5 Things to Consider Before Installing Digital Door Locks

August 14, 2022

The booming success of smart digital door locks is undeniable. Promising to increase the security of your home while simultaneously improving convenience with its stream of smart features, installing digital door locks seems like the next best step when designing a smart home. However, given the growing demand for digital door locks in Singapore, navigating the market for the best fit digital lock can get overwhelming. And beyond the 4 key steps to choosing a digital door lock for your home, there are other factors to consider to ensure that the investment you’ve made is a worthy one. What are these considerations? We cover 5 things to consider before going steam ahead with the installation of digital door locks for your HDB unit or other properties in Singapore. 

1. Suitability for Digital Door Lock Installation

While the prospect of finally having a digital lock in your home can be exciting, you’ll first need to look into whether these locks can be installed directly onto your existing door. While most digital locks can indeed be installed onto the doors of your HDB unit, condo or landed property, there might be instances where the entire door frame has to be replaced to accommodate a digital lock. Therefore, before researching the best smart digital door locks for you and your family, look into the thickness of your main door, the distance between the gate and the door, and whether your main door is fully functional. Issues such as misalignment due to problems with the door hinge or insufficient space between the gate and the door will not only affect the utility of the digital locks but also whether your abode is suitable for a digital lock installation in the first place. By a rule of thumb, there should be at least a 10cm gap between the gate and the main door. When it comes to the misalignment of the door, giving it an extra push to ensure it is fully closed should not be a daily practice amongst family members. If this is something that has to be frequently done, the issue will have to be rectified before digital locks are installed.

2. Budget

Once you have determined if your main door meets all the requirements for proper digital lock installation, you’ll next have to decide on a budget. The variety of digital door locks in Singapore reaches far and wide and is available for every kind of budget – so finding an affordable one should not be a problem. Your final decision boils down to how much you are willing to invest in it, the modes of access and features you are looking for, and the brand and model that will meet all your needs. 

3. Design and Features

Are you looking for a digital lock that has basic features or something fancier and more advanced? Depending on your needs, decide on the key features the digital locks will need to have to increase the level of security and convenience of your home. For example, a simple digital lock like the Kaiser+ Door Lite has two access modes – PIN Code and RFID Card – with other basic features like auto-lock and PIN Code randomiser. However, if you are looking for cutting-edge digital locks that boast high-tech capabilities like fingerprint recognition, Bluetooth compatibility, anti-prying alarms, and the like, it’ll be best to research the various options available and pick one that will give you better peace of mind. Options like the Kaadas Digital Lock K9 not only have multiple access modes and additional features but also come in sleek designs that will elevate the aesthetic appeal of your main door.

4. Warranty

As with any big investment you are going to make, the number of years of warranty must be considered – and the same applies to digital locks. This is an important step as should there be instances of malfunction or defects, the warranty will serve as a backup and give you a sense of assurance that all the issues can be rectified without you having to shell out large sums of money. 

At Hoz, we not only provide a two years warranty but also a 30-day guarantee policy for our customers. From the date of delivery, if you are not satisfied with the purchase for justifiable reasons, we will fulfill your request for a return or refund.

5. Reliability of the Retailer & After Sales Services

Home security is constantly evolving, making it all the more pivotal to find a reliable retailer that is knowledgeable in the field and well-versed about the latest advances. And besides their expertise, their customer service has to be top-notch to ensure that your digital door lock installation process is a smooth and enjoyable one. Even if you have all the handy tools and are skilled at DIY projects, the installation of digital door locks is a whole other ball game, so you’d also want the help of professionals to get the digital lock up and running. 

At Hoz, our core value revolves around being pioneers of the future and paving the way for consumers in the digital era. By concentrating on measures of security and user convenience, you can rest assured that the team of Hoz has your best interest at heart. Boasting a wide selection of digital door and gate locks from renowned brands like Solity, Samsung, and Philips, enhanced convenience, ease of use, and improved security are guaranteed. All digital door locks purchased from Hoz also come with next-day delivery and free installation service.

Install Digital Door Locks with Hoz

Digital door locks are slowly becoming a must-have for every home in Singapore. To enjoy the unrivalled safety and convenience that they are designed to deliver, there are, however, various things to consider. Work with professionals who will be able to fit the right digital lock on your main door based on your needs without any hassle. To get started, check out the extensive collection of digital locks in Singapore at Hoz. Check out our cost guide to digital and smart locks in Singapore, and shop online with us today.

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