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How to Wash and Dry Your Towels Like a Pro: A Comprehensive Guide

How to Wash and Dry Your Towels Like a Pro: A Comprehensive Guide
calendarJanuary 24, 2024

Best Drying Rack 2024 - Walking into a room filled with the comforting scent of fresh laundry, everything in this world seems to have a secret behind it.

Today, we unravel the mystery of how to wash and dry towels, transforming this everyday chore into an art form. Keep reading as we explore valuable insights to enhance your towel experience.

How Frequently Should You Launder Your Towels?

You have skin-to-skin contact with your towel almost every single day. 

Thus, maintaining hygiene and cleanliness in general is crucial.

Generally, you can wash your towels after four uses. By doing that, you’ll keep the bacteria at bay effortlessly. 

Also, regular washing minimizes the possibility of mold accumulation – which could lead to various skin conditions later.

Regular washing not only maintains their freshness and keeps them free from bacteria as well as to keep them soft, but it also helps prevent the accumulation of mold.

A frequent question in laundry care is, "Can I wash towels with clothes?" While it's technically possible, it's not advisable.

Both products come with different washing needs because they are made of fabrics. 

In addition to needing more room where to wash them, towels shed lint. Believe us, it gives an ugly look when they adhere to your clothes. 

Furthermore, this specific cloth typically requires washing at a higher temperature than clothes, so combining them could affect both the cleanliness and the condition of the fabrics.

The Importance of Washing Your Them Properly

Ever experienced the unpleasantness of a rough texture or funny-smelling towel? While some people will skip it, it’s actually a sign that your towel needs proper care.

Even if it’s just about towels, understanding the issue is key to ensuring they're comfortable, durable, clean, and won’t cause any health issues. 

But do you know what is the best way to wash and dry towels? 

It’s worth noting that this task requires more effort than collecting them and loading them up in the washer.

Or, have you wondered about the secret of plushy and softy hotel towels? Those hotels have cracked the best way to wash towels – as well as how to dry them properly. Thus, this is the right time to enter the smart towel rack era.
It’s not only drying your fabric but also giving them proper care. 

Investing in this smart solution means consistently enjoying perfect, luxuriously soft rags right at home.

First Impression Counts!

Experts advise not to use towels immediately after buying a new one. In addition to helping open up the fibers, washing new towels for the first time prepares the fabrics to have better absorbency in the long run.

Here's how to handle a new towel:

  1. Most of the towels and clothes you see in stores come with softeners. They apply it to make the cloth appear plushy. But no need to worry because white vinegar can cut the coating effectively – half a cup is enough.
  2. After that, prepare a basin of cold water and let the cloth soaks in for a while. As explained earlier, it breaks the fiber – in a good way - while reducing lint and keeping the colors from bleeding.
  3. Launder your new items individually with a delicate cycle. We highly recommend soft and mild detergent – less is more here. As a pro tip, avoid any fabric softeners – thank us later. Also, dry sheets in general with bath towels.
  4. Find excess lint after a few initial washes? Don’t panic, it’s natural.

It’s worth noting that the wrong amount of solvent or detergent, as well as drying techniques, could cause roughness and stiffness. Some even lose their absorbency. 

So, make sure you treat your fabrics right, especially within their initial washes. Treat them well, and they’ll return the favor with years of softness and comfort.

Step-by-Step Guide to Keep the Towels Clean

At some point, using the technology for laundry might feel like conducting an orchestra. 

Let’s break down how to wash towels in washing machines into simple, harmonious steps.

1. Sort and Separate

The initial step is crucial! Sort them according to fabric types and colors before loading them into the washing machines. 

Consider this as preparing the groundwork for an impeccable washing performance in washing machines.

2. Opt for a Gentle Detergent

An effective strategy for how to keep towels soft involves selecting a mild yet soft detergent or solvent. 

You don’t only want your towels clean but also well-absorbing, right? 

This will do.

3. The Right Setting

Set your cycle into the warm water one. 

In addition to removing the bacteria more easily, any soiling will get loosen with this cycle. But pay attention to the fabrics themselves – different fabrics require different treatments.

4. Balancing the Load

Unlike other fabrics, towels need room in the machine to get bouncier, fluffier, and cleaner. 

Thus, make sure you’ve distributed the load evenly. It’s like ensuring each dancer has enough space to move gracefully.

5. Vinegar for Vibrancy

Instead of using chemical softeners or similar stuff, we highly recommend using white vinegar occasionally within your laundry routines. 

A cup of white vinegar helps bring out the fabric's ability to absorb water. Think of it as a rejuvenating interlude in a musical piece.

6. Fluff Them Up

Before putting them in a dryer or hanging them outside, please do this final act – shaking each towel well. 

In addition to preparing the fabrics for an ideal drying experience, it puffs up the fibers.

These guidelines are not something that you have to follow strictly. 

Yet, you’ll feel the different result – in a good way – by following our pro tips mentioned above while allowing the towels to come out clean and comfy as well as plushy.


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Traditional Cleaning Method

Even though using your bare hand requires more energy and is a bit daunting, using a traditional cleaning method is highly effective and simple. 

This is how you do the tasks without washing machines.

