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Laundry Hacks: 15 Easy Ways to Dry Your Clothes Fast on Rainy Days

Laundry Hacks: 15 Easy Ways to Dry Your Clothes Fast on Rainy Days
calendarApril 4, 2024

Best Drying Rack Singapore - Picture this: You just tackled a mountain of dirty clothes, only to glance out the window and see raindrops tap dancing on your freshly washed laundry plans. 

We’ve all been there! But fear not, because we have just the perfect guide on how to dry clothes on rainy days.

Today, we’re diving into 15 clever ways to dry your clothes when the weather is doing its best to keep them damp. 

From smart indoor setups to nifty tricks that Mother Nature won’t rain on, let’s turn this laundry day upside down!

How to Dry Clothes Fast in Rainy Season

Listen up! The struggle of drying clothes during the never-ending wet season is real. 

It is a constant battle with rain and humidity from September to February. Even the so-called “dry” season from March to August throws surprise rain parties almost every day.

That laundry of yours deserves better! These 16 hacks on how to dry clothes in Singapore during the rainy season aren’t just tips. 

In fact, they’re lifesavers for your clothes. You’ll wonder how you ever lived without them. Without further ado, let’s get into it.

1. Sort Your Clothes

Your clothes are like a team preparing for battle against the rain. Lightweights, the infantry, go first! Sort your laundry squad by weight and thickness—it’s like assembling them for a strategic mission.

Start with the feather-light pieces, your summer tees, and silky wonders, and let them take the lead in the drying marathon. 

Why? Because they dry faster than you can say “laundry ninja.” They’ll be done and dusted, or should we say dried and fluffed, in no time.

Meanwhile, your heavier troops—the chunky sweaters and denim warriors—can wait their turn. It’s a laundry hierarchy, and trust us, and your clothes will thank you for this thoughtful organization.

2. Wash in Small Batches

We get it; the temptation to conquer all your laundry in one epic day is real, but when the rain gods are feeling mischievous, it’s time to play it smart.

Consider this: a laundry marathon in the rain might lead to a soggy surrender. Instead of going all in, break it down into manageable loads. It’s like plotting a series of mini-victories against the rain brigade.

Wash a load, dry it, revel in the triumph, and repeat—this way, you outwit the weather, one small laundry conquest at a time.

Embrace the art of pacing, and watch as your clothes emerge victorious, fluffy, and dry—a sight even the rain can’t rain on!

3. Add Fabric Conditioner

In the rainy day laundry routine, incorporating fabric conditioner proves to be a practical game-changer. 

Beyond the anticipated softness, this addition serves as a reliable ally in prolonging the life of your clothes.

Amidst persistent rain, the fabric conditioner transforms your garments into a barrier against moisture’s potential damage. 

Its protective qualities shield your wardrobe from wear and tear and leave a lasting, subtle fragrance—defying the damp conditions.

While rain attempts to disrupt your laundry plans, clothes treated with fabric conditioner stand resilient. 

It’s a straightforward yet effective strategy to ensure that, regardless of the weather’s mood, your laundry emerges soft and subtly refreshed, prepared for whatever the rain brings.

4. Drip Excess Water

The next tip on how to dry clothes in the rainy season might seem elementary, yet it’s often overlooked in the laundry battlefield.

In fact, wet clothes are like sponges, holding onto excess water with a stubborn grip. The mistake? Rushing to dry them without wringing out the surplus liquid first.

Consider wringing out excess water the prelude to a successful drying mission. Before hanging your laundry for battle against the rain, give those damp garments a gentle squeeze. 

It’s like telling them, “Release the excess baggage!” By doing this, you’re setting the stage for a quicker and more efficient drying process
Skipping this step is akin to sending your clothes into battle unprepared. They’ll be weighed down, taking longer to dry and potentially falling victim to that dreaded musty smell. Ewww!

5. Use a Dryer

If you’re one of the fortunate souls with this laundry powerhouse at your disposal, consider yourself blessed in the battle against rain-soaked clothes. 

Nevertheless, a dryer is not just a luxury. On the other hand, it’s your ace in the sleeve.

Toss those damp garments into the warm embrace of the dryer and let it work its magic. The beauty lies in its efficiency—a swift and reliable solution to the rainy day laundry dilemma.

Sure, air-drying has its charm, but the dryer is the cavalry arriving just in time to rescue your laundry ambitions. It’s a shortcut to success when time is of the essence. So, if you have the luxury of a dryer, embrace it with open arms.

6. Do an Extra Spin Cycle

Continuing the previous tip on how to dry clothes on a rainy day, try the extra spin cycle, a hidden weapon you probably don’t know about. 

For example, your laundry may have survived the wash cycle, but outside rain threatens to sabotage your drying plans.

That’s where the extra spin cycle becomes your trusty ally. Give your clothes an extra spin before you deliver them to the warm embrace of the dryer. 

This extra spin extracts that sneaky extra water so that your clothes enter the dryer not just damp but almost triumphant in their readiness to face the rain’s challenges.

It is a strategic move that optimizes the efficiency of your dryer. By triggering this bonus round, you’re setting the stage for a faster, more effective drying process.


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7. Use Dryer Balls

Dryer balls aren’t just quirky-looking accessories. On the contrary, they work well to suck out the moisture in your wet clothes. 

Toss them into the dryer with your slightly damp clothes, and watch the magic unfold. As they tumble around in the dryer, they aid in better airflow and absorb excess moisture.

