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5 Best Digital Locks in Singapore 2024: Expert Top Picks

5 Best Digital Locks in Singapore 2024: Expert Top Picks
calendarMay 2, 2024

5 Best Digital Locks in Singapore 2024 - Choosing a reliable digital lock over a regular one is a growing trend among homeowners to enhance the overall quality of their home security. 

However, with so many good options, choosing the best one that’s a perfect fit for your home can be challenging. We have curated a list of the best digital locks in Singapore 2024 to get you up to speed. 

Our Top Picks: How We Chose Them, Why We Chose Them

The two major criteria for the best digital locks we consider include functionality and price points. 

After all, consumers would want to make the best value out of their spending. For starters, these locks need to have basic features such as fingerprint, RFID card, and PIN. 

In 2024, consumers can expect new features from our picks below, including palm vein recognition, facial recognition, and improved features for the locks’ built-in Wi-Fi apps. 

Without further ado, here are some of the best digital locks in Singapore you can get this year. 

1. Philips 5100K + Philips Alpha

Starting off this list with a bundle of Philip’s smart digital locks for your gate and door. 

We recommend Philips 5100k for your gate lock and Philips Alpha for your door for maximum security. 

These two locks have quintessential features such as an RFID tag, PIN code, emergency key, and fingerprint unlock.
What makes these two products great as a bundle is the fact that they come with a dual synchronization feature that allows users to simultaneously lock and unlock their door and gate at the same time, with just a touch of a button.

It is hassle-free when you’re in a hurry and want to open or lock your door and gate without the extra steps. 

Moreover, this bundle is great for your money because it’s the only one with a three-year on-site warranty. 

Therefore, should you encounter any issues with your products before the warranty period is up, you can rely on the company to send technicians to your house to fix the locks for you. 

Another great advantage of using this bundle for your gate and door protection is the fact that Philips has their own door view application. This means, you can use the app to check the lock of your gate and door. 

Also, it is equally useful that you can see who’s coming from the app and directly unlock the gate and the door from within the application. 


3-year on-site warranty

Dual synchronization for both door and gate unlock

Optional upgrade for Wi-Fi functions on Philips Alpha for $120

Free Installation 

Price included with GST 

ConsNo dual fingerprint system for the gate


9.5 / 10


Philips 5100k: $599

( price included synchronised opening )

Philips Alpha: $888
Bundle: $1199


2. Lockin Model V + Lockin V5 Max 

The next gate and door smart digital lock combination we recommend is Lockin Model V for your gate and the Lockin V5 Max for your door. 

This award-winning brand continues to bring innovation with these two products, especially with Lockin V5 winning the Red Dot Design Award in 2023. 

Lockin V5 Max itself is a result of a collaboration with Hartmut Esslinger, one of the Apple computer designers. 

As such, you can expect a sleek, elegant design with innovative features and a wide range of functionalities that make secure home security convenient. 

For instance, the Lockin V5 Max is the only digital lock so far that boasts palm vein recognition for those who prefer to use their palm as a biometric marker. 

It’s perfect for those whose fingerprints are faint. Simply put your palm up to the scanner, and it will unlock your house door in a matter of seconds. 

Other top features you can expect from Lockin V5 Max include a built-in door viewer, a facial recognition system, a PIN, a doorbell function, and an NFC tag. 

Aside from that, there’s also a hidden fingerprint recognition feature, an emergency key, the Bluetooth-based Mijia App for settings management, and a door viewer that’s relatively easy to set up.

For the Lockin Model V gate lock, you can expect features such as fingerprint, NFC tag, PIN, dual fingerprint on the back of the lock, emergency key, and a remote control. 


2-year on-site warranty 

Palm-vein recognition is suitable for younger visitors who can’t reach high places

Accurate facial recognition, even for identical twins

Bilingual voice guide available in both English and Chinese

Robust security sensors and alerts

ConsNo Wi-Fi function


9 /1 0

PricesLockin Model V: $599
Lockin V5 Max: $1199
Bundle: $1299



3. Igloohome RM2F + Igloohome MT1 

Are you looking for a digital lock that’s known as a very secure home security management app with regular updates? Look no further than Igloohome products. 

With every update, you can truly see what has been improved, so you can rest assured that the digital system management for Igloohome products is well taken-cared of, especially since these improvements won’t require you to pay more

The Igloohome app is especially friendly for iOS users because its system is synchronized with Apple’s for utmost convenience. 

After synchronizing the app with your Apple device, you can unlock your door easily by giving Siri a voice command to do so. 

In this review, our bundle uses the Igloohome MT1 product as a door lock and the Igloohome RM2F for the gate.
Apple users can also rejoice that an upcoming upgrade allows the Apple Watch’s hands-free feature to be used with your Igloohome lock. 

Once this app improvement is rolled out, you can have more ease of use and convenience by setting up Apple Watch shortcuts. 

Basic features for MT1 include fingerprint, PIN, emergency key, Bluetooth keys, mechanical key, and RFID card. The handle from the outside is a fixed handle, which can be gently pushed to unlock the door. 

This product is the first to have this feature among the other Igloohome door locks.

From the inside, the door lock has a movable handle. In order to unlock from inside the house, you can gently pull the handle in your direction, and it will easily unlatch the lock and open the door. 

