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Digital Door Lock Vs Key Lock, Which is Good for Your Home?

Digital Door Lock Vs Key Lock, Which is Good for Your Home?
calendarAugust 9, 2023

Best Digital Lock Singapore - When building or renovating a house, digital door lock vs key lock is one of the considerations when choosing home security essentials to protect against various criminal acts.
As we know, until now, conventional key locks are still a favorite for most homeowners.

But slowly, now its popularity is being replaced by digital door locks.

Why does this happen, or why do we need a digital door lock? Find the answer in the article explanation below!

What are Key Lock and Digital Door Lock?

Before you know the difference between the two, make sure you understand the concept or understanding of these two home security systems.

1. Key Lock

Conventional key locks are door locks in the form of a physical key used as a medium for opening or locking doors. This type of lock is easy for us to find because it has existed for a long time in our society.
This key is usually used for the main door and all the doors in the house, where every door will have a different key because the design will differ.

2. Digital Door Lock

Meanwhile, what is digital door lock?

A digital or smart door lock is a security system for doors that no longer use conventional locks. Still, it utilizes more sophisticated and inexpensive security technology.
This keyless entry door lock is perfect for those needing a more optimal security system to protect your home, office, or business from theft.

This is clarified by the research results showing that most homeowners who use electronic door locks prioritize security aspects when using these locks. Around 59.8% of participants thought that security was the most important aspect. 

Several other studies also show that most digital lock for front doors provide many conveniences, such as not requiring complicated planning and infrastructure and an easy installation process.
Currently, there are at least three types of best digital door locks on the market, namely:

Smart cards: this security system uses cards that are usually found in hotels or office buildings
Electronic keypad: users only need to enter a code to enter a locked room
Biometrics: using fingerprints

The Difference between Digital Door Lock and Key Lock

Looking at the definitions above, you may have gotten a big picture of the difference between the two, namely in the unlocking method where the key lock uses a key. In contrast, the digital lock uses a smart card system, electronic keypad, and biometrics.

Of course, that's not the only thing distinguishing traditional key locks from smart locks for house.

Some of the differences that can help you determine the best security system for buildings include:

1. Security

Digital door locks can provide maximum protection than today's conventional locks. To be sure, we need to think from the point of view of a "thief" who wants to break into a house.
If they wanted to break in, what did the thieves need?

a. Conventional Key Lock

Thieves need a blunt object or lockpick to break into a house that "only" uses traditional locks.

b. Digital Door Lock

To sneak into a house that uses a digital lock, thieves need at least the following things:

Performing elaborate disguises to avoid being detected by the camera connected to the lock
Know the structure of the building well, one of which is a motion sensor that can be connected to a digital lock
Expensive tools to be able to hack and bypass the lock's internal security system

Good physical strength to run away when homeowners are aware of it will immediately report to the police. That's because the possibility of breaking into the digital lock will be very small, and the owner will get a notification when there is an unusual action so that they will take action immediately

Looking at the security comparison, it's clear that digital door locks are superior, right?

2. Fees

Conventional key locks are cheaper than smart door locks because the materials they make and the features they provide are much less. A key lock is the best answer if you only consider the cost aspect.
But if you are still unsure between the two, then consider the following things first:

The price you pay for the digital key will be worth the result. This lock provides many security features that use high technology, so it's not a big deal if it's more pricey.
If in the future you change your mind and want to use a digital lock, the cost will be much more expensive than using this lock in the first place
Various digital key price options, allowing you to get a more affordable price in its class

3. Lock Durability

Key locks may seem superior due to their longer lifespan than digital ones, as they last around five years before needing maintenance or replacement.
Even so, digital keys are no less competitive. With the advancement of technology today, developers are also trying to make it last longer.

4. Ease of Installation

Both of these keys have their ease and difficulty in the installation process.
When hearing digital locks, people who don't know will usually think they must assemble all the parts themselves. But it is not!
Besides providing high protection, the smart lock prioritizes user convenience, so the installation process is also a consideration.

You can follow the manual book provided or use a technician's services to install it.
This also applies to key locks, where users can install or use services.

5. Keys Control

The control of the key lock is limited to its physical use to open and lock the door.

Meanwhile, digital locks give full control to users in maintaining home security, such as:

Users can choose the lock method they want (smart card, electronic keypad, or biometrics.
Be able to determine who and when people can enter your house
Appearance and how to install it gives full control to the user.
If you want to get more features, many choices are currently available.

6. Convenience

When rushing to open the door, sometimes we need to remember where to put the key or even leave it somewhere.

