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Choosing Door Locks to Strengthen Security: How To Do It?

Choosing Door Locks to Strengthen Security: How To Do It?
calendarSeptember 29, 2023

Best Digital Lock - Property crimes, like burglary and trespassing, are basically one of the problems that seem never to end.

Either entering the home without permission, breaking in with force, or attempting to break in. 

That is why choosing door locks that suit you the most is very important and essential.
So, in this article, you will learn how to choose it. This is because too many types of locks are available in the market, and you clearly cannot purchase a random one recklessly. There are some things and some factors that you need to consider. 

Aside from how to choose a lock, you also will learn about the importance of locks and the types of locks for a gateway. Here are the explanations about all of that! 


The Importance of Locks for All The Gateway 

Did you know that every minute, there are burglary cases that happen at least once all over the world? However, even though this is very alarming, there are less than 40% of people who use strong home security.

In fact, there are still many people who forget to unfasten the gateway. 

It is more horrifying because there are still many cases of property crime that come from unlocked front doors. Home burglaries happen every 25.7 seconds in the U.S.

This is why purchasing door locks is important to strengthen home security. 

Fortunately, almost every home is already equipped with locks in this era. However, maybe some locks are not suitable, or there is a security factor that you want to improve. Also, choosing a lock can be confusing when you build your own house. 

So, here are the types of locks and a guide about how to choose them! 


The Types of Locks for All The Gateway


As you already know, there are more than one door lock types that you can use. In fact, thanks to advanced technological developments, digital door locks now exist. So, you have more choices regarding it. 

For more understanding, these are the types of door locks that you need to know! 

1. Traditional Locks

First of all, there are traditional types, which almost all people are still using. There are many types of traditional ones that still exist in the market. However, the most popular door lock type names are mortise, deadbolts, and door knobs. Both of them are the most common door handle locks. 

Then, is there a difference in door locks? Usually, the use of these products is different, even though they all have the same function.
Most people use door knobs for the rooms that exist inside the home. For example, in the bathroom and the bedroom. However, some people also use it on the front and back gateway. 

Even though most of them choose mortise, deadbolts, or both of them at once for the front and the back. 

Besides those three, people also added some other locks for extra protection. For example, barrel bolts, chain locks, and padlocks. Usually, you use barrel bolts' type in all gateways, chain locks' type in the front gateway, and padlocks' type in the front gateway, the back gateway, and in the gate.
Obviously, the traditional ones have their own pros and cons. Here are some of them!

  • You can easily find it at the nearest hardware store. 
  • The price is relatively cheaper. 
  • Easy to install. 



  • You need to fasten and unfasten the gateway manually when leaving the house or when night has come. 
  • There is a possibility that you lose the keys or forget to bring them.
  • Easy to break by using force.

2. Digital Locks

However, if you are curious about what is the safest type of door lock, the answer is digital locks. Surely, the traditional one is safe enough. However, you can choose the digital one if you want extra protection. Aside from security, you can also consider the simplicity of these products. 

Those factors are clearly important when you are wondering about how to choose a front door lock and handle. 

And, not that different from the traditional one, there is more than one type that you can pick between the digital one. You could fasten and unfasten it by using:

  • Biometric authentications (iris, face, voice, fingerprint, or palm recognition). 
  • Connection (Bluetooth or WiFi). 
  • PIN
  • Card

It also has its own pros and cons. Here are some of them!


  • It fastens and unfastens the gateway automatically when you close the door. 
  • There is a lesser possibility of losing the keys or forgetting to bring them, especially the PIN and the biometric one. 
  • Not easy to break by using force because an alarm will go on. 



  • You cannot easily find it at the nearest hardware store. Most of the time, you need to find it online at a trusted store or website. 
  • The price is relatively more expensive. 
  • Not easy to install if you compare it with the traditional one. 


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How to Choose Locks for Gateways


After knowing about all the types of locks, obviously, you will be curious about which type of door lock is best for all the gateways. So, here is a guide you can follow when choosing a lock! 

1. Pay Attention to The Position of The Gateway 

When talking about gateways or doors, every home obviously has more than one of them. Starting from the gate, the front door, the bedroom door, the bathroom door, the kitchen door, the backdoor, etc. So, before you purchase a lock, ensure you know where to install it.
This is because every gateway will need a different lock. For example, for the gate and the front door, you might need the digital one to ensure that your home is secure enough. 

