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Exploring the Diversity: 14 Types of Door Handles

Exploring the Diversity: 14 Types of Door Handles
calendarDecember 18, 2023

Digital Lock Singapore - Are you considering a door handle upgrade to replace a worn-out one or enhance the overall ambiance of your space? 

The world of door handles is vast, and you can choose from many types of door handles. 

Let's explore the diversity of door handles and seek which one is perfect for your needs.

Types of Door Handles with Pictures

Need to learn about the new door handles that you can use for your living space? Here are fourteen door handle types, along with the pictures that you can use as a consideration and reference for new door handles in your home:


Lever Handles

Lever handles are the most common type of home door handle that you can find in homes. 

Available in a variety of models, both modern and classic, the way these lever-type door handles work is always the same. 

To open the door, you can simply press down on the lever of a lever handle. 

Because of their relatively common use, these lever door handles are available in various materials. 

You can find door handles made of stainless steel, brass, and zinc alloy.

Lever handles are more ergonomic due to their lever design, which conforms to the hand's natural movement. Its specific design makes this handle the most comfortable handle to use. 

You can open the door with natural movement without adjusting your hand position.

There are several types of lever handles in the market. Here are five types of door lever handles:

1. Lever Latch Door Handle on Backplate

If you are looking for types of indoor door handles for rooms that do not require any security or lock, you can use these types of handles. A lever latch is a type of lever-shaped handle with no keyhole in its design. 

You can use this door handle for rooms that do not require security or do not need to be locked. However, since this handle has a latch, you can still close the door without locking it.

2. Lever Bathroom Door Handle on Backplate

This type of handle has a rotating lever inside, which locks the room from the inside without using a key. People commonly use this door handle for bathrooms and bedrooms.

3. Lever Handles on Rose

Unlike the two previous handles, which have rectangle backplates on the handle, this type of handle only has a ring kind of plate around the lever. Therefore, the lever seamlessly integrates with the door, creating a more sleek and cohesive aesthetic.

Just like the lever latch type, this handle also does not have a locking system. For rooms that need to be locked, people usually use an additional lock that is installed separately from this handle. 

4. Lever Lock Door Handle 

The Lever Lock Door Handle is a commonly used door handle that many people are familiar with. It features a keyhole on both sides for easy access. Typically, homeowners use this type of door handle for their house's entrance or back door.

5. Lever Handle Digital Lock

This lever handle has a similar shape to the traditional lever handle. The difference is that this type of handle has a number panel that functions to enter a PIN instead of a conventional key. Some variants are also equipped with a fingerprint scanner on the lever for access to open the door.

If you are looking for external door handle types that are safe and comfortable, you can consider this kind of handle. The PIN code or fingerprint-based authentication method means only those with valid access can open the door.

Pull Handles

Pull handles are a type of handle that can be operated by either pushing or pulling. When installing these handles, you have the option to install them either horizontally or vertically. However, some models have unique designs that require specific installation positions.

Pull handles are commonly used for indoor doors as they do not have a security lock. However, if you wish to use them for your entrance door, you can install a separate lock for added security.

You can use pull handles for every door type, pushing, pulling, and even sliding doors. For those who are interested in using this kind of handle, here are several types of pull handles on the market:

1. Pull Handles on Rose

This type of handle does not have an iron plate attached to the handle but only a small circle at each end of the handle. Utilizing it on the door will result in a sleek look, giving the impression that the door handle seamlessly blends with the door.

2. Pull Handles on a Backplate

An iron plate on the back characterizes this door handle, contributing to its distinctive design and functionality. 

Not only does it add to the aesthetic appeal, but it also offers substantial structural support. The iron backplate boosts the overall strength of the handle, rendering it a good choice for big and heavy doors.

3. Recessed Pull Handle

Among the various types of sliding door handles, the recessed pull handle is a favorite for those who appreciate a minimalist and seamless look. 

A recessed pull handle Crafted to sit flush against the door's surface ensures a clean and unobtrusive appearance. In contrast to other handles,  it is not conspicuous or sticks out from the surface.

4. Push Pull Digital Lock

The Push Pull digital lock is a smart lock that features a pull handle. If you're looking for a pull-type door handle for your house entrance without the hassle of adding an extra keyhole, this option is worth considering.

The Push Pull Digital Lock comes equipped with a smart locking system, eliminating the need for an extra keyhole. The system can be unlocked using a PIN, fingerprint, Bluetooth, or an RFID card. You no longer need to worry about installing additional locks on your house entrance, as this lock covers you.


