most famous writers in English literature, also has written about locks and keys before. 

He is the one who wrote, "This in my memory lock'd, and you yourself shall keep the key to it", which is considered a romantic phrase.

In today's society, the thing about "locks and keys are the symbol of love" is still relevant. 

So, it is not surprising that many couples write their name on a padlock and throw away the key. They are doing that with the hope that their love will last long. 

Some countries like France and South Korea even make it a tourist attraction. Not only for romantic love, some people also write on the padlock with their best friend or family. Because platonic love and familial love is also important in people's life.

4. Making Locks and Keys is King Louis XVI's Hobby

Even though you already know about which country invented locks, that is Egypt, there are still some other countries that have a history of locks and keys. 

For example, the French with one of their biggest historical events, that is the French Revolution in the 18th century. 

As you might already know, the revolution happened because the royals and the noblemen failed to prosper the people. The people are poor and hungry, and they go on a spree with the state's coffers are running low. Their kings were also considered useless and often made detrimental policies. 

The reason is that the king, Louis XVI, was not that interested in politics. He likes to spend his time in the basement making locks and keys more. Unexpected, right?


5. Ancient Chinese Commonly Use Animal-Shaped Locks

Aside from Europe and Egypt, the importance of locks and keys to protect the home and to give privacy is also known in Asia. For example, it was commonly used in China, as one of the most advanced civilizations in Asia at that time. 

When talking about what are the most unique locks and keys, then ancient Chinese locks are definitely one of the answers. 

Like the ancient Romans, they made it by using metal. However, the design is very unique because it is very similar to the shape of animals. 

Aside from the traditional ones, the animal figures are also found in the padlocks. There are the figures of elephants, dragons, hippopotamuses, horses, and other animals that are important in China's history and philosophy. 

This is because they believe that the locks and keys will protect them from evil spirits. 

They also use it to fulfill certain wishes, either hoping to be happy or to have good fortune. So, aside from security, there are also belief essences in the purpose of locks and keys for ancient Chinese at that time. 


6. Ancient Iranians Use Locks to Protect Themselves from Evil 

Not only in China, the ancient Iranians also used the locks for that purpose. Most of them use locks to protect themselves from evil spirits, especially in their own home. 

This is closely related to their religion and folk beliefs. So, locks and keys are important and have a special place for them. 

Not that different from the Chinese, the ancient Iranians also used locks and keys when they had some hopes and wishes. 

Especially something regarding happiness and to have good fortune and prosperity. 

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7. There Are Important Development of Locks and Keys at The Turk-Islam Period 

Where were locks built? When talking about the usage of locks and keys in modern society, you cannot forget the Turkish, especially the modern ones with advanced technology were made in Turkey. To be precise, in the Turk-Islam period. 

It is all thanks to Bedi’ûz-Zaman Ebû’l-İz İsmail who wrote about the combination case locks in the Book Of Knowledge Of Ingenious Mechanical Devices. The book obviously helps a lot regarding the development of locks and keys.


8. The Invention of the Pin Tumbler Padlock Began in The 19th Century 

When talking about locks and keys in modern society, we obviously have to talk about pin-tumbler padlocks. The reason is that creation is still commonly used in today's society. 

So, you have to know that the creator of this kind of padlock is Linus Yale Jr. who invented it in the 19th century. 

In precise, he created the pin tumbler padlock from 1863 to 1865. At that time, he wanted to make the locks and keys that are unique. So, people can only open the locks, either at the doors, boxes, etc. by using a specific key. 

Then, are all keys really unique? The answer is yes because there is no identical key unless you duplicate it by yourself. 
Aside from that, Linus Yale Jr. also invented the "Yale Infallible Bank Lock" which uses a combination of numbers. 

The purpose is to eliminate the need for the key.


9. The Invention of Digital Locks Began in The 20th Century

Even though the use of combination locks was already popular in the 19th century, the emergence of digital locks only appeared a century later. This coincided with the emergence of digital technology when the digital revolution began to appear in society. 

To be precise, around the 1970s. 

However, at that time, its use was only common in the industrial field. The purpose is to strengthen the security because a physical key is vulnerable to loss and people can steal it easily. So, that was the beginning of the history of digital door locks. 

As time went by, to be precise around the 1980s, digital door locks for residential buildings started to emerge. At that time, people were starting to realize that extra home security was important. Especially for people who come from a higher class of society. 

This is because the price is too expensive. 

Around the 1990s, some people started to use numeric locks to unfasten the door. Not only the door, but people also used to protect their assets such as money, jewelry, gold, etc. in a safe box. 


10. The Emerge of the Internet that Changes Everyone's Life

As you might already know, the Internet started to emerge at the end of the 20th century. However, it began to develop rapidly at the beginning of the 21st century. 

Almost all people, especially the younger generation started using the internet at every part of their lives, including to secure their homes. 

That is why people are starting to use digital or smart door locks that are connected to the Internet. So, they can control it easily by using their own smartphone even though they themselves are not present in front of the door. 

Aside from Internet connection, there are also digital door locks that use another wireless connection such as Bluetooth. Along with technological developments, digital door locks that use biometric authentication are also starting to appear.

11. The Usage of Digital Door Locks Keep Increasing, Especially in Urban Areas 

To adapt to technology and strengthen home security, the usage of digital door locks keeps increasing. Especially in urban areas, where you can find more homes that use digital locks than home that is still using traditional ones. 

This is because the strongest lock type is the digital one. Especially if you use other home security systems such as alarms and CCTV. It will surely deter the burglar. 

They will not dare to even think about robbing your home because you have extra protection from the lock.

Some countries that use digital locks the most are South Korea, Japan, Europe, America, and China. All of them became the main market area for the brand that sells digital door locks.


12. Not Only Because of Its Strong Security, People Also Use Digital Door Locks to Look More Modern

As you might already know, the biggest selling point of digital door locks is that the product has strong security. However, aside from that, people also use the lock so people can assume that they are a part of modern society. 

Apart from that, the usage of digital door locks also can make the price of a property more expensive. 

So, the existence of digital door locks also become a blessing for a property owner or for someone who has business in the property field. 
Interestingly, these days you can purchase a digital door lock easily. 

For example, Hoz provides you with the best digital door locks for home security.
So, that was all the historical events and facts about locks and keys that you need to know. Starting from when it was invented, when it was developed, and what are the trends that are popular lately regarding locks and keys.





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