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Making the Right Door Choice, Sliding Doors vs Bifold Doors

Making the Right Door Choice, Sliding Doors vs Bifold Doors
calendarDecember 20, 2023

Best Digital Lock Singapore - Sliding doors vs bifold doors: which one is better for your space? 

This question is probably on your mind if you are faced with the two options of the most popular types of doors for modern homes today.

To find out what type of door is most appropriate for your living space, of course, you must first know the characteristics of each of these doors. 

Apart from that, you also need to understand the advantages and disadvantages of bifold doors vs sliding doors from every aspect.

To assist you in deciding between two door options, let's delve into a discussion about these two doors.


Types of Sliding Doors and Bifold Doors

Sliding and bifold doors are popular options for homeowners looking to enhance style and functionality in their homes. These doors come in various types and styles, each offering distinct features and benefits. 

Here are some of them: 

Sliding Doors

1. Pocket Sliding Doors

A pocket sliding door is a sliding door that you can "slip" between the walls. The main benefit of a pocket sliding door is the ability to entirely hide the door when not in use, giving the impression of a more open and uncluttered space. People typically use this type of sliding door for places inside the house.

2. Sliding Door Stacker

A stacker sliding door is the most expected type of sliding door that people use. This sliding door consists of several door panels that can be stacked on one side when you open the door. The door's design and specifications determine the number of panels that can be stacked.

Individuals often use this type of door for exterior doors that face directly to the backyard or balcony.

3. Bypass Sliding Barn Door

A bypass sliding barn door or barn door is a sliding door whose working mechanism does not use a rail on the floor but a track installed above the door. 

Carrying a design inspired by old barn doors, this sliding door delivers a vintage and classic glimmer.


Bifold Door

1. Exterior Bifold Door

People often use this type of door as an exterior door facing either their balcony or backyard. Because it is mostly used for exterior purposes, the material is usually metal that is resistant to external weather. 

It is usually installed in homes or apartments with a quite spacious space. 

2. Room Dividers

People usually use this type of door as a room divider between rooms inside their house. 

Unlike Exterior Bifold Doors, which incorporate glass panels and metals, people more frequently craft this type of bifold door using wooden panels. 

Weather-resistant materials are not required for this type of door since it is not exposed to the weather like exterior doors.

3. Bifold Doors with Access Doors

Bifold doors with access doors are a type of bifold door that has an additional access door. 

This means you can open the door partially without needing to open the bifold as a whole fully. The access door is typically situated on the main folding door sections.


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Sliding Doors vs. Bifold Doors Pros and Cons

Before deciding which type of door is perfect for your space, it is necessary to know the advantages and disadvantages of bifold doors and sliding doors. 

Here are some things you need to know regarding these two types of doors from various aspects:


Space Constraints: Sliding vs Bifold Doors

Are sliding doors better?  

Considering the mechanism of sliding doors, yes, sliding doors are better in terms of saving space.

You need to know the mechanism for opening a sliding door is by sliding the panel to the side. 

Each panel on a sliding door is not connected by hinges but moves horizontally following a rail or track at the top or bottom of the door.

This sliding door mechanism saves space because the door panels are arranged neatly on the track rail. For this reason, you can use it in various rooms with limited or narrow areas.

On the other hand, a bifold door is a door with a minimum number of panels of two panels. 

Different from sliding doors, each panel on a bifold door is connected to each other with hinges. 

Therefore, when you open the bifold door, it folds like a traditional Chinese folding fan.

The problems with bifold doors are that the folded door panels take up so much space, and they require a big room. However, the folding bifold door mechanism allows you to open a wider space. 

Meanwhile, the open space of a sliding door is more limited.

Aesthetic Preferences

Sliding doors are well-known for their straightforward, clean, modern, and sleek design. This is because most sliding doors are crafted with aluminum frames and glass panels, creating a clean and simple aesthetic.
Therefore, in terms of appearance, a sliding door is very suitable for you to use in a house or apartment with a contemporary style. Also, using sliding doors in a minimalist-themed residence can emphasize simplicity, cleanliness, and functionality.
For houses with a more traditional style, you can use a bypass sliding barn door kind of type sliding door. A barn door style sliding door can create a warm impression and enhance the aesthetics of a traditional home.

What about the aesthetic preferences of bifold doors? 

Bifold doors come in various finishing options, providing greater flexibility for modern and traditional property styles.


View: Exterior Sliding Doors vs Bifold Doors

When picking an exterior glass door, consider how well it provides a view of the outside. This is much more important, specifically if you plan to install it on a balcony or garden with a beautiful view.

Choosing a bifold door is the best to enjoy the view to the fullest. 

The folding door mechanism allows you to open the door entirely to see the view more clearly.

If you ask what are the disadvantages of sliding doors, the answer is that they may have width limitations, affecting the size of their opening. This means that you cannot fully appreciate the view.