Door Knobs

Door knobs are a type of handle that has a characteristic shape that is round, like a ball. Different from lever handles, which open when pressed, these handles work by turning them clockwise.

Today, door knobs are available in various models with diverse functions that cater to people's needs. Here are several types of door knobs that you can find:

1. Keyed Door Knob

Keyed door knob is a type of door knob that has a keyhole on the outside and a rotary knob on the inside. To enter from the outside, you can use a medium key. Meanwhile, from inside, you can turn the knob to lock the door or to open it. 

Using this type of handle on main doors adjacent to windows is not recommended. The reason is that burglars can easily break your window glass and manipulate the rotary knob on the door handle to gain access.

2. Dummy Door Knobs

As the name implies, this handle is non-functional and lacks a locking mechanism.

A dummy door knob is a type of door handle that cannot be operated like a regular door knob even if you turn the handle. People generally use this type of handle for decorative purposes only or as an accessory. 

You can usually open doors equipped with this handle by giving a slight push or pull on the handle. Turning the handle clockwise is unnecessary since it won't work. 

3. Passage Door Knob

Just like dummy door knobs, this type of handle also does not have a key mechanism to lock the door. However, these handles still have latches, which help the door stay closed without locking it.

These handles are suitable for rooms that don't require a locking mechanism, but you still need them to close them. Some examples are a laundry room, closet, and pantry. You don't need to lock this room, but since it may be messy, using a door that can be closed would be helpful.

4. Privacy Door Knob

This type of handle does not have a keyhole or external keyhole. This means you can only lock and open it from the inside. This mechanism means that these handles can provide maximum privacy for you.

If asked what kind of door knob for the bathroom handle is perfect to use, then the answer is this type of handle. The reason is because the locking system can only be accessed by the person in the bathroom. 

All you need to do is turn the button, and the door is locked. No one can open the door outside since there is no keyhole.

5. Storeroom Door Knob

This type of handle has the characteristic of always being locked from the outside unless there is a key attached to the keyhole. 

The handle will be locked again when the access key is removed from the keyhole. 

When the door is opened from the inside, the handles will automatically lock the door upon closing.

As the name implies, this handle secures the storeroom while always allowing inside access. This approach aims to reduce the risk of trapping individuals in a situation.


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Things to Consider Before Picking a Door Handle

Door handles might appear inconspicuous, but they play a crucial role. The type of door handle you use in your space influences several aspects, like the comfort and aesthetics of the room. For this reason, choosing a door handle requires a lot of consideration.

When choosing a door handle, selecting the one that best fits your needs is important. With several types of door handles available, it can be challenging to know which one is the perfect choice for you. 

Consider a few things to determine which type of door handle is best for you. Here are some of it:

1. Convenience

Different types of door handles offer different kinds of convenience. For example, in homes with older adults or people with physical limitations, you can choose door handles based on their comfort and ease of access.

Lever handles, for example, can be easily operated with a gentle push or pull. This kind of handle eliminates the need for intricate hand movements, which may be challenging for those with limited dexterity or older adults.

You need to remember that easy-to-use door handles contribute to safety by reducing the risk of accidents. Individuals with difficulty with mobility, including elders or those with physical limitations, may be more susceptible to tripping or falling. Having accessible door handles minimizes physical strain and potential hazards.

2. Materials

Consider the material and door handle you choose. For outdoor use, make sure the material you use is weather-resistant material. This way, the door handle will stay intact, and you won't have to spend much money replacing it soon.

For example, stainless steel door handles are recommended for places with humid weather. Different from other metal materials, stainless steel is not susceptible to corrosion, rust, and water stains.

3. Design

It cannot be denied that the appearance of a door handle can affect the aesthetic value of a house or room. For this reason, you must also pay attention to whether the door handle model you choose is appropriate and matches the feel of your home.

Choosing a door handle with a vintage design and classic colors will make more sense for a house with a traditional vibe. Meanwhile, choosing door handles with a futuristic design and modern colors is better for a place with a modern design.

4. Match The Hardware

For those who want to replace the old handle with a new one, you need to ensure that parts of the door hardware match the holes in the door. Check the size of the existing handle hole and ensure the new door hardware you choose has the appropriate hole size.


Final Words

There are various types of handles out there that you can choose for your door. Starting from lever handles, pull handles, to door knobs. Choose the door handle that best meets your needs.
For those of you who want to replace your old door handle with a contemporary door handle, Hoz provides many types of digital locks that you can choose from. 

From the lever type to the pull type, we have everything available.

For digital lock needs, we will always be ready to help you find the types of door handles that suit your wishes. Get the best service at affordable prices with Hoz!





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