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Locking It Down: Various Types of Locks for Home Security

Locking It Down: Various Types of Locks for Home Security
calendarDecember 15, 2023

Digital Lock Singapore - When talking about types of locks, there are a few common lock options that plenty of householders utilize to ensure the safety of their property. 

However, besides the typical latches most people set up on their doors, there are a plethora of other options. 

It's available in a wide variety of forms, each featuring its perks and safeguards. 

A myriad of locks awaits your consideration. To assist in deciding which latch is ideally suitable for your property's needs, here are a couple of types of locks and their uses:


Types of Locks for Doors

Choosing a reliable secure for your entryway is an important phase to maintaining the place you live safe and sound. 

Below are some of the most frequently used types of door locks for homes and their intended purposes:

1. Mortise Lock

You'll find multiple types of lock doors which you can put to use for entryway entrances. Between them is a mortise lock. Just as the name implies, a mortise lock is a form of lock that is fitted in a pocket or gap within the framing of a door.

Mortise locks provide an exceptional degree of protection. The bolt, lever, lock cylinder, and locking mechanism are some of the parts that make this beautifully constructed lock more secure. It is more complicated to get into or damage than various kinds of locking devices because of their intricate design and build.

2. Digital Lock

In response to the controversy, "Which type of door lock is the best?" The most up-to-date possibility is the digital door lock. 

Unlike typical locking systems that rely on tangible keys, digital ones do not require a keyhole, which, in most situations, is utilized by thieves to gain entry to victim places. 

Digital lock accessibility makes use of advances in technology such as fingerprints, pin codes, card readers, and smartphone applications. 

In addition, some digital door locks incorporate cameras that can potentially be linked to a user's phone via Wi-Fi. This feature enables homeowners to remotely observe anyone who comes into their residence via the front entrance.

Some digital locks have an alert feature that may sense suspicious activity, such as attempted criminal activity. Additionally, there also happens to be a fire warning alarm, which has become quite essential for homeowners.

Numerous digital lock varieties are meant for use on gates in addition to exterior doors. When considering safeguarding your home, you must take into account using a digital lock as an alternative.

3. Deadbolt Lock

One of the most frequently employed types of security door locks that the residents often use is the deadbolt lock. Installing a deadbolt lock apart from the door handle is a common method to safeguard the entryway. 

It is common practice to put this kind of locking at the entrance to the house as another layer of precaution.

You may pick among two major varieties of deadbolt locks. A single-cylinder deadbolt lock is the first kind; it comes with an exterior keyhole and an interior rotating handle for the opening.

The second variation is the double-cylinder deadbolt, which offers two keyholes for gaining access to the door..

4. Knob Lock or Round Lock

Identical to a single-cylinder deadbolt lock, the knob lock can be accessed with an entry key from the outside and accessed by rotating the knob from the inside. A knob lock is a particular kind of lock that specializes in user convenience so that access is made in a way that makes it simple for the user.

Nonetheless, because of its simple access, this lock is inadequate for safeguarding the residence's primary entryway. 

Potential intruders will have no trouble getting into or damage this sort of locking.

That is why you should put this particular kind of locking on doors in your house, which does not require an extremely high degree of security. Take this kind of lock into consideration if you are looking for the types of locks for bathroom doors.

5. Chain Lock

The next type of home lock for doors is a chain lock. For the purpose of making it tougher to open from the outside, you can install this particular kind of lock as a further level of safety. For example, if somebody is going to intrude forcefully.

You're able to partially open the door using the chain lock, creating a barrier separating the inside and outside. 

Thanks to its clever design, you can have a conversation with a person outside without having to open the door fully.

Utilizing a chain lock raises security by making it harder for unwanted individuals to gain entry easily. Whenever you open the door, this mechanism makes it hard for individuals or possible attackers to get in directly.

Types of Window Locks

Apart from securing your doors, it's also important to secure your windows, as many break-ins occur through unlocked or poorly secured windows. To maintain the security of your home windows, here are several types of locking devices that you can use:


1. Window Latch

Are there any types of simple locks for windows to secure your windows? If you are looking for a simple lock, then you can use a window latch. Often found in homes, window latches are the most common security locks for hanging windows.

When window latches are in the closed position, they lock or hold two window sashes together, providing added security by preventing windows from opening without permission.

The window latch consists of 2 components: the window catch, which is the part that attaches to one side of the window, and the lever, which is placed on the opposite side. You can turn or move this lever from inside the room to lock or open the window.


2. Folding Lock

Are you seeking window locks suitable for securing casement windows, a window model with side hinges?  

If you want an efficient and practical method to secure your casement windows, you can use a folding lock.

The folding lock offers constant security against unwanted access by locking the casement window sash whenever pushed downward.


