5 Best Digital Door Locks In Your Office

June 20, 2022

Installing a digital door lock in your office has become really appealing for businesses because of the excellent security the convenience and numerous other benefits they provide. It helps to control access and even reduces the responsibility of carrying keys around. Security at the workplace is always a top priority. So, here is a compiled list of some of the best digital locks from Hoz that you can get for your office to give you the best protection. 

1. Kaiser Glass Pro

A great digital lock option in Singapore for glass doors is the Kaiser Glass Pro. Providing you with multiple access methods such as fingerprint, physical keys, RFID card and PIN, you cannot go wrong with this option for your office. It has been specifically designed and innovated to provide outstanding security. With its numerous methods of being unlocked, it also grants you easy entry into your workplace without compromising safety at any point. Priced at $499 or 3 payments of $166, the Kaiser Glass Pro is the extra professional touch your office needs. 

2. Kaiser GlassLite

Another great digital lock for the glass doors in your office is the Kaiser GlassLite. You are able to unlock it with physical keys, an RFID card or by using a PIN. Made specifically for glass doors, its modern design is fit for office glass doors for a safe and secure space. Stylish and user friendly, it is the perfect addition to any glass office door in Singapore. Priced affordably at $399 or 3 monthly instalments of $133 with ATOME

3. Schlage Digital Lock S818G

Designed for gates, the Schlage Digital Lock S818G gives access through fingerprint, physical keys, an RFID card and a PIN. With its sleek design and durability, it is a reliable and durable addition to your office’s glass door. Exceptionally convenient while also enhancing the security of your office, the Schlage Digital Lock S818G also has a built-in alarm that senses potential door attacks. It gives all business owners guaranteed peace of mind. Priced at $499 or 3 payments of $166, this lock is an outstanding choice that will elevate both the design and safety of your office. 

4. Kaadas Digital Lock R6G

A superb choice for any gates in your office, the Kaadas Digital Lock R6G allows fingerprint, physical keys, RFID cards and PIN access for its users. Don’t let its slim 1.3cm thick design fool you. It is still perfectly capable of securing your gate. Secure, stylish and futuristic all wrapped up into one reliable design. It allows for convenience without compromising security. It is currently priced at $539 or 3 instalments of $180. 

5. Philips Digital Lock 5100K

The Philips Digital Lock 5100K is another outstanding option for gates which provides access with Bluetooth, fingerprint, physical keys, RFID card and PIN. It has a simple design that is compact and thin, making it suitable for any type of gate. Enjoy smart and convenient access instantly with this lock, without having to remove any existing handle. Using the Bluetooth feature, you can even unlock it with ease with your handphone. Easy installation, modern and a simple visual aesthetic, and high speed and security. There is nothing this lock does not offer. At $599 or 3 monthly payments of $200, this lock is an excellent value for money. 

Secure Your Office With Hoz

Since we are living in a digital world, it is important to keep up with the changes and continuously update our security systems. Offices in Singapore only stand to benefit from getting a digital lock for their gates and glass doors, greatly aiding you in access and enhancing security. Find all these locks and more from Hoz and find peace of mind, for the best price.

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