  1. Prepare lukewarm water in a bathtub or a sizable basin. Make sure that the quantity of water is enough to soak your fabrics in fully.
  2. Mix in a mild solvent or laundry detergent. We highly recommend using a lesser quantity compared to what you’d give in a machine. Fewer suds need less detergent!
  3. Let the fabrics soak completely in the water and leave them for about 30 minutes. This method will loosen any dirt for easier cleaning later.
  4. With gentle hand movements, stir the towels in the water – just like a gentle massage. But make sure you don’t harm the fibers by scrubbing or twisting them aggressively.
  5. Rinse the towels with clean water by draining the soapy water. Feel free to change the water a few times until all the soap is removed.
  6. Wring out the excess water carefully. Don’t stretch it!
  7. And we arrive at the drying process. To do this step, make sure you have a spot with a great circulation. Whenever feasible, let your fabrics dry under the sun, which is advantageous due to its natural antibacterial qualities.

For delicate fabrics or when the machine is not available, using your hands is such a great alternative. 

Towels, more than anything, require freshness. 

Hand washing, on the other hand, allows you to maintain the freshness even without modern conveniences.

The Great Debate: Machine Washing vs. Hand Washing Towels

Choosing the best practice surely depends on each user. 

Besides, you must consider several crucial factors, such as fabric type, convenience, and environmental impact.

For instance, living a super busy lifestyle requires you to handle things effectively in this fast-paced world. Thus, the presence of technology washing machines is such a savior.
In addition to providing an efficient choice for large loads, this technology is great at deeply cleaning and sanitizing fabrics. Besides, the controls and options allow you to adjust the temperature, wash cycle intensities, and many more.

Some people, on the other hand, treat towels like delicate human beings. Thus, they want full control of what they do – in this case is by using their hand to clean the cloth thoroughly. 

Using your hands to traditionally wash towels also allows you to treat specific stains adequately – no need to expose the entire towel to rigorous washing. Also, there are no escalated energy bills.

So, which one is the best – hand-wash or the one with technology? It always depends on your specific needs and lifestyle. Feel free to weigh each option before deciding. Or, utilizing the combination of both sounds like a plan.

Eco-Friendly Towel Washing Secrets

Besides the cleansing options explained earlier, you can always incorporate natural remedies to keep yours nice-smelling and hygienic.
We’ve curated several home remedies that you can try at home to clean your towels with nature’s touch. 

Besides, some of them are a perfect addition on how to sanitize towels naturally.

1. Sun-Drying

The sun acts as a natural sanitizer and can brighten and refresh towels, so whenever you can, dry your towels outdoors in the sunlight.

2. Lemon Juice

We commonly use chemicals to keep the fabrics white. However, you have to be ready for its drawbacks. 

If you want to keep the light-colored fabrics stay bright and clean, a half cup of lemon juice will do the job.

3. Baking Soda and Vinegar

Enhancing your usual laundry detergent with vinegar and baking soda can amplify its cleaning effectiveness. 

This combination not only neutralizes odors but also naturally softens fabrics. Just mix in half a cup of baking soda with a cup of vinegar for this effect.

4. Essential Oils

What if your towels are a bit smelly? 

Well, a few drops of essential oils would make a huge difference. 

Drop a few of your favorite smells into your wash and let them make your smelly clothes become all fresh.

Drying Tips for Day-to-Day Freshness

Besides washing and drying in general, performing proper aftercare is vital to preserve their freshness and extend their lifespan. 

Here are some practical tips for drying towels to ensure they remain in top condition.

Sunshine Boost

The sun out there comes with a series of benefits for humans as well as your towels. 

Thus, whenever possible, allow your towels to have a nice sunbathing session. 

In addition to giving a nice dryness, the sun’s rays endorse natural antibacterial effects, which are great for the fabrics.

No Hooks

While offering efficiency in cramped spaces, hooks are not an ideal drying tool. In addition to causing folding, there’s no proper circulation, making preventing towel odor more challenging.

Spread it Wide

Expose the surface of the fabric to the air. How would you do that? 

By spreading it wide. 

Thus, the presence of drying racks or bars is crucial, especially if you want a quicker yet healthier drying.

Shake it Out

Fibers on fabrics act like humans, somehow. Thus, your towels need some relaxation. 

To do that, give the fabrics a nice thorough shake. While giving relaxation to the fibers, this move allows better air circulation that accelerates the drying time.

Give Them Space

Hanging more than one towel? 

No problem! – but give them space. 

Trapped moisture in the fabric could lead to an unpleasant smell. Meanwhile, keeping them in enclosed rooms can impede proper drying and promote the development of mildew.

Rotate Regularly

We believe that you own more than one towel so that you can rotate their usage. More than anything, make sure that the fabrics are dried well before you use it again.

It’s crucial to maintain the freshness of what you wear every day, regardless of the clothing type. All it takes is a proper drying process after each use.

While a dryer can keep them bouncy, it often leads to higher electricity costs. Here's where the Philips Smart Laundry Rack comes into play.


Its innovative design, complete with integrated fans and a heating system, is essential for keeping your fabrics soft and fresh.

Embrace the energy efficiency of this rack, a departure from the high energy consumption of conventional tumble dryers.

Compact yet powerful, the Philips Laundry Rack is a wise choice for the contemporary home, blending space-saving features with effective towel care.


More than anything, combining appropriate washing methods with the smart drying rack from Philips can significantly enhance your towel maintenance routine. 

It goes beyond mere cleaning; it's about preserving plushiness, hygiene, and lasting quality. Therefore, adopt the innovative approach of how to wash and dry towels with Philips, where efficiency is seamlessly blended with innovation.





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