Introducing Samsung SmartThings: A Simple Home System

August 22, 2022

Samsung is one of the largest producers of electronic devices in the world. Following its simple business philosophy to devote its talent to pushing out the most innovative and superior products and services that will contribute to a better global society, Samsung has been changing the game of affordable consumer electronics. While mobile devices and memory chips may make up a bulk of its most recognisable technological solutions, there is a relatively new innovation in town. Keeping up with the trends and the demands for a more connected home, Samsung’s SmartThings is the ultimate platform for your smart home. What is Samsung SmartThings, what does it bring to the table, and which Samsung digital locks are compatible with the automation platform? We cover them all in this blog.

What is Samsung SmartThings?

Promising to support a more connected life, Samsung SmartThings provides you with the conduit to connect all your Samsung smart devices to make your home smarter. From enhancing your Samsung device user experience in and out of the house and even helping you with chores, SmartThings optimises your home devices based on your specific needs. Whether you would like to get useful reminders on things like when your laundry is done or automatically turn on your air-conditioner before stepping foot into your home, SmartThings can do it all for you. All that is required is a home equipped with innovative SmartThings-compatible devices and a mobile device with the SmartThings app. 

What Does it Bring to the Table?

Compatible with a wide range of connected devices and voice assistants and with a universal app that works on both Android and iOS devices, controlling devices, creating scenes and automating smart devices will be a breeze. But you might be wondering how this is any different from other smart devices that can be automated to complete various tasks. The difference lies in the fact that the SmartThings app not only works with a range of devices from other major smart home manufacturers but also connects you to an ecosystem of smarter living solutions. Forget opening up multiple apps to control your smart devices – Samsung SmartThings lets you do it all on one platform. Make your home a safe and entertaining space, leave your keys behind and unlock doors with your phone, and take care of what matters – SmartThings basically lets you design one magical smart home. 

Samsung Digital Locks Compatible with SmartThings

If you are committed to Samsung as an ecosystem and have plans to leverage all that SmartThings has to offer, the best way to get your foot in is with digital locks. If you already have your eyes on the best Samsung digital locks in Singapore, all that is left to do is narrow down on all the Samsung smart locks and pick one that is compatible with SmartThings. At Hoz, we not only boast a wide selection of Samsung smart door locks but also ones that can be controlled through the SmartThings app. Some of these include: 

1. Samsung Digital Lock SHP-DH537

Open the door to a new smart life with the SHP-DH537 Samsung Digital Lock. Simple and stylish, this digital lock comes with three main access modes – RFID Card, PIN Code, and Mechanical Key – and is the winner of the coveted Red Dot Design Award. The intuitive LED touchpad makes it easy to unlock the door at night and features like Vacation mode can be activated so that an alarm will be triggered should anyone attempt to open the door from inside. And of course, you can upgrade this digital lock so that it is compatible with the SmartThings app – adding mobile app authentication to its list of access modes. 

2. Samsung Digital Lock SHP-DP609

Considered to be one of the more premium Samsung door locks in Singapore, the SHP-DP609 Samsung Digital Lock features the most advanced door opening technology. Stay connected anytime, anywhere, and always with this SmartThings compatible smart lock. Beyond its various access modes that include Fingerprint authentication, PIN Code, RFID Card, and Mechanical Key, you can have your smartphone double up as the door’s key! Be alerted about your door lock status, receive alerts when your guests touch the smart bell icon on the touchpad and view access logs in real-time round the clock.

3. Samsung Digital Lock SHP-DR708

Want the same functions as the SHP-DP609 but prefer an ergonomic design? The SHP-DR708 Samsung Digital Lock also has a push pull handle type but all it takes is one soft touch on the handle to open the door. With a range of access modes including Fingerprint authentication, PIN Code, Mechanical Key, and Wi-Fi, speedy and accurate access is guaranteed. And just like the SHP-DP609, you can view access logs, unlock your door remotely and receive alerts anytime and anywhere via that SmartThings app. 

Build Something Smart Together with Hoz

If you are looking to jump on the smart home bandwagon and control all your devices through the Samsung SmartThings app, look no further than Hoz for a range of Samsung smart door locks in Singapore. Sync up your home with SmartThings and enjoy the benefit of a connected life. To get started, check out the extensive collection of Samsung door locks in Singapore at Hoz and shop online with us today.

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