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Get to Know Fingerprint Door Lock: A Guide from A to Z

Get to Know Fingerprint Door Lock: A Guide from A to Z
calendarSeptember 4, 2023

Best Digital Lock - It is already common knowledge that home security is very essential.

In fact, some people even apply extra protection to ensure that their home is always safe. For example, by installing a fingerprint door lock, which is definitely more secure than the traditional one. 

However, you might still not be familiar with that kind of gateway lock. So, in this article, you will definitely get to know about the fingerprint lock better.  Starting from what its definitions, its functions, its pros, its cons, to what kind of locks that are recommended for you. Here are the explanations! 


Definition and Function of The Fingerprint Gateway Lock

When talking about home security, lock is definitely the key. According to the data, around 56% of burglars use the getaway to break into the home. 34% of them come from the front gateway, and the rest come from the back gateway. Some of them even did not have to try because they can enter too easily. 

Most of the time, it is because the owner forgot to seal the gateway before leaving the home. Or, they are just using a traditional key which is easily damaged with a hammer or similar objects. So, to prevent this kind of situation, most people start using a digital lock, which is more difficult to damage. 

Then, what is a fingerprint door lock? For your information, it is one of the most popular digital locks in the world. As its name suggested, you could seal and unseal the gateway by using a fingertip. It is definitely more secure, because there are no people who have the same or similar fingertip. 

Aside from fingertips, there are also digital locks which use a password. Then, is fingerprint is safer than password? Fortunately, the answer is yes. 

It is because anyone who knows the password can open the gateway, even though you do not want them to come. However, if you are using a fingerprint lock, you could only grant access to people you want. 

So, are fingerprints really secure? If you are curious about that, then the answer is yes. In fact, this kind of digital lock is also more secure than smart door locks. It is because you do not need to connect it to WiFi or Bluetooth, so you do not have to worry about hackers. 
Pros and Cons of The Fingerprint Gateway Lock

Then, why are fingerprint door locks important to the point that there are many people who use them in recent years? Because, the digital locks market keeps on growing rapidly. In 2022, the market size reached USD 2.13 billion. It is projected that the market will grow to USD 8.21 billion by 2030. 

The market size is forecasted to be frowning because many people are starting to realize the importance of home security. In the USA alone, there are over 12 million households who use the locks. When in big cities of Asia, such as Seoul, around 70% of the homeowners use digital locks. 

So, if you are curious about, is fingerprint door locks worth it? Then, the answer is yes. There are many advantages that you could gain when using this kind of locks. However, aside from its advantages, it is clear that the usage of a fingerprint lock also has its own disadvantages. 

Here are the pros and cons of fingerprint door locks! 


Basically, lock fingerprint is one of the digital gateway locks that is reliable and has many pros. Here are some of them!
1. High-End Security Because It Using Biometric

When you are searching for a high-end security in the form of lock, then you could choose the biometrics one. The reason is because these kinds of locks are harder to break in. Most of them are equipped with security features which prevent trespassers who do not have access to enter the home. 

Biometric security also cannot be hacked, including the fingerprint locks. It is because every person has different fingertips, so it is harder to break if they do not have access. This is why fingerprints are more reliable than any other type of digital locks.

To break into your home, the bulgars need to steal the print of your fingers, which is a very hard task to do. They need to have access to your most sensitive information. This is why most burglars avoid robbing a home that has biometric security, including a fingerprint lock.

2. It Is Cheaper than Any Other Biometric Security 

For your information, aside from using a fingertip, there are some other biometric security that you need to know. For example, face recognizer, palm recognizer, iris recognizer, etc. However, those kinds of biometric security, especially in the form of door locks, are crazy expensive. 

The cheapest one amongst all of them is the fingertip one. Aside from being cheaper, this kind of lock is definitely more common, so you could find it easier. 

3. Easy to Use and You Definitely Won't Forget to Take It

Another reason why you need to have a fingerprint lock is because it is easy to use and you definitely won't forget to take it. People maybe forget to take their key, their card, or their phone. However, it is impossible to forget to take their fingers with them when leaving home. 

Usually, with this kind of lock, the gateway will fasten itself when you close the gateway. Then, when you want to unfasten it, you only need to put a finger to the lock. 

If you are curious about which finger is best for fingerprint lock, then you could use the index finger. Because it is easier to use and you will most likely put them in the correct location. 

4. Easy to Control and Easy to Manage

Then, besides it being easier to use, this kind of lock is also easier to control and easier to manage. If you want to know how many fingerprints can be added in a door lock, then the answer is up to 100. You could manage to add and erase a fingerprint in the database easily. 

