Are Digital Door Locks Safe?

July 25, 2022

A few years back, the government announced that Singapore had fallen victim to the worst cyberattacks. From some of the largest healthcare corporations having their client's data leaked to individuals targeted for phishing scams, this era of tech dominance has increased cyber threats. With the pandemic accelerating a new industrial revolution, taking automation, connectivity and efficiency to new heights, the rate of cybercrimes and attacks is growing exponentially and consistently. While everyone can agree that reducing our dependence on technology to avoid such risks is close to impossible, the worry revolving around the safety of these technologies seems to be going nowhere. 

Like how most technologies and smart gadgets have fallen prey to rumours revolving around their susceptibility to cyber threats, digital door locks are no exception. A list of myths about digital door locks circulating has raised the question of whether digital door locks are safe or not. So, are digital locks safe and are they actually worth installing on your main door?  

Physical Safety

One of the main reasons digital door locks have become increasingly popular in Singapore is their convenience. Left your keys at home? Fret not! With functions and features such as emergency overriding keys, fingerprint sensors, and PIN codes, you’ll still be able to access your home. Convenience aside, when it comes to elevating the security levels of your home, digital door locks deliver results too. Compared to main door locks that can be easily pried open without you being aware, digital door locks come with a range of features that mitigate such risks. For example, digital door locks like the Philips 9200 have anti-theft and anti-prying alarms. Homeowners can also enable the safe handle function before leaving their abode to eliminate security risks effectively. 

While making a physical copy of a stolen key to someone’s main door lock is easy, doing so for the unlocking modes of digital door locks is almost impossible. For one, since no two individuals have the same fingerprint, the likelihood of strangers being able to replicate this mode of entry is highly unlikely. But that’s not all! Digital fingerprint locks come with other unlocking modes such as RFID cards, Bluetooth and PIN Codes. The Philips 9200, for example, comes with a Fake PIN Code technology that allows homeowners to enter random number combinations with the actual password to prevent peeping. 

Digital Safety 

As with any digital technology, one can’t help but question if digital door locks can be hacked. While net-enabled electric gadgets can indeed be hacked, these cannot be done as easily as some may assume. The Cyber Security Agency of Singapore has even taken notice of the exponential increase in the number of connected IoT devices and the security threat that comes with it. As such, they have launched the Cybersecurity Labelling Scheme (CLS) for the consumer of smart devices. Ongoing campaigns raise Singapore's overall cyber hygiene levels and ensure that consumers get the most secure gadgets for their homes and businesses. With the CLS introducing such schemes, manufacturers that develop more secure products and don the label also stand out from their competitors, encouraging more companies to take the necessary steps not to get left behind. 

The digital door locks are also constantly being scanned for bugs so that changes can be made to make them more secure. With functions like the Double Lock or dual verification, homeowners can feel safe knowing that there is a two-step process to unlock their doors – doubling the security of their home. Additional steps such as getting digital door locks from trusted brands and updating locks with the latest firmware can also be taken to prevent hacking. 

Up Your Home Security with Hoz

Digital door locks like the digital fingerprint lock are products of constant upgrades. Constantly redesigned and looked into to up their efficiency and security, concerns around the safety of these devices should not take centre stage in one’s purchasing decision. Digital door locks also come with innovative technology to increase your home’s convenience and safety. Therefore, they should not be seen as a security threat but as a solution to the problem. 

Decided to fully embrace digital door locks and have them installed in your home in Singapore? Check out the extensive collection of digital locks in Singapore at Hoz today. Shop now and enjoy the free next-day installation and 24/7 customer service support.

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