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5 Digital Door Locks With Camera for Home Monitoring

5 Digital Door Locks With Camera for Home Monitoring
calendarNovember 27, 2023

Digital Door Locks - Many homeowners are currently using digital door lock cameras as additional home protection, especially from strangers. 

You can monitor everyone in and out of the house via the smart lock with a camera from anywhere.

On the other hand, the best door lock with a camera can also record various unique moments that can become memories and entertainment for you. 

If you are curious about the benefits of using the best smart lock with camera and recommendations, check out the information below!


Benefits of Using a Digital Door Lock with Camera


When decide to use a Wi-Fi door lock with camera, many great things will happen to you, such as:

1. Make the Security Systems Work Better

Smart locks with cameras and doorbells can prevent unwanted people from entering the house. It also can be a sign that people come to your home. Suppose they want to do something fun or evil. In that case, their faces have been recorded on camera and can be immediately investigated.

If CCTV gives you an angle from a height of several meters from the ground, then the smart lock can picture everyone's face from a close distance. This is because the cam is positioned precisely inside the lock system.

You can also control and know who comes and goes any time when you acces the app on your smartphone. 

2.  Find The Thieves Easier

Suppose potential thieves know the device and don't want to get into legal trouble. In that case, they will think twice when they see the digital doorbell camera.

However, if someone is still determined, you can see the face of people who wants to force their way into the place. 

After that, just send their recording to the police for immediate action.

3.  Customizable

You can customize this device more efficiently via a compatible application through the app on the phone. 

For example, make a unique code that can only be used once for the guest, package courier, etc. 
Suppose you want to make the authorized people access the palace easier. In that case, you can register their fingerprints through the systems. And if you don’t want to give that access anymore, just remove access quickly, like when write it.

4. Make Your Mind Comfortable

Knowing that your place is safe with this sophisticated tool will make you feel happier and have a comfortable mind.
Moreover, diverse features and lock methods are available according to comfort or taste.

What You  Need to Consider Before Buying a Digital Door Lock with Camera

Commercial smart locks with cameras provide many benefits, so you might be interested in using them at home.

Because there are so many choices, make sure you consider several things before buying additional tools for a front door lock with the camera:

1. Pay Attention to the Camera Resolution

Apart from targeting the code input method, check the smart lock's camera resolution. 

Try to choose a camera with HD resolution to make it easier to see various objects.
The HD resolution camera can also help you see people who are pretty far from the camera with clear video quality.

2. Has a Backup Feature

This is important, especially when you find out that the battery is low or runs out. There must be another alternative to make you have access to the home. 
Usually, the best digital door lock definitely serves as an alternative manual key to help the owner enter the house if the battery doesn’t have the energy or other problems occur.

So, even though the concept of a digital lock is a keyless digital lock, for greater security, make sure you choose the one that has a manual key feature.

3. Various Access Methods

A modern key system must have various access methods to guarantee the owner's comfort and security while in the home or not.
Usually digital lock companies make the access using a keypad, which is not only a standard mode but also makes it easier to give access to other people. 

For example, the owner can assemble a temporary code for incoming guests or friends with access options.
Apart from the keypad, fingerprint, RFID card, Bluetooth, and other methods exist.

4. Provides High Accuracy

High accuracy is essential to the keyless lock because it relates to the security aspect of the house.

Therefore, pick the keyless lock that only accepts the appropriate method you establish. Prevent hackers from breaking into it so they can sneak into the place quickly.


Recommendation of Digital Door Lock with Camera

Suppose you want to secure your place with this modern and safe device. In that case, please choose from some recommendations below. 

Almost all of them can meet your expectations regarding the best features and price.


The recommendations include:

1. Philips Digital Lock Alpha-VP-5HWS


This Philips item will be a great house protector, with several functions such as door lock, doorbell, and door viewer.

The owner can observe various things from this device through the app because of the wide-angle camera with 2 MP resolution. 

Remember that Philips also has a connecting to Wi-Fi.

The opening method consists of six ways: application, mechanical key, Wi-Fi, PIN, fingerprint, and RFID tag.


Five superior features of this first recommendation are:

  • PIR Motion Detection

When this device detects someone's suspicious movement within a three-meter radius, it automatically records a video or takes a photo of the object. 

After that, you can get the recordings and pictures through the application, so you can arrange to communicate with that person or contact the authorities.

  • Intercom

When the bell at your house is pressed, you will receive a notification and can immediately communicate with that person. In addition, the automatic camera feature will record people who come to provide accurate information.

  • Day and Night Mode Camera

Besides the daytime camera running optimally, the camera mode works effectively at night. 

In low lighting, the infrared lights activate and switch to night mode. This mode can show a person's face clearly within a radius of one meter from the device

  • 4-inch IPS Screen

Behind the lock, a large screen can show you the figure in front of the door. You can customize this screen so it doesn't interfere with your eyesight.

  • Real-time Wi-Fi Connection

The lock can connect with the app in real-time while Wi-Fi is active. That way, you can check the situation at the door of the house directly and communicate to give temporary keys to arriving visitors.


2. Lockin Digital Lock V5 Max


The Lockin brand is quite popular in Singapore, so you can choose it as a home security device. 

