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Preserving Your Denim: Expert Advice on How to Wash and Dry Jeans Like a Pro

Preserving Your Denim: Expert Advice on How to Wash and Dry Jeans Like a Pro
calendarFebruary 13, 2024

Best Drying Rack Singapore - Denim enthusiasts and casual wearers alike gather around as we unravel the age-old mystery of how to wash and dry jeans in the most effective yet fabric-friendly way. 

Embark on this sartorial journey with us, where we'll explore not just the 'whats' and 'hows', but also the 'whys' behind keeping your beloved jeans in top-notch condition. 

Stay tuned as we reveal interesting facts and hacks that might just change the routines to love your denim collections!

Can I Wash Jeans with Other Clothes?

While technically possible, it’s not advisable to wash any denim pairs with other types of fabrics, especially clothes.

Laundering jeans, particularly darker ones, with other garments risks color transfer, which might interfere with lighter clothing. 

Additionally, the material is heavier, which could cause extra wear on other items during the wash cycle.

Thus, you better wash them separately. Or, you can group them together with other darker colors or heavy fabrics – it’s all for preserving jeans' color when washing.

Mastering the art of washing and drying techniques is crucial because jeans, especially those dyed with indigo, easily fade and wear. 

Thus, any missteps in laundry might lose the material’s shape, shift color, and wash off the unique character your jeans have developed over time.

An Insight on How Often to Wash Jeans

Unlike other clothing items that require frequent washing, jeans have a different set of rules. Washing them every 3-10 wears is ideal. Yet, the range heavily depends on your lifestyle and the jeans' material.

If you lead an active life or your jeans are exposed to dirt and sweat, you might lean toward the lower end of that range.

Wearing your jeans occasionally and gently, on the other hand, makes it possible to extend the time between washes.

It’s worth noting that less, if often more when it comes to laundering denim. In case they smell weird, airing the pairs out would help. Or, spot cleaning is always a good idea when needed. 

All of this will make your jeans remain fresh between cleansing sessions. 

By washing them only when necessary, you maintain their quality and extend their healthy life, making them a timeless piece in your closet. 

Are You Falling for These Jeans Misconceptions?

As popular as it could be, jeans and denims, in general, are surrounded by myths and misconceptions. 

So, let’s debunk some facts straight to take care of this beloved collection.

Myth #1: Never Wash Your Jeans

It's a common misconception that jeans seldom need cleansing. In reality, a regular dose of squeegeeing is essential for both hygiene and the fabric’s condition.

Myth #2: All Jeans Shrink in the Wash

There are various types of jeans, and each of them comes with different characteristics. 

A few types of jeans may shrink due to the fabric’s trait. Besides always using cold water to wash this fabric, air drying will prevent accidental shrinkage.

Myth #3: All You Need is Freezing Your Jeans

Freezing is never equal to washing – keep this in mind. You can neutralize some bacteria types that cause odor by freezing your jeans. 

Yet, it’s not a solution for cleansing those stains or even stubborn dirt. Consider freezing as a quick fix for odors but not a replacement for a good wash.

By adopting and implementing the right methods, your favorite garments will always remain in top-notch condition.

Get to Know Your Denim Fabrics

Which denim type do you have at home? Do you know how to handle each of your collections correctly? 

Well, we’ve curated several of the most common types of jeans materials. Check out which one you have at home to ensure the best service for each.

1. Classic Blue Denim

  • Characteristics: Traditional blue warp and white weft threads create that classic jeans look.
  • Pros: Highly durable, versatile, and ages gracefully with a unique fade pattern.
  • Cons: While durable, it requires several wears to loosen the fabrics – it’s a bit stiff initially.


2. Raw Denim


  • Characteristics: Untreated and unwashed after dyeing, giving a crisp, rigid feel.
  • Pros: Molds to your body shape, creating personalized fading.
  • Cons: Requires time to break in and can bleed color easily.


3. Stretch Denim


  • Characteristics: Blended with elastane for stretch and comfort.
  • Pros: Offers flexibility, perfect for skinny or form-fitting styles.
  • Cons: Less durable compared to other denim types on the list. Prone to shifting shape due to wear and tear.


4. Selvedge Denim


  • Characteristics: Produced on old-style shuttle looms, selvedge denim has a clean edge and tightly woven fabric.
  • Pros: Comes with top-notch quality and durability.
  • Cons: Often more expensive and can feel stiff initially.


5. Acid-Wash Denim


  • Characteristics: Chemically washed to achieve a bleached, mottled look.
  • Pros: Soft, comfortable, and offers a unique, retro aesthetic.
  • Cons: Less durable, and the chemical process can weaken the fabric.


Regardless of the type, should you dry jeans inside out? Absolutely, yes. This simple act causes a huge impact: 

maintaining its original color while shading the fabric from the harshness of the sun or the tumble of the dryer.


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Tackling Stains and Odors: Pre-Wash Care for Your Jeans

Even though jeans are sturdy, robust, and durable, they’re not immune to odors and stains. 

Thus, before tossing them into the machine or anything you use for cleaning them, our jeans washing guide is worth adopting. These steps help tackle most pre-wash issues without compromising the fabric.

1. Addressing Stains Effectively

Take immediate actions so that the stains won’t stay long and even harder to tackle. Spot cleaning, for instance, is the most effective way while being a gentle gesture to address stains. 