One of the best features of MT1 is the auto-relock feature for those who fear that they will forget to lock the door. 

Meanwhile, you can expect features such as a fingerprint, RFID card, PIN, remote control, and emergency key for the gate lock. 


Dual synchronized unlock for both lock and gate is availableSafety function for children and pets to prevent accidental unlock.

The keypad will be automatically inaccessible after multiple incorrect PIN attempts
Bilingual voice guide available in both English and Chinese

The system synchronizes perfectly with Apple Home

Robust security sensors and alerts

Optional Wi-Fi function

ConsSome of the features are not accessible or as useful for non-iOS users


8 / 10

PricesIgloohome RM2F: $549
Igloohome MT1: $1199
Bundle: $1385


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4. Solity GD65B + Solity GEA1000BK

Next up, we have two products from Solity, a brand that used to manufacture digital locks for Samsung. 

The Solity GEA1000BK door lock comes with the gate lock of Solity GB65B. Solity GEA1000BK is the latest door lock model from the brand, offering many innovative features for security-proofing your house door and gate. 

Solity locks are recommended for those looking for stability in terms of upgrades and functionality. The company has been manufacturing digital locks for years, all of their products are not only time-tested but also future-proof. 

Over the years, the brand has been making leaps and bounds regarding innovation. 

One such upgrade is that GEA100BK is the first one of its kind with a fixed handle mortise lock. The inside and outside handles are fixed, with no movable parts. 

Unlatching the lock can be as easy as pushing a button or turning the mechanical knob. 

Moreover, this is the first Korean mortise lock that’s equipped with a three-bolt locking system. 

This particular feature makes the lock more secure and more resistant to intrusion or forced entry. The three bolts will also allow for smoother closing and door opening, as there’s less noise and friction. 

As for the home security system, it’s now synchronized with Alexa and Smart Things App. 

This way, you don’t have to install too many applications on your phone to unlock the full capabilities of Solity locks. When it comes to the door lock itself, it’s supported with fingerprint, RFID, PIN, emergency key, and a doorbell.
As for the gate, you can expect functionalities ranging from dual fingerprint, RFID card, PIN, and remote control.


Fake passcode decoy on the gate lock that allows you to mask your real PINs with fake ones

An anti-intruder alarm will sound if RFID tags and PINs are incorrectly entered five times back to back. 

2 years on-site warranty + 1-year part warranty 

High-temperature sensor and alarm that allows automatic safety unlock for house occupants to escape the house when there’s the risk of fire

ConsMissing features such as facial recognition and door viewer function


9 / 10

PricesSolity GB65B: $699
Solity GEA1000BK: $999
Bundle: $1499


5. Kaadas R8GD + Kaadas K20Pro Max 

Last but not least is Kaadas, which has a bundle consisting of Kaadas K20Pro Max for the door lock and Kaadas R8GD for the gate. Both of these products are the latest models in their respective categories. 

Copper and black color variants are available. 

The door view feature has a two-way intercom functionality that allows you to see who’s visiting your house and communicate with them. 

What makes the Kaadas K20Pro Max app special is that it comes with a duress mode that allows you to register a fingerprint to use in case you need to alert your loved ones for safety purposes. 

It will send a notification on your phone app that’s also sent to your trusted contacts to inform them that they need help. 

This is especially useful if you suspect there is a stalker following you home or if you’re in an emergency that requires you to enter your house faster.
The gate lock comes with basic features like fingerprint, PIN, remote control, RFID card, and emergency card. 


2-year on-site warranty. 

The fingerprint scan is boosted with a leading Sweden Fingerprint Cards sensor

Fast automated locking when closing the door 


There is no synchronized unlock for both the gate and door

No app for the gate lock that allows users to access features such as fingerprint management


8 / 10

PricesKaadas R8GD: $539
Kaadas K20Pro Max: $1269
Bundle: $1629


Best Conlusion

Overall, when it comes to Singapore’s best digital locks, it’s very important to consider the functionality and price points.  This will help you determine the best value for money when it comes to your picks. 

After trying out these five product bundles, we have concluded that the best choice for features and price is the Philips 5100K + Philips Alpha bundle. We gave this combination 4.5 stars for functionality and five stars out of five for the price. 

It has robust, reliable features that are quite comprehensive for your gate and lock security, but it also gives buyers the best bang for their buck with offers such as a 3-year on-site warranty.

Plus, features such as dual synchronization function are practical, and the locks offer essential features to secure your home. 

The bundle won’t force you to pay for something you don’t need. 

For instance, you can opt out of paying for the Wi-Fi function upgrade for the door lock if you don’t need one, and all the top-up needs can be done from the door view screen. 

Buy the Best Digital Locks in Singapore at HOZ Today!

If you’re unsure of whether our picks are for you, you can consult us at HOZ for more information. Feel free to inquire about everything you need to know about the locks and their features or if you have questions regarding installation and whether the locks can even be installed in your home. 

All purchases of a smart lock unit at HOZ already include installation services. Additionally, you will also get a warranty for 2 to 3 years or every purchase of a smart lock through HOZ, depending on the product you buy. 


That concludes our listicle of the best digital locks in Singapore 2024.

And you can check our lovely YouTube video for more details


We hope you find something that matches the requirements you are looking for. Find more premium selections of home improvements and home security tools with the best price points at HOZ today! 





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