Additionally, as mentioned earlier, sliding doors typically consist of two glass panels on the rails. 

When you open the door, one glass panel sticks to the other. For some individuals, this stacking of door panels can be quite disruptive to the view.


Bifold Doors vs. Sliding Doors Cost

For some people, price is important to consider before buying goods. So, which are more expensive, 

bifold or sliding doors?

In the context of sliding doors vs bifold doors price, it's important to note that there isn't a fixed cost. 

It is hard to determine which type is cheaper or more expensive because various factors can impact the price of each door. For example:

  • Door Size

Larger or taller doors necessitate a greater quantity of materials for their fabrication. 

Consequently, the cost of doors increases proportionally with their size, reflecting the additional materials required for their construction. 

Understanding the relationship between door size and material requirements allows for informed decision-making in choosing a door. 

  • Customization Options

Special requests for door construction, encompassing models, materials, or additional hardware, can also increase costs. 

Also, if the request is complex, you will typically need to pay costs much higher than the market price.

  • Installation Complexity

The difficulty of installing the door can also be a factor that influences the price. For example, installing bifold doors, which are more complex than sliding doors, will usually cost more. This is due to the installation's complexity, which may demand more skilled labor and time.

However, the average price people spend on sliding doors is around USD 500 to USD 2,500, or the equivalent of SGD 673 to SGD 3,367. Meanwhile, a bifold door costs around USD 100 to USD 2,000, or SGD 134 to SGD 2,693. 

The price for this bifold door is calculated per linear square foot based on the number of panels requested.


Maintenance Requirements


Why do people like bifold doors? Compared to sliding doors, bifold doors are easier to clean. 

One of the things you must do to maintain the quality and performance of your sliding or bifold door is to clean the rails frequently. 

The advantage of bifold doors is that the rails are easier to clean than sliding doors.

The folding mechanism of a bifold door allows people to clean the tracks without having to dismantle or slide the door panels one by one.

The only disadvantage of bifold doors in terms of maintenance is the hinge lubrication, which you need to do regularly. Considering that the number of hinges on a bifold door is usually a lot, this task may require significant time to complete.




Are bifold doors more secure than sliding doors? In terms of security, an exterior bifold door is more secure than an exterior sliding door.

Many bifold doors come with a multi-point locking system. This means multiple locking points are engaged along the track when the door is closed, providing good security.

Unlike bifold doors, sliding doors typically have only one locking point. Therefore, compared to bifold doors, these doors offer less security.

However, you can improve sliding door security by incorporating an additional lock or upgrading the door locking system to a digital lock. Since digital locks feature a stronger locking system than the conventional one, using digital locks will strengthen your door security.

Discover the perfect digital lock for your sliding or bifold door at HOZ. Our range of options is sure to impress you!


How to Choose the Right Door Option

It's time to choose the perfect door for you now that you understand the advantages and disadvantages of each option. 

The following is a guide that can help you make a decision when choosing a door between a bifold door or a sliding door:


1. Think about Your Available Space

As previously explained, sliding doors do not occupy a little space as they move only on the rails. In contrast, a bifold door folds to meet one side of the wall and takes so much more space. 

For this reason, choosing a sliding door rather than a bifold one makes more sense if you have a room with a limited area. 

This way, your living space won't be cramped or feel full when you open the door.


2. Evaluate Your Aesthetic Preferences

Next, consider your home design preferences and the type of door you want to choose. As previously discussed, sliding doors have a design that is suitable for homes with a modern and minimalist style. For this reason, if your house has a modern style, it is more relevant to choose a sliding door.

On the other hand, you can consider bifold doors for traditional houses or other styles. Bifold doors offer a range of models, making them suitable for any home style.


3. Ease of Operation

Unless you choose bifold doors with access doors, sliding doors are the best choice if you are looking for a door with ease of use.

The number of sliding door panels, which are only two panels, will make it much easier for you to open and close the door in your daily activities. 

This is in contrast to bifold doors, which usually have quite a large number of panels. A sliding door is a better option if you need a door for an area with high foot traffic.


4. Budget Considerations

Selecting a door for your living space involves much more than just picking a design that complements your interior. 

In fact, it's crucial to align your choice with your budgetary limitations. 

While the initial cost of the door is an important factor, it's equally important to consider additional expenses. Consider, for example, costs related to installation services and ongoing maintenance.

After purchasing a door, people often face unexpected and inflated costs due to installation services that were not factored in. Neglecting to factor in these expenses can lead to unexpected budgetary issues that will affect your finances. 


Sliding doors vs bifold doors: The decision between sliding and bifold doors involves practical function, aesthetic characteristics, and space requirements. 


Both sliding doors and bifold doors offer their advantages, and the final decision depends on your considerations, including room size, design preferences, and budget.


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