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Tumble Dryer Pros and Cons: Is It Worth to Purchase?

Tumble Dryer Pros and Cons: Is It Worth to Purchase?
calendarJanuary 14, 2024

Best Drying Rack Singapore - Along with the development of technology, in today's society, you can do many chores more easily with the help of machines. 

When it comes to dehumidifying garments, most people use tumble dryers as the machine that makes their life easier. 

But before buying one, read more about tumble dryer pros and cons here.

The curiosity is understandable because the market size of this product keeps increasing from year to year. 

Its value is USD 15.18 billion in 2022, and the users mostly come from the middle class.

However, are tumble dryers good or bad, and why are so many new users using them? 

To know whether the product is good to purchase, here are the pros and cons of a tumble dryer and whether it is worth purchasing one of them! 

Tumble Dryer Pros

For more information about the advantages of a tumble dryer, here are all the pros and cons that you definitely should know! 

1. You Only Need Minutes to Dehumidify It

Even though Tumble is the most popular dehumidifier right now, you must know that it is not the only machine type in the world. 

There are several other types of dehumidifier machines, such as batches, heat pumps, condensers, freezes, and vacuums. But this one is operating faster. 

The machine has a faster operation rate than other types of dehumidifier machines. 

Usually, you can dehumidify garments for five to ten minutes. 

It takes five minutes to dehumidify thin garments and ten minutes or more to dehumidify bulky clothing, such as sweaters, dolls, pillows, etc.

So, one of the benefits of a tumble dryer is that you will only spend a little time waiting. 

Especially if you compare it with sun-drying your garments outside, that takes around 2-6 hours. 

Meanwhile, when you use this machine, you only need minutes to dehumidify it.
However, are tumble dryers safe to use at night? 

The answer depends on the situation. You can use it as long as you pay attention to it and don't leave it alone overnight because many things can happen, such as an electrical short circuit. 

2. Minimal Manual Labor

People invented a dehumidifier machine to make their jobs easier, especially when doing chores. 

Thus, this is the origin of a tumble dry. 

Utilizing this equipment is more efficient than using air to dehumidify garments, particularly in the modern world where one tube can do all the job. 

You must load the garments and water into the tube, add softeners and detergents, and set it to run automatically. 

It will save time and effort because you can wash and dehumidify it with the same tube. 

It only requires minimal manual labor to do all of that. 

So, is tumble drying better than air drying? The answer is yes if we are talking about in this sense. 

If you hate manual labor when doing chores, this machine is perfect for purchasing. 

3. Have More Than One Feature

Another benefit of tumble drying is its variety of characteristics. Consequently, you can dehumidify various garment types, from thin to thick. Thus, in addition to T-shirts, pants, underwear, and sweaters, you may also dehumidify dolls, bed linens, pillows, blankets, bolsters, and other items. 

For example, when you wash it by hand, how you wash these items will definitely differ. 

Those features will help you to adapt the material to the washing style. However, it is important to note that some garment materials cannot be put into this machine.
You can read the tag on the garments to know exactly about it. 

Usually, you'll find the instructions there. If you follow these instructions, your garments will be more durable and can last longer.

4. Perfect for Tiny Space

The fact that this type of dehumidifier is ideal for tiny spaces is another benefit that you can gain.

 You could cram the machines under the cabinets. You can also stack them above a washing machine to conserve even more space there. 

There is also a machine that can wash and dry in one tube.
That being said, this machine is ideal for those who live in smaller homes or apartments or have limited room, especially if you compare it with dehumidifying racks, which need a relatively larger space to store the garments you are washing.

5. Can Load Many Laundry at Once

In addition to the small size, you could also find larger tumble dehumidifier machines. 

The variety of its size is one of the pros of a tumble dryer and not its cons.
So, you can pick the one that suits you the most. If you live alone, pick the smaller one. But, if you live with your family, pick the larger one.
Interestingly, you can load a lot of laundry and dehumidify them all simultaneously. 

For the bigger one, you can load up to 10 kg of garments. 

Meanwhile, the medium one can load around 7-8 kg. However, in case you only need a smaller one, it can only fit around 3-5 kg in the tube.

6.  The Garments' Color will Not Ruin Easily
This machine has become more modern and can protect all fabric types. 

Another reason a tumble dehumidifier is popular is because the machine will not ruin the garments' color. 

The color will stay longer because the fabric is not exposed to ultraviolet radiation. 

So, there is no photodegradation process, and the color of the garments will stay the way it was before.

This will surely be different if you dehumidify the garments on the outside. 

If you use a sun-dry method, the garments will be directly exposed to sunlight and will ruin the color quickly.

7. Protected from Air Pollution 

Apart from all of the reasons above, you also need to use a tumble machine in case of allergies. 

Especially if the allergies are related to dust and dirt. 

It is because you will probably only dehumidify garments inside the home. 