Additionally, if you enjoy a hint of fragrance in your laundry, consider adding a few drops of essential oils to the dryer balls. This gives your clothes a natural, subtle scent without the need for chemical-laden fabric softeners.

8. Add a Towel in the Dryer

Did you know? Tossing a towel into the dryer is like recruiting a seasoned warrior into your laundry army. 

The towel becomes a loyal ally, absorbing excess moisture and boosting the dryer’s efficiency. It’s the kind of teamwork that turns a chore into a well-coordinated operation.

The science is simple—the dry towel acts as a moisture magnet, accelerating the drying process for the entire load. Nevertheless, it’s a smart move in the rainy-day laundry playbook. 

The towel ensures your clothes emerge not just dry but with a swift and efficient grace.

9. Use a Cloth Stand

The next move on how to dry clothes in rainy weather is to use a cloth stand.

Utilizing a cloth stand isn’t just about convenience. On the other hand, it’s a tactical move in the rainy-day laundry saga. 

Spacing out your clothes on the stand is like orchestrating a well-coordinated dance, ensuring each garment gets its moment in the drying spotlight.

Why does this matter? Imagine a crowded dance floor—or, in this case, a congested cloth stand. Clothes need room to breathe, to catch the breeze, and to defy the rain’s attempts to keep them damp.

10. Place the Clothes in A Room with A Heater

When outdoor drying options are limited, bring your damp clothes into a room equipped with a heater. Think of it as offering them a front-row seat to their own personal spa day. 

The heater becomes a warm sanctuary, banishing the dampness and setting the stage for a fast-drying spectacle.

Why does this work so well? Well, heat is the grunt work, speeding up the evaporation process and turning your room into a makeshift drying sanctuary. 

It’s a smart move in the laundry room that ensures your clothes emerge dry and with a hint of warmth, courtesy of the indoor haven of warmth.

11. Use the Iron

Next time you’re wondering how to dry clothes if it’s raining, just grab that iron and smooth things out. It’s not just about smoothening out wrinkles—although it’s great for that, too—but also kicking moisture to the curb. 

It’s like a two-for-one deal—wrinkles gone, and dampness defeated.

Nevertheless, ironing wet clothes requires a bit of caution to avoid potential mishaps. For starters, wet clothes are more vulnerable to heat, so starting with a lower temperature setting on your iron is best. 

This helps prevent scorching or damaging the fabric.

If possible, iron the clothes inside out. This minimizes the direct contact between the iron and the fabric, offering an extra layer of protection.

Ironing wet clothes may take a bit longer than ironing dry ones. Be patient, and give each garment section enough time under the iron to ensure thorough drying and smoothing.

12. Invest in A Dehumidifier

Drying clothes indoors is now possible thanks to a dehumidifier. 

Investing in a dehumidifier isn’t just about combating humidity; it’s a power move in the war against damp clothes. 

The secret is simple yet oh-so-effective: less moisture in the air means quicker drying for your clothes.

Nevertheless, ensure proper ventilation in the room where you’re using the dehumidifier. Good airflow helps the dehumidifier work more efficiently.

Unfortunately, some delicate fabrics may not fare well in prolonged exposure to the warm, dry air produced by the dehumidifier. Check clothing labels to ensure that the chosen drying method suits the fabric.

13. Use a Hairdryer

The hairdryer isn’t just for your locks; it’s a versatile tool that can turn the tables on dampness. Let’s say using a hairdryer to dry specific spots or smaller items is like delivering a targeted strike against the rain’s attempts to dampen your spirits.

Here’s how to do it: 

  1. Lay your slightly damp garment flat, fire up the hairdryer.
  2. Let the warm breeze work its magic. '
  3. Then, move the hairdryer around the fabric, ensuring even drying without overheating. 

This hack also works well for drying clothes in an air-conditioned room.

While using a hairdryer to dry clothes is a handy trick, there are a few things to consider. For example, different fabrics have varying heat tolerances. Ensure that the fabric of your clothes can withstand the hairdryer's heat.

Also, if your hairdryer has a cool shot function, consider using it intermittently to prevent excessive heat exposure. This is especially beneficial for more delicate fabrics.

14. Freeze-Dry the Clothes

Freeze-drying clothes is like turning them into crunchy freeze pops without the stickiness.

Here’s how it works: You put your slightly damp clothes in the freezer and let them chill for a while.

As they freeze, the water in the clothes turns to ice. Then, when you take them out and thaw them, the ice turns directly into gas, skipping the drippy liquid part.

After thawing, inspect your clothes for any remaining dampness. 

If needed, air dry them indoors to ensure they are completely dry. Of course, freeze-drying is more effective for smaller items such as socks, underwear, or dishcloths. Larger garments may not freeze and thaw as evenly.

15. Use a Smart Laundry Rack

Finally, we’re on our last hack. Feeling adventurous? 

How about trying something new, Hoz’s smart laundry racks, to top off your laundry game? 

With game-changers like the Philips SDR703 and Philips SDR601 UBO, we have redefined the very essence of drying your clothes.

Try to imagine a built-in fan and heater that rivals traditional dryers without wasting energy. 


What’s more?

Its sleek, space-saving design hides a laundry powerhouse ready to handle everything from delicate fabrics to plush towels.

Say goodbye to the mundane and embrace the future of laundry with Hoz’s innovative smart racks.

Now you’re armed with 15 mighty moves on how to dry clothes on rainy days. From dryers to smart laundry racks, each hack offers a unique twist to conquer rainy day laundry blues. 

So the next time the rain tries to ruin your laundry parade, just pick your favorite move and let the drying magic work its magic.



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