5. You Could Integrate The Lock with Another Security Systems Easily 

Aside from that, you could also integrate the lock with another security system in ease. For example, a security alarm. Even though almost all the locks most likely already have it as a feature. Then, you could also install a CCTV camera in front of the door. 
So, you will immediately receive an alert when there is someone who tried to break in. Then, you will also capture who is trying to enter your home forcefully. 


However, there is no product that is 100% perfect, including fingerprint locks. Aside from its own pros, this kind of lock also has its own cons. So, here are some disadvantages of fingerprint door locks!
1. The Battery Runs Out Easily 

When you are talking about what are the risks of using fingerprints in a gateway lock, then the answer is its battery. It is because the battery runs out easily. Most of them can only be used up to 6.000 times. So, you have to keep a spare battery in your home in case it dies and cannot function properly. 

However, if it dies and you do not have the spare, you could use a mechanical key for a while. At least until you buy a new battery. The key is usually included when you buy the locks. 

Then, how long does fingerprint lock last? Usually, the battery will last for 6 months to 2 years. It depends on which brand that you used. When the battery runs out, the locks will alert you. So, you could have some time to buy a new battery before it dies. 

2. It Is Hard to Gain Access When Your Fingers Hurt or Calloused

Aside from that, you might also be curious about, have fingerprints ever been wrong? So, you need to know that there is still some space for error. However, the possibility is very low, which is around 3% if you use a good brand. 

But, there is also a problem when your fingers hurt or calloused. You might not be able to enter your own home because the lock read it wrong. So, aside from fingerprint recognition, you also need to set a PIN or password in case this kind of situation happens. 

3. You Could Not Unfasten The Gateway Remotely 

Then, another cons of the fingerprint locks is that you could not unfasten the gateway remotely. You need to present yourself in front of the gateway and open it with your own hands. You could not control it remotely by using an application that is integrated with the lock from across the town. 

So, this kind of lock is not that friendly for visitors, especially the one whose fingertip did not register in the lock's database. You also cannot give access to them by giving them eKey, because the feature did not present in this kind of lock. 

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Recommendations of The Best Fingerprint Gateway Lock 

After knowing about its definition, its function, its pros, and its cons, you also need to know about what kind of fingerprint lock is the best for you. So, here are some fingerprint door locks recommendations that you could choose! 

1. Digital Lock Ver SHS-P718 from Samsung 

Basically, Digital Lock Ver SHS-P718 from Samsung is one of the best fingerprint door locks for home. It is probably one of the most popular digital locks that exist in the market. The reason is because the lock is cheap, but still has the best feature which makes your home safe. 

Aside from fingerprints, you also can unfasten the door by using a PIN, card, and key. Interestingly, if you fasten the gateway from the inside, people cannot unfasten it by using a PIN even though they know the password. There is also an alarm and fire safety feature which make the lock more secure. 

2. Lockin Digital Lock S50F 

However, if you have more budget, using a Lockin Digital Lock S50F is definitely wiser. It is because aside from fingerprints, there is also other biometric security to unfasten the gateway, which is face recognition. You could also unfasten it by using a PIN, NFC tag, key, and mobile app that connects to Bluetooth. 

The security is more high-end with intrusion sensors and alerts if something happens to the gateway. This lock is also compatible with any kind of gateway, such as push and pull, mortise, and main gateway. 

3. Philips Digital Lock Alpha-VP-5HWS

If you want to be more secure, you could choose Philips Digital Lock Alpha-VP-5HWS. The price might be more expensive than the other two. However, it feels like you employ a security guard when installing this lock. Because, the lock will integrate with the gateway viewer, doorbell and gateway lock. 

Aside from a smart lock that can be unfasten by fingerprints, PIN, card, key, and mobile app that connect to WiFi, this lock is also equipped with a camera. There is a remote video intercom, so you will know if someone is visiting your home. The camera will also work fine at night. 

In case you could not use your fingerprint, you still can enter the home by using a PIN. It will also be safer, because 20 digit hidden PIN code that you could enter before you press the right code. 

4. Digital Door Lock Ver MT1 from Igloohome

Then, you could choose Digital Door Lock Ver MT1 from Igloohome if you want something luxurious but still cheap. The lock is definitely safe because it has a feature that can fasten the door from indoor and outdoor. 

Aside from that, you do not have to worry about forgetting to fasten the door because there is an auto relock feature. With this feature, the gateway will fasten itself when you close it. So, you will never forget about it.

That was all the things that you need to know about fingerprint door lock. If you want to try one, you could go and shop at Hoz. However, if you are still not sure about which locks suit you the best, you can ask Hoz for a guide. We will be happy to be able to help you to strengthen the security of your home.


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