When your house uses a key lock, entering the house will be challenging because you do not bring the key. If so, you should try to find the lost key. If it is still not found, you must use professional services. Very uncomfortable, right?

Meanwhile, you may want to open the digital lock door. Many options are available, such as a fingerprint, smartphone, PIN code, keycard, or NFC tag.

The plus point, when using a PIN code and you forget it, it is enough to contact a family member to ask for the house access code.
That way, no more cases of you being locked in your house!

7. Aesthetics

This point will be quite subjective, depending on the owner's taste. Display key lock, yes, just standard, monotonous, and stiff. To beautify it, you can add a key chain or decorate it.
Meanwhile, the digital lock gives a modern impression that is pleasing to the eye. You can choose minimalist, futuristic, modern, to classic designs.

8. Customization

Still related to the control of the lock, you can customize the digital lock to suit your needs. For example, you are changing the access code regularly or adding other features, such as adding a video door so you can interact with guests.

Digital Door Lock and Key Lock, 

Which One is Better?

There is no absolute victory when choosing one of these two locks because it depends on the needs and preferences of the homeowner.
Digital locks are perfect for the house's main door locks to provide maximum security.

Meanwhile, key locks are more suitable for room doors in your home or building so that the privacy of each room is better maintained. Usually, these locks are suitable for bedrooms or bathrooms.
So, instead of choosing, they can collaborate to maintain security and comfort in your home. Use a digital lock for the main door and a key lock for the room door.
However, if the context is only for the home main door, the winner is the digital door lock.

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5 Reasons You Should Use a Digital Door Lock for Home

Because of its higher protection to protect your home from theft, choosing a digital door lock for the main door is the best choice.
What are the reasons?

1. No Family Members Locked Outside the House

When using a conventional key, one of the things that often happens is being locked out of the house because you forgot to bring a spare key or left it somewhere else.
With digital door locks, you don't have to worry about a family member waiting for someone else to bring them the key.

Why?  Yes, because the unlocking method is very diverse, even with fingerprints.

2. Keyless Experience

In connection with the first point, we can avoid various inconveniences when using a key lock with a digital system. No more searching for it in your bag or pocket, leaving it with neighbors, or hiding your keys under pots and doormats.
With the keyless experience offered by digital locks, you only have to scan your fingerprint or enter the code.

3. You Know Who Has Accessed the Key

When working or leaving the house for a long time, you can check who goes in and out of the house using a digital lock.
Some smart locks allow homeowners to set several different passwords so that different people can have different codes, and they can be tracked.
Meanwhile, several other smart locks also provide image capture or video door features, so the owner knows the faces of people who enter or visit.

4. Suitable for Various Kinds of Doors

Smart locks can be paired with various house doors, so you don't have to change the door type if you want to use it.
Several types of doors suitable for smart locks are timber and wood doors, UPVC doors, external doors, and aluminum and glass doors.
The digital lock service provider will also provide consultation if you have doubts regarding the type of door for this lock or other related questions

5. Suitable for Many Uses

Not only for private homes but using digital locks is also suitable for public buildings, such as offices, schools, hospitals, hotels, cafes, etc.
For public buildings, it's not just the main door that requires a digital lock but other rooms that no one can access.

If you work in public buildings with confidential data, suggest that entering a smart lock system is the best choice for data security.
Tips for Buying a Digital Lock

Considering that the question regarding Is a digital door lock worth it has already been answered through the previous explanations, you are interested in using it, right?

If so, then follow the tips below to find the best smart lock:

Know where the lock will be placed for internal or external doors. If for an external door (house entrance), then choose a product that is designed for external, because it will be stronger than internal doors
Know the door material so you can use the right lock because some types of digital locks may not be suitable for certain door materials
Determine the knob handle or lever handle for locks. If you rarely use locks and internal doors, then knob handles are more suitable. As for the high intensity of use, then choose a lever handle
Customize needs. 

The type of digital lock that is suitable for places with frequently change of codes is an electronic digital lock. Meanwhile, if you want the door to close automatically when closed, then use a digital lock with a spring-loaded mortice latch. Meanwhile, if you want to add a key lock, then select a combination lock
If you want the door to remain open without having to enter the code continuously, then you need a lock that supports the "hold open" facility.

After seeing all the information about digital door locks vs key locks, we can say that digital lock is the right choice for now. Therefore, you can buy various digital locks at HOZ. Singapore's fastest digital lock provider is ready to provide you the best products and services.


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