3. Tower Bolts

A tower bolt is a type of lock that many people generally use to lock windows, doors, and gates. Typically, this type of lock comprises a long metal rod that one can insert into or remove from a socket or bracket.

People generally install tower bolts at the bottom or side of the window for use on windows. 

The way it works is quite simple. You just need to insert a long metal tower bolt rod into the socket in the window frame. This action will create a strong and stable locking.


4. Track Lock

Placing a track lock is a simple approach to making your sliding windows even more secure. To effectively restrict access to the rails, attach the track lock to your window's sliding rail. It will make opening the window impossible.

Alongside securing the window in place, this mechanism lets you adjust the opening width. The mechanism lets you change the width of the window opening by setting the locking range.

The track lock allows you to lock down the sliding window rail with a revolving lever. All you have to do to open the lock is unscrew the spinning gear. 

Easy peasy, isn't it?

As an extra layer of protection, you may install this lock on sliding doors in addition to sliding windows.


5. Window Pin Lock

A window pin lock is the most typical additional lock for protecting windows. The window pin lock, which resembles a door chain lock in appearance, achieves the identical goal of decreasing the window's aperture width.

If you want to let in some clean air but don't want your window to open all the way, you can adjust the pin lock chain. You may adjust the chain's lengths at a certain level to fine-tune the window's opening range. 


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Types of Lock Gates

As the first layer of security, you also shouldn't forget about the security of the house gate. 

To maintain the security of your house gate, here are several types of gate locks that you can use:


1. Padlock

Because it is the focal point of entering the area, the gate must be guarded. 

A durable padlock is an excellent investment if you want to be extra cautious about who can get into your property, especially if you have costly things like a motorcycle or car.

Well, there are several types of padlocks out there: key padlocks and combination padlocks. For the selection, you can choose based on personal preference.

If you prefer the classic method (opening the padlock with a regular key), you can have a key type of padlock. However, if you feel uncomfortable always carrying a key, you can use a combination padlock where access is simply by entering a combination of numbers or letters.

For enhanced gate security in outdoor settings, opt for a weatherproof padlock. This ensures durability, preventing easy rusting caused by exposure to varying weather conditions.


2. Hook Latch

A hook latch is a locking mechanism consisting of two parts: a hook latch and a plate that holds the latch. 

The simple mechanism makes the hook latch easy for you to use. You can easily lock and open the gate by operating the latch.

However, because it has a simple locking system, the hook latch is unsuitable for those looking for solid security for the gate. 

Improper installation of the hook latch makes it vulnerable to outside access, compromising its intended security. Proper installation is crucial for effective protection.

If you really want to use this lock, you can install it on a part of the gate that is difficult to reach from the outside. Another option is to add additional security, such as a padlock.


3. Rim Lock

A rim lock is one kind of gate or door lock that mounts on the outermost layer of the door or gate, typically on the inner side gate. 

Since a rim lock can be quickly and easily opened and locked with a tangible key, it serves as a fairly secure choice for a security gate lock.

Its main flaw is this lock type's vulnerability to environmental factors like corrosion. This is why periodic inspection is needed for the best function of your lock. 


4. Padbolt Gate Locks

Padbolt gate locks are easy to install and do not require special equipment. This makes it a good choice for those of you who want to increase the security of your home gate.

However, it should be understood that, like the hook latch, the padbolt gate lock provides only a simple locking system. 

If you don't install it correctly, strangers can easily open the gate lock padbolt from the outside. 

To enhance the security of your property, consider using both a padbolt and a padlock. This will provide an extra layer of protection against unauthorized access.


5. Side Pull Latch

With the side pull latch lock, you may open and shut gates by sliding the trigger to the side, thanks to the locking system, which employs springs. 

This layout offers an easy-to-understand and -operate method. To open or utilize the security device, you can simply push or pull the horizontal lever.

Some side pull locks feature real key access despite the fact that they may have a basic locking mechanism. Locking the lever with this key allows you to lock the opening and shutting access. 

That way, you may rest assured that this particular device is extremely secure.

Because of the way it is built, this lock is ideal for use in natural environments. The side pull latch lock is manufactured from polymer plastic, and weather-resistant stainless steel provides greater resilience. 

Besides the five locks for gates above, you can also secure your house gate with a digital lock that is made specifically for gates. 

Apart from being safer because the access uses PIN, fingerprint, and card, digital doors for gates have also been designed for outdoor weather. They are more durable.


Digital locks for doors and gates can be purchased at the best prices on Hoz if you'd like to buy one. 

Depending on your tastes, budget, and requirements, we have a wide variety of locks for you to select from. If you require guidance in choosing the types of locks that suit you, we are ready to help!





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