4 Incredible Features of Schlage Smart Digital Locks

October 24, 2022

There are endless ways to make your home a sanctuary – from a full-blown makeover to the installation of new furniture, much can be done to revamp your living space. However, when it comes to protecting what matters most to you, there is no denying that smart digital locks take the cake as one of the best ways to smarten up your home and elevate security levels. While several things must be taken into consideration when choosing the best-fit digital door lock for your homedeciding on the right digital door brand is just as important. And of the wide range of digital lock brands in the market today, Schlage and its century-long experience in the lock industry is one worthy of recognition. 

With its first lock shop opening its doors back in 1920, Schlage has since perfected the everyday lock, playing a pivotal role in the evolution of door hardware and security. Offering smart digital locks that are designed to fit any lifestyle, here are four features of Schlage digital locks that you might come to appreciate if you are considering the brand to go hands-free when unlocking your doors and keeping your home safe. 

1. Panic Release Handles 

While it is a widely known fact that digital door locks are meant to keep your home safe and prevent any break-ins, there will undoubtedly be instances where you’ll need to keep yourself and your family safe due to other reasons too. In the event of potential fires, Schlage digital locks like the Schlage Digital Lock S6500F allows you to escape the site quickly and safely. This emergency warning and escape function is made possible due to the built-in temperature sensor that detects high temperatures from indoors. Not only will a loud alarm be emitted but Schlage’s panic release lever instantly unlocks the door in one swift downward push. 

2. Multiple Access Modes

With more than a hundred years of building a legacy of security and innovation, it comes as no surprise that Schlage digital locks have several access modes. Part of the Schlage S-Series range of digital locks, this smart lock is not only the epitome of sophisticated style but also makes a statement when it comes to aspects related to security and technology. From fingerprint to PIN code, there are both Schlage digital door and gate locks that allow you to open your door and gates in the most efficient way. The Schlage Digital Gate Lock S818G, for example, comes with four access modes – fingerprint, PIN code, RFID card, and physical key. Being Bluetooth enabled, it also delivers exceptional convenience with the remote control that it is paired with. 

3. Range of Top-Notch Functions

A premium digital door lock does not just end with its ability to support multiple access modes. Being engineered with other features and functions that make it more accurate and safer is what sets it apart from all the other smart digital locks available in the market today. Understanding the importance of equipping their digital door locks with advanced functions and features, Schlage door locks like the Schlage Digital Lock S510 may only come with three access modes but it does not fall short with its extensive range of top-notch functions. With the Etiquette Mute and Safety Double Lock functions, you can prohibit any attempts to unlock the door from the outside and unlock your door without disrupting the family and neighbours with a quick touch of a button. Similarly, the Schlage Digital Lock S7100 is designed with a System Self-Check and Voice Guide function. The former informs you which mode your digital door lock is set in, how many codes have been registered, and how much power is left in the batteries. The Voice Guide Function, which is also present in the aforementioned Schlage Digital Lock S510, is a real-time voice guidance function that lets you know the lock’s operation status, like when the door is opened or closed. 

4. Emergency Key Access

Has your digital door lock run out of battery? Perhaps, there is an emergency at home but you do not have access to the smart tag keys to gain entry into your home? With Schlage digital door locks like the Schlage Digital Lock S7100, opening your door with speed in times of an emergency will never be an issue. Whether there has been a full discharge of battery, or you do not have a smart tag key, the door can still be opened with the emergency key. In the cases of emergency blackouts, the Schlage Digital Lock S6500F is even designed with glow-in-the-dark light strips on its sides and the lever so that everything on its panel can still be viewed.

Get Your Schlage Digital Locks in Singapore at Hoz

The manufacturer of some of the trending smart digital locks in the world, Schlage locks are definitely worth considering if you have made plans to install a digital door lock in your home. Boasting an unmatched number of features and functions that will boost security and convenience levels, take a peek at the top 5 Schlage digital door locks in Singapore and embark on your smart digital lock journey with Hoz today. Carrying a wide range of Schlage locks and more in Singapore, check out our extensive collection of digital locks and shop online! 

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