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How to Do Laundry: Tips to Wash Garments Like A Pro

How to Do Laundry: Tips to Wash Garments Like A Pro
calendarJanuary 16, 2024

Best Drying Rack 2024 - Doing laundry is one of the chores that has been done by society since ancient times. 

People have already done this since Ancient Egypt, Rome, Greece, and any other early civilization, even back in 2.800 years BC.

However, it is understandable if you still struggle with how to do laundry. 

The common reason is that washing dirty garments is more complex than it was seen. 

There are at least eight steps to clean it thoroughly so you can re-wear it without any problem. 

Are you curious about how to do  laundry step by step? To know about it better, you can read about this comprehensive guide! 

1. Make Sure to Read The Tag

First of all, the tag is essential. Every garment usually has a tag attached to the collar or the sides. 

You need to read it to know exactly how to handle it. 

That way, you can wear it longer because the garments will be more durable. It will be fine because you cleaned it correctly. 

For example, you cannot clean clothing that is made of leather in the same manner as any other garment. With leather, you can only dry-clean it. Avoid washing it by hand or machine.
If you don't want to dry-clean it, wipe the leather clean only with a wet cloth, and don't scrub it on the washboard. 

As with any other type of garment, you can read the tag carefully before going straight to clean it. So, you will know exactly how to do laundry perfectly.

2. Sorting Garments by Their Types

After knowing which garments you could wash and which you could not, the next washing step is to sort those garments by their types. 

You need to wash those types of garments separately from each other in order to clean them correctly. 

This is because each type of garment will require different treatment, especially if you use a machine to clean them.

The most basic and noticeable difference is in the water temperature and the setting of the machine feature.
So, here is a guide about how to use the washing machine and how to set it perfectly according to the types of garments!


  •  Underwear 

To clean underwear, it would be best to use lukewarm water to clean it thoroughly. 

As a tip, soak underwear in lukewarm water filled with detergent for a few minutes (usually 20-30 minutes) before you clean it. 

In case you are using a machine, set the feature on the "light wash".


  •  Thin Garments 

However, you are obliged to know that a guide about how to wash clothes is a little different from cleaning underwear.

You only need to use cold water and don't have to make it lukewarm. 

If you want to clean the thin garments, soak them with detergent for 20-30 minutes and set them on "light wash."
Clothing included in the thin garments are T-shirts, pants, dresses, and any other cotton or polyester.


  •  Thick Garments 

In general, washing thick garments step by step is not that different from the thin ones. 

You can use the same water temperature and the same technique overall. 

But the setting is quite different because you need to set the machine to "heavy wash". 

Clothings that are included in thick garments are sweaters, hoodies, jackets, and any other one that was made of wool or baby terry.


  •  Bed Linen:

If this is your first time cleaning bed linen, you must know how to do laundry for beginners. 

In general, remember to use hot water because you are clearly using the linen multiple times. 

So, the method differs from daily garments you use for one day and clean on another day.
Without it, the bacteria, dirt, and fungi cannot be removed entirely from the linen. 

So, follow the instructions on how to do laundry correctly if you want to clean the linen. 

Usually, you have to soak it within 40-60 minutes. After that, set the machine on "light wash".


  • Towel

Apart from bed linens, you also need to clean towels similarly. 

In general, the temperature and the method are not that different from how to clean bed linen. 

The reason is also the same: you usually use towels multiple times before changing them with a new one.
However, when you set the machine, set it on "heavy wash" because the materials of towels are relatively thicker than linens. 

3. Sorting The Garments According to Their Colors


After learning more about laundry tips and tricks above, you need to get back on track and sort the garments according to their colors before cleaning it. 

You can sort them into three different groups: black, white, and colorful. 

It is to prevent color from fading and staining other garments.
However, if you are sure that the color will not fade (and have already tested it), it is no problem to clean them together. 

In case you are unsure, it is better to sort and clean them separately according to color than risk exposing your other garments to stain. This is because the stain is difficult to clean.


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4. Make Sure The Temperature of Water Is Correct

If you are already done sorting your laundry, the next step is to ensure that the water temperature is correct. 

As it is mentioned earlier, each type of garment will require a different temperature. Use the guide above to know whether the temperature is correct or not.
In case you are washing it by hand, add the water into two or three buckets. 

The first one is to wash, and the other is to clean. You can follow the instructions above about temperature and use it on one bucket to wash it. Then, you can add cold water for the other two to clean all the garments.
Even though the water temperatures to wash are different, to clean, you are obliged to use cold water for all garments. This also applies if you use a machine. 