So, is a tumble dryer hygienic, and is it calculated as its cons or pros? 

The machine is hygienic. Besides, when washing the garments, the machine will produce hot water that could kill all the germs and bacteria. 

So, hygiene is not exactly the problem if you are using this machine.

8.  Reliable in All Seasons

The weather would be your worst enemy when drying clothes conventionally using the old-style method. 

A dryer comes to the rescue because you can do the laundry in all seasons. 

Despite the weather, you can quickly and effectively dry your clothes with a dryer. Hassle-free! 


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Tumble Dryer Cons 

After knowing all the pros, it is time to learn the cons of tumble dryers. It is because the product is certainly not perfect. So, here are the things to consider before you are sure to purchase it!

1. Not Friendly of Some Garments' Materials

Your garments will be tugged around inside the tube while using a dehumidifier. 

It will surely hasten the deterioration of the material. There may even be a warning on the tag of some garments that says not to use the machine to dehumidify it. 

For instance, whether it is composed of feathers or leather.
Therefore, before putting the garments in the washing machine, read the labels, particularly if you prefer more resilient clothes that won't wear out quickly. 

If you dehumidify it more thoroughly using another method, you can avoid buying new clothes.
This is definitely one of the disadvantages of tumble dryers that make people avoid using the machines the most.

2. Not Friendly of Environmental Sustainability 

This dehumidifier type is not for you if you care about global warming enough. 

This is a result of the machine's lack of environmental friendliness. 

Because, due to the fact that this machine depends on electricity to operate, you will require excessive energy if you are using it.
Aside from that, the machine will surely need more energy to boil the water and to operate the exhaust. 

So, if you compare it with another dryer, this tumble one consumes too much energy. 

This is why tumble drying should be avoided as long as it still uses non-renewable energy.

3. The Garments will Not Fully Dehumidified 

In addition, even after you dehumidify them in the machine, those clothes will not completely dry. 

Those garments will still have some humidity even though they are no longer wet. So, it will require you to do some additional tasks, such as dehumidifying them using dryer racks.
It could be detrimental to keep them in the cabinet right away. 

First of all, the garments can start to smell odd. 

Usually, they have a musty scent; thus, you should rewash them. If the situation worsens, those garments may become a bacterial and fungal haven before you know it.
Therefore, a drying rack to air dry garments is still essential for doing laundry, even if you currently use a machine. 

So, is tumble dry better than air dry? 

Then, the answer is no because if you use the machine you still need to air dry them too so that it will dehumidify fully. 

4. Producing Distressing Noises

First and foremost, the sound of a tumble dehumidifier is the main deterrent for most people. 

You risk upsetting your neighbors, housemates, and family still sleeping or lounging if you use them in the early morning. However, washing clothes in the morning is definitely preferable.
This is because the best time to do laundry is in the morning. 

You might feel too lethargic and unmotivated to accomplish duties in the afternoon. 

And who wouldn't want to sleep through the night without being bothered by the sound of a dehumidifier? Everyone does, sadly, including you.
So, another drawback of this kind of dehumidifier is that they can make you feel uncomfortable with their sounds.

5. The Clothes Will Have Wrinkles 

Clothes will have wrinkles, another drawback of this kind of dehumidifier. 

This results from the garments being pulled and squeezed excessively in the machine. 

That means that after the clothes are dry, you must iron it. Of course, that means you have to do more chores. 

If you want to avoid ironing garments, you can heat-dry them, for example, by using electric or digital dehumidifying racks. 
The result will surely be neater, so you just fold it and put it in the cabinet, especially for everyday garments that don't need to be as neat as formal garments.

6. The Price Is Not Cheap

Another reason why you should avoid tumble dryers is because the price is not cheap. Especially, if you compare it with a clothesline that you can get for free, you can make it on your own using leftover wood and ropes. 

But you need to save quite a big amount of money to be able to buy this dehumidifier machine. 

If you want to compare it with dehumidifying racks, this machine is still more expensive. 

So, this product is less cost-effective than the other product. 

Is It Worth Buying a Tumble Dryer? 

In general, if you are wondering whether a tumble dehumidifier is worth it or not, the answer depends. 

If you love using something time-effective and need minimal manual labor, then this machine is perfect for you. 

This machine also works well in tiny spaces and won't ruin your aesthetic. 

However, on the other hand, this machine is too expensive. 

Combined with its energy-intensive nature, many people try to avoid it. Also, its nature is not so environmentally friendly. Many people do not like the machine's noise, so they refuse to purchase it.

So, what is the best alternative to a tumble dryer?

The best alternative that you can choose is Digital Drying Racks.


This product is perfect because it won't take up any space, is easy and effective to use (by using voice command), is more environmentally friendly, and has an antifungal and antibacterial nature.
So, even though there are many tumble dryer pros and cons, you can choose a digital drying rack as the better option.

You can purchase it through Hoz for the best price and free installation.





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