Make sure that you keep dabbing instead of rubbing.

  • Gentle Treatment: Use a soft touch with a mild detergent or stain remover. Remember, dabbing is key – avoid rubbing.
  • Eco-Friendly Alternatives: For an environmentally conscious choice, a paste of baking soda and water works wonders on oil stains, while white vinegar is excellent for organic stains.

2. Banishing Odors

Continuous wear can eventually make your jeans throw some funny smell. In addition to airing them out, using a fabric freshener would help.

  • Vinegar Soak Solution: Soak the jeans in a mix of cold water and white vinegar. This home remedy combats smell effectively while being a denim-friendly solution.
  • Freeze Away Bacteria: Or, set aside a space in your freezer for your jeans. Prepare a plastic bag for your favorite collection and leave them overnight to wash off the odor.


3. General Pre-Wash Tips for Washing Denim

Despite the issue, always turn your jeans inside out in the first place. You want the color to stay original and not fade. By flipping them, the fabric texture is also maintained. 

Re-check your pockets and make sure nothing is left behind. Otherwise, be ready to get damaged jeans.

Cleansing Your Jeans and How They Turn Out

The best way to wash jeans is by using cold water and mild detergent. But no solution fits for all. 

Other than that, the way you cleanse and detox your pairs is not the only thing that you should pay attention to. The method you choose for draining them will make an impact – a big one. 

Handwashing vs Machine Washing for Long-Lasting Jeans

When pondering how to clean jeans at home, the debate between handwashing and machine washing takes center stage.

Handwashing, with its gentle touch, stands out as the guardian against vanishing and wear, making it an ideal choice for those who treasure their denim's vibrant color and sturdy feel. 

However, it's not without its drawbacks – the process can be time-intensive and less convenient for the bustling lifestyle.

Conversely, washing with a laundry machine is the great answer to tackle stubborn stains in regular laundry. However, the vigorous action of technology, while effective, can also hasten the fading and wear of your beloved jeans. 

More than anything, it’s a reminder that this convenient option comes with its own set of cautions.


Ensuring the Vibrancy

Your jeans will stay shining, shimmering, and spending if you make the right move in this section. 

First of all, the right detergent. Second of all, the water temperature. Otherwise, these legendary collections may lose their charms.


  • When it comes to washing jeans without fading, harsh chemicals play a huge role. So, find a detergent or solvent that comes with a ‘mild’ label.
  • Some manufacturers have created specific formulas for denim, though – this is your best bet.
  • Another way to not accidentally bleach your jeans is by choosing a color-safe solvent. Meanwhile, eco-friendly options introduce gentler touches to your denim collections.
  • Do not overuse the cleaner agent. We support less is more!
  • High temperatures will discolor your jeans without you knowing it. While good for removing heavy soil, only use it temporarily.

Handling with care – your sturdy jeans need a gentle touch, too, and it shouldn’t need to be difficult, after all. Just pick the right cleansing agent and let them soak in cold water. 

Drying after Washing: The Best Practices

Owning a pair of jeans will train you to maintain the appeal, condition, and integrity of your favorite pairs, and the air-drying jeans method is the champion.

To get the best result on this method, make sure you have ample access to excellent air circulation. 

Whether you’re going to lay them flat or hang them, smooth out any wrinkles in the first place. Why? It minimizes your effort later.

In case you prefer a time-efficient option, using a dryer is your ultimate choice. 

But do jeans shrink in the dryer? 

Unfortunately, yes. Everything is caused by the high heat. 

So, what should you do if technology is the only option you have right now? Go with the lowest and gentlest setting. After that, make interruptions even when the cycle is still on while the jeans are still damp.

Or, you can try this creative alternative that might work: the towel-roll method. Put the pairs on a clean fabric, roll them up to absorb excess moisture, and then unroll them for final air-drying.

Regardless of the method, make sure that you don’t let the pairs hang freely under the direct sunlight – they’re not best friends, though. Keeping them protected and shaded counter discoloration and maintain buoyancy. 

Also, direct sunlight breaks the fiber in a bad way.

The Final Touch in Denim Maintenance

Just because you’ve done cleansing and detoxing, the process stops. 

The post-wash treatment is as necessary as the entire previous process. It ensures that your heavy-duty pairs get the best care they deserve. 

Optimal Storage for Longevity

The fault in attaching your denim collections is such a catastrophe. Experts recommend putting pressure on the waistband. 

This is not just protecting them from shape-shifting but also allowing them to drape properly. 

You don’t want to create any creases? 

Folding is the answer.

How you drape your jeans should be followed by a clean yet spacious storage room. They need space to breathe, after all – similar to humans somehow. 

Providing ample space to store your jeans helps to minimize wrinkles while keeping mold and funny odors at bay. Stay away from humid space, though. 

Wrinkle-Free Solutions

What if you’ve provided an adequate space, but wrinkles still haunt your denim collections? 

After learning how to dry jeans properly, having a steamer or iron in hand will help you a lot.

It’s worth noting that ironing is only great if necessary. Also, ensure that you set at a low heat setting while applying the heat inside out when pressing the iron. 

Steamer, on the other hand, is your flamboyant companion. 

It helps