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A Comprehensive Review of a Modern Smart Door Lock with Advanced Features WEZPRO PLATINUM

A Comprehensive Review of a Modern Smart Door Lock with Advanced Features WEZPRO PLATINUM
calendarJuly 26, 2023

Best Digital Lock Provider in Singapore - In today's world, safety and comfort are paramount when it comes to protecting our homes and property. Advances in technology have ushered in a new era of door locks that offer innovative features to increase security and ease of use.

One key to the door that includes an impressive feature set is Wezpro Platinum. With its advanced functions, Wezpro Platinum ensures peace of mind and optimal security for homeowners. Let's explore the main features of this awesome door lock.

Multiple Unlock Modes

The Wezpro Platinum door lock provides four convenient unlock modes to meet different preferences and needs. Users can unlock their doors easily using registered fingerprints, unique pin codes, RFID cards, or traditional mechanical keys. This versatility allows for flexibility in access control, ensuring occupants can choose the most suitable method for unlocking doors.

Voice Guide function

To improve the user experience and accessibility, Wezpro Platinum incorporates a voice guidance function. This feature provides audible instructions and feedback during door lock operation, making it easy to use for individuals with visual impairments or those who prefer audio guidance. The voice-guided function ensures smooth navigation and improves overall button usability.

Security Measures for Lost Card Keys

Losing your card key can be a cause for concern, but Wezpro Platinum addresses this problem with advanced security measures. If you lose your card key and then want to register a new card, the previously registered card will be immediately deleted and cannot be used. This proactive approach ensures that lost card keys are invalid and cannot be used for unauthorized access. Quickly removing lost card keys from main memory, Wezpro Platinum maintains a secure environment, giving you peace of mind.

Forced Lock from Inside

Wezpro Platinum prioritizes the safety of occupants in the location. In cases where unauthorized individuals try to force their way in from the outside, the lock is equipped with a reinforced internal locking mechanism. This feature ensures the door remains securely locked, providing an additional layer of protection against break-ins.

Fire Safety and High Temperature Resistance

Wezpro Platinum prioritizes occupant safety during fire emergencies. With sophisticated heat and temperature sensors, the lock can detect high temperatures in the house. In such situations, Wezpro Platinum takes immediate action to ensure a quick evacuation. The system will emit a loud notification sound as a warning to the home owner and will automatically unlock the digital lock. This proactive response makes it possible to quickly and efficiently exit the site, enhancing the safety and overall well-being of the individual in a fire-related emergency.

Intrusion Alarm

Wezpro Platinum incorporates an intrusion alarm system to detect and prevent unauthorized access attempts. If someone tries to tamper with or force the door open, the lock sensor detects the activity and triggers a loud alarm. This feature acts as a powerful deterrent and notifies homeowners or neighbors of a possible break-in, increasing the overall security of the premises.

Panic Release with Push and Pull Handle

In emergency situations where an immediate exit is required, Wezpro Platinum offers a panic release function. This lock has a convenient push-and-pull handle that allows for quick and easy opening of the door from the inside. This ensures the safety of the occupants, enabling them to quickly get out of the premises in an emergency situation.
Wezpro Platinum door locks offer a comprehensive set of advanced features to provide enhanced security, convenience, and peace of mind. With multiple unlocking modes, voice-guided function, safety measures for lost card locks, forced lock from inside, fire safety capability, intrusion alarm, and panic release with push and pull handles, it sets a new standard for modern door locks. Embracing Wezpro Platinum means embracing powerful and smart security solutions that ensure the safety and well-being of your home and its residents.


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Pros of the WEZPRO Platinum Smart Door Lock:

⦁    Convenience and Keyless Entry: Multiple unlock modes, including fingerprint and RFID card, offer a keyless entry experience, eliminating the need to carry a physical key and reducing the risk of losing it.

⦁    Customizable Access Control: Users can easily manage and customize access for different individuals, such as family members, friends or service providers, granting temporary or permanent access via pin code or RFID card.

⦁    Remote Access and Control: Some smart locks, including Wezpro Platinum (if it offers this feature), allow users to lock or unlock doors remotely using a smartphone app. This is especially useful for granting access to guests or monitoring key status while away from home.

⦁    Activity Monitoring and Alerts: Smart locks often come with an activity monitoring feature that records the time and date of a lock/unlock event. This can be valuable for keeping track of time in and out, providing peace of mind to homeowners.

⦁    Energy Efficiency: Smart locks typically consume minimal power, especially in standby mode, contributing to energy efficiency and reducing the need to change batteries frequently.

⦁    Aesthetically Pleasing: Smart locks often boast sleek, modern designs, adding aesthetic appeal to a home's entry point.


It is important to consider these additional advantages when evaluating the benefits of the Wezpro Platinum Smart Door Lock for your home security needs and lifestyle preferences. The combination of advanced security features, easy-to-use functions, and potential integration with smart home systems can make a significant difference in enhancing the overall security and comfort of your home.


Cons of Wezpro Platinum Smart Door Lock:

⦁    Price: As a technologically advanced product, the Wezpro Platinum smart lock may come with a higher price tag compared to traditional door locks, making it less accessible to the budget-conscious consumer.

⦁    Installation Complexity: Setting up Wezpro Platinum may require professional installation, especially for non-tech-savvy users, adding to the overall cost of the product.

⦁    Reliance on a Power Source: Smart locks usually require a power source, either through a battery or an electrical outlet. The user must ensure that the lock remains operational even during a power outage or battery drain.

⦁    Forgot Password: When you want to set up a digital lock, make sure the password you choose is easy to remember to make it easier for you to gain access. You can always change your password periodically for the best protection.