You can use the correct temperature for the first section and cold water for the other two.
Is it better to hand wash or machine wash? Both are good so that you can choose it according to your needs.

5. Add The Correct Amount of Detergent 

When the water is ready, you finally can add the correct amount of detergent into it. 

Usually the amount of detergent you need usually varies according to the brand you use. 

So, read the instructions on the package first before adding them to the water to do the laundry.
It is important to note that there are three different sections in washing. 

As it mentioned before, in the first section, you will wash the garments to get rid of the dirt and the stains. 

Then, in the second and third sections, you will clean all those garments from all the detergent residue.
So, you only can add the detergent once in the first section. But for the rest of the sections, you don't have to add it anymore because you need to use clean water. So, make sure to use the detergent correctly.

6. Add The Correct Amount of Softener 

Apart from detergent, you will need to add softeners as well. 

About how much softener you need, you can read it on the package. 

This is because every brand usually has a different measurement for it. 

In general, this step is not much different from the previous step.

The difference is in the time of use because you use the softener in the last section only, after you wash it in the first section and clean it in the second and third section. 

Soak the garments in the softener for 15-20 minutes to make them softer and more fragrant. You don't have to clean it again after that.

7. Additional Step: Get Rid of The Stains

If you are searching for a guide about how to do laundry by hand, you can skip this step because you have already done it when washing it. 

But, when using a machine, you need to double-check whether a stain is left on the garments. 

This is because a machine will not clean it thoroughly.
You can check them after the first section and before you clean the garments in the second section. If there is a stain left, you can wash them by hand. 

Just scrub it until the stain gets off the garments. 

After that, you can continue doing the second section, third section, and add the softener. 

This is why hand washing garments is better than using a machine. 

However, in terms of time-effectivity and minimum manual labor, a machine is definitely a better choice for you.

8. Dehumidify Garments with The Correct Method 

Last but not least, you need to dehumidify garments with the correct method. 

As you already know, the garments will be wet after you clean them. However, you cannot wear them immediately after that because it will cause Hypothermia and other diseases such as cold and frostbite.

In general, there are four ways to dehumidify your garments. Here is how to dry laundry!


  •  Tumble Dry

The first method is to use a tumble machine. 

This one is time-effective and doesn't require too much manual labor. 

You only need to insert all those garments into the tube and let the machine automatically dehumidify them. Usually, you only need 5-10 minutes until the garments dehumidify.
However, a tumble dry cannot dehumidify them completely. 

So, the garments are usually still humid, and you cannot wear them or store them immediately. 

If you do that, the garments will give off a musty smell. The amount of mold and bacteria in the garments will also increase rapidly.


  • Sun Dry

Apart from that, you can also dehumidify garments by using a sun. It is one of the oldest methods of drying laundry, and people still do that because it is cheap and very effective at dehumidifying them fully. 

However, you will need around 2-6 hours before all those garments dehumidify.
Also, you need to dry it inside out because ultraviolet radiation will easily fade the color. You can't also cannot protect them from animals and air pollution.


  • Air Dry

Another way to dehumidify it is by using air. You can store the garments on a drying rack and let the air dry them. 

This method is more flexible because you can dehumidify it inside or outside the home. 

However, when dehumidifying them inside, you must wait around 6-12 hours to dry them completely.
Another weakness of this method is that it can make the garments emit a musty smell. 

Especially if the garments are not exposed to heat at all. So it would be better if you combine air dry with sun dry or heat dry. That way, the smell will not appear, and you won't have to rewash them.


  • Heat Dry

The last method is heat dry, where you are dehumidifying garments by using heat. 

Amongst all the other methods, this is the best one because you can dehumidify them fully in 1-3 hours, and suitable for all weather. 

You don't have to worry about mold and bacteria either because the heat will kill them.
You can do heat drying using electric or Digital Drying Racks

However, the best one is definitely the digital one because you can also combine them with air drying. 

So the process will be faster and easier. Aside from that, you can also control them by using remote and voice commands.
This tool is gaining popularity and can be a solution for almost all house or apartment owners. 

Some of its superior features are disinfection and mite removal, fast mode, adjustable rods, and a load capacity of up to tens of kilograms. Because of its compact and ergonomic size, it will not take up much space in your house.

After knowing how to do laundry, you can dehumidify them using digital drying racks. Find the best products with the best price at Hoz immediately!





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