It is multifunctional, and the Lockin Digital Lock V5 Max has a unique design that can beautify the door.

You can open the door using many methods, such as PIN, NFC tag, fingerprint, Bluetooth, palm vein recognition, OTP (One Time Password), or mechanical keys.


Some of the superior features of Lockin Digital Lock V5 Max are:

  • HD Screen

This lock screen viewer has a wide angle, around 170 degrees, so your field of view to monitor the situation outside the door is wider. 

The screen is also high definition, namely using a 4-inch IPS screen.

  • Compatible with Several Apps

You can connect this smart lock with several applications, such as Mijia and Apple Home Kit, to make it easier to manage various functions remotely.

  • Voice Guide

If you like the voice guide service,

 you can activate it, where two language options are available: English and Mandarin.

  • Has Palm Vein Recognition

This type of introduction has many advantages, such as being safer because it is difficult to imitate, suitable for children with short stature, more accurate, and suitable for users of all ages.

  • Good Design and Battery Management

This device has two rechargeable batteries that can last up to six months. While charging one battery, the other battery will work as a backup for you

3. Philips Digital Lock 702V


Still, from the Philips brand, the device could also be the best answer because you can enter the house door with four access methods: fingerprint, Wi-Fi, PIN, and mechanical key.


Five grand features you will get from the device include:

  •  Built-in Bell

When buying this Philips package, you don’t need a doorbell anymore because it is already in the purchase package.

This device will record any activity near the door for around ten to sixty seconds when someone rings the bell. 

With this feature, you will get accurate information about arriving guests.

  • Wide Camera Angle

The panoramic feature makes the range of images and videos much more sweeping. 

The camera provides 2 MP camera resolution degrees. Meanwhile, the imaging is high definition and has a 120-degree angle, so all the media the device sends to the app are more precise.

  • Built-in Wi-Fi

Any time the Wi-Fi connects to the lock systems, the app Ycan gives you all the information about the essential history, observes the situation outside the entrance and makes special access codes for any visitors that get your approval.

  • PR Human Detection
  • When any movement happens within a radius of three meters outside the lock system, the device will immediately record a video and send it to the app. 
    Because of that, the owner can check whether the visitors are your guests or not. 
    Provides Alert Feature

Philips provides a warning feature when your battery is low. Not only that, you will also get the anti-dismantling alert, system lock-up alert, and abnormal bolt alert.


4. Lockly Vision Elite Video Smart Lock


Lockly Vision Elite Video Smart Lock can be your best choice when looking for a product that has earned the trust of many consumers. 

By winning prestigious awards, it proves it can be the best purchase for investment in your home.

According to Lockly taglines, "Your finger is your key," in just a fraction of a second, you can open the door only with your fingerprint. 

You will be shocked to know that the device also accommodates 99 fingerprints. 

So if you have a big family or handle a business, Lockly can be your consideration.

At least you will get five great features from Lockly, such as:

  • Various Controls

Not only using your fingerprint, a PINor app can permit you to enter the house. When we talk about the app, Lockly will provide you with a unique application called Lockly App. Apart from that, QR codes can also be the unlock systems. QR code feature served in the app. 

  • Motion Sensors

When Lockly sees movement during the day or night, the camera automatically records and sends it to you via the application.

  • Accurate Night Vision

This key can see people within a 15-foot radius with clear night vision in low light at night. It will help you see the visitors or strangers' faces clearly.

  • Best Intercom Mode

When you are outside the house, you can make comfortable communication with people near the door. The feature is provided within the Lockly App. With this feature, you will know people's intentions quickly so that you can make significant decisions for them.

  • A Great Camera Resolution

You will get the best quality videos or images when using Lockly because the camera resolution is 1080p. It really helps when you need to recognize their face and take action if required.


5. Eufy Security S330


This variant is a 3 in 1 device that provides you with professional home security. That is because Eufy has three functions for the best experience: a lock, a monitoring camera, and a doorbell. It will make you feel safer and more comfortable inside or outside your house.

The accuracy of the Eufy S330 fingerprint has reached 99.2%, so that the recognition process can take only a blink of an eye.

The five great features of this Eufee product include:

  • Stop False Alarms

This lock system only activates the alarm when any motion compromises around this device. PIR (Passive Infrared Detection) and Advanced Radar combination guarantee this false alarm system.

  • Child Activity Notifications

When your child leaves and comes home, the app will get a notification. Knowing that you may track the children's activities remotely.

  • Auto Lock

If the door is not locked because you need to remember, don't worry. Because after you come or leave, the lock systems tool automatically shuts the door in a few seconds.

  • Great Battery System

The Eufy battery can cover various tool activities for months. You can also charge the battery without removing all the keys because the battery is removable.

  • Clear Camera

Any activities outside the door are easy to monitor because the camera has a wide angle, Within a radius of several meters, so the owner will know whether the people coming are interested.

By picking one of the five recommendations above, you have a high-level home security experience, as if guarded by professional security officers.

Make sure to buy the digital door lock with camera at Hoz because many consumers trust it as a security equipment supplier. Make sure to contact Hoz today! 





Your Best Digital Lock Provider.



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