Best Digital Front Door Lock Recommendation in 2023 :


Replace your Door Lock with WEZPRO Door Digital Lock.
WEZPRO Door Digital Lock
Make your home feel safer and more comfortable, so you don't have to worry about leaving the house without people in your house.
Functions: The gate lock can be unlocked using 3 modes

1. Fingerprint
2. PIN code
3. RFID Cards/Tags

--> Voice Guide Function:
For your convenience, this digital lock has a sound function. You can use it according to voice guidance when setting the function.

-> Fire Safety (High Temperature):
If a high temperature is detected in the house, it will generate a strong notification sound and the digital lock will open automatically.
-> Intrusion Alarm:

A loud alarm will be generated when the product is detected violating the digital lock.
--> Weather Resistant
--> Quick recognition less than 0.5 seconds
-> PIN scrambler


⦁   Lockin

The Digital Lockin key is very convenient to use. They allow you to unlock your door with your fingerprint, pin code, key card or even your smartphone.

Lockin Smart Lock S50F

Functions: Door lock can be unlocked using 7 modes
⦁    Fingerprint
⦁    PIN Code
⦁    Temporary PIN
⦁    NFC Tag
⦁    Mechanical Key
⦁    Mobile App (Bluetooth)
⦁    Facial Recognition

-> Mortise with Superior Security
-> Built-in Doorbell Function
--> Multi-faceted security intrusion sensors and alerts
-> Child Safety Indoor Unlock Mechanism
-> Track unlock history via Mobile App
-> Switchable between English/Chinese voice guide
-> Fully automatic locking mechanism
-> Work with Mijia MiHome Mobile App (English/Chinese)

* Face recognition:
-> Fast contactless face scan
-> Secure 3D facial recognition: Prevent unlocking fake face photos or videos
--> Smart ultrasonic radar sensing: Detects human presence and activates facial scanning
-> No need to tiptoe or bend down: Easy and fun face scanning for the family
-> Prevent accidental turn-around unlocking: 15 seconds anti-turn-back face unlock. Touch the keypad to continue

Lockin Smart Lock S30 Pro

Functions: Door lock can be unlocked using 5modes
⦁    Fingerprint
⦁    PIN Code
⦁    NFC Tag
⦁    Mechanical Key
⦁    Mobile App (Bluetooth)
-> Red Dot Design Winner 2020
-> Comfortable 35 Degree Handle
-> Built-in Doorbell Function
-> Fully Automatic Locking Mechanism
-> Anti-Peep Fake Code
-> Abnormal Door Status Alarm
-> Ergonomic Fingerprint Scanner on Handle: Single Gesture To Open & Unlock Door
-> Work with Mijia MiHome App: Support Mijia Singapore & China Region

⦁   Lockin

Advanced motorized lockout with safe and quiet operation. Anti-corrosion with stainless steel material.
Hafele Digital Lock PP8100
Functions: Door lock can be unlocked using 4 modes
⦁    Fingerprint
⦁    PIN Code
⦁    NFC Tag
⦁    Mechanical Key
--> Multiple Verification Functions (Fingerprint, Pin Code or RFID Card)
-> Changeable Automatic and Manual lock mode
-> Survival/Away Mode (Increases security if no one is home)
--> Voice Guide Feature (English/Chinese)
-> Fake Passcode Function
--> Double Lock can be activated from inside the house
-> Low Battery Alert with sound
--> Handle: Fixed (Front), Pull (Bank)
-> Resistance to Electric Shock

Hafele Digital Lock DL7600

Functions: Door lock can be unlocked using 4 modes
⦁    Fingerprint
⦁    PIN Code
⦁    NFC Tag
⦁    Mechanical Key

-> Swift unlock using fingerprint - one move
-> Anti-tamper alarm
-> Auto/Manual lock mode can be changed
--> Private mode / double lock mode can be activated from within
-> Scrambler pins
-> Away Mode for higher security
-> Bilingual voice guide for easy setup
-> Combination of two modes (card, pin and fingerprint) to unlock
--> Low battery indicator
-> Managed by master password and user password


⦁   Philips

Our smart lock supports fingerprint, pin code, card, bluetooth, mechanical lock and other unlocking methods, and can be adapted to suit different types of doors.  

Philips Digital Lock 702E

Comes with a built-in Wi-Fi module that allows you to connect to Wi-Fi without a gateway.

Functions: Door Lock can be opened with 6 modes
1. Fingerprint
2. Pin Code
3. RFID card/tags
4. Mechanical Key
5. Wi-Fi
6. Mobile Apps

-> Built-in WiFi module
You can check the smart lock access record and confirm the PIN code via the Philips Easy Key app anywhere.
-> Indoor Infrared Sensor: Interior Unlocked On Touch
When touching the sensor, the door will open. The ultimate convenience is brought to you.
-> Auto Lock: Enjoy Certainty After You Close The Door
It uses a fully automatic mortise. Without the need for any extra action, the latch will pop up spontaneously after you close the door.
-> Fake Pin Code: Protect Your Password Security Real Time
You will be allowed to enter a random combination of numbers to be successfully identified as long as there is consecutive input of the original password. This feature can effectively prevent peeping and protect your original password.
-> Intuitive Fingerprint: Unlock Quickly In One Move
The fingerprint sensor is integrated into the handle so that when you hold it, your finger naturally falls on the sensor. You just intuitively reach out and touch the sensor, then press to unlock after successful fingerprint verification.

-> Few Worries: Protect Home Security Every Time
Equipped with an all-around alarm function which not only enhances your home's anti-theft level and protects you and your family in real time, but also reminds you of the status of the door lock to create ease of use.
-> Super C Class Lock Cylinder: Better Reliability and Safety
It is the key component that controls the opening of the lock and is compared to the heart of the lock. Super C class lock cylinder employs multiple anti-theft technologies, capable of providing high deterrence against technical lock picking.


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