However, for the rest of the gateways, there is no need to use that because the traditional one is definitely enough. 

For example, there are multiple bedroom door lock types that you can choose, such as door knobs or mortise. Then, you do not need to use a difficult lock in the bathroom because, most of the time, a barrel bolt is enough, especially at home. 

Meanwhile, at the front door, you need a difficult lock to ensure enough security. This is because most burglaries come from the front.

[2] For example, by using digital or smart door locks. 

2. Pay Attention to The Material of The Gateway

Aside from the location, you also need to pay attention to the material of the gateway. Whether it is using wood, glass, or other materials. So, if you are wondering about how to make my door more secure, this is the answer. The usage of locks that match the gateway's material will make it stronger.
For example, mortise and door knobs suit a door that is made of wood the best. Meanwhile, for a door made of glass or sliding door, using a deadlock is definitely the best choice for you. This applies to both the traditional and the digital types.

3. Consider How Secure The Lock Is

Then, the next step that you need to do is consider how secure the lock is. So, if you are wondering about what is the hardest door to break, you have to know that most burglars avoid breaking into a home that uses a digital lock. 

It is because that kind of lock produces an alarm that is disliked by burglars. 

At home, you could focus on strengthening the gate, the front gateway, and the back one. You can use digital locks at those three gateways for more security. 

Or, you can use a padlock that is hard to break at the back and use a digital lock at the front and the gate.

Interestingly, you can purchase digital locks for the gate and front door in some stores as a bundle. So, you can get both of them at a cheaper price.

 4. Choose The Type of Locks and Do Budgeting
After those three steps, the next thing that you need to do is choose what types of locks you will purchase. After that, you can also budget to find the most appropriate price range for you. 

So, you can find the most suitable products faster when you start shopping later.

5. Look for A Trusted Store that Offers The Best Product 

If you have already decided which type of products you want to purchase and its range price, you can start looking for a trusted store. Make sure that they only offer you the best product with the best brand. 

For example, if you are looking for a store that sells digital locks, you can go to Hoz.
This is because, in Hoz, you can find a lot of the best digital door lock brands, such as Samsung, Wezpro, Lockin, Solity, Bosch, Phillip, etc.  

6. Searching The Product That Suits You The Most

After you find the trusted store, you can immediately surf on their website to find the most suitable products for you. 

Make sure to check out what kind of features that exist in the products. Especially if you decide to purchase the digital one.
The reason is that every lock might have totally different or slightly different features. Here are some features that you need to consider! 

  • How to unfasten the digital lock, is it by using PIN, card, biometric authentication, or wireless connection? 
  • Security alarm, whether it will be activated when someone is forced to break in or not.
  • Auto relock, whether or not the lock will fasten itself when you close the gateway.
  • Fake PIN so that you can enter multiple the wrong PIN before or after the right one for extra security. 
  • Anti-Thief activates the alarm when someone tries to enter the wrong PIN or fingerprint multiple times. 
  • Double lock function that you can use this feature when you and all your household are already home. If this feature is active, people cannot open the door in any other way except by an override key. 

Usually, all the top door lock brands will definitely have all of those features. However, you still need to double-check by reading all the product descriptions before purchasing it. 

7. Check Out The Reviews from Different Users

When you already found some products that suit you and want to purchase it, you cannot do that before checking out the reviews from different users. 

Usually, you can easily find reviews on websites, social media, etc. This is important to make sure that the product is indeed good. 

Aside from the digital one, you must also do this when searching for the traditional one. Make sure you are purchasing the best door lock brand, so your home will be more secure.
8. Purchase The Product and Install It at Your Home

After you are 100% sure about your choice, the last thing that you need to do is to purchase the product and install it at your home. Some stores usually will offer you a free installation service. 

However, in some cases, you might need to install the lock by yourself. 
For your information, the lock is one of the products that will be used for a very long time. 

Generally, people will only change home locks after 10-20 years. So, you have to make sure that you make the right choice when choosing it.


If you are unsure about your choice, you can consult a professional before purchasing a product. Some stores even offer free consultations for you, like at Hoz. Our team is ready to provide you with benefit tips and answer all the questions about door locks. 

You can also ask about the pros and cons of all the brands that exist in the market. 

Aside from choosing door locks, especially digital ones, we can also assist you in installing the product. This is why when you are searching for the best store that sells digital locks, you can immediately come to Hoz. 

Our extensive collection includes a wide range of smart door locks tailored to meet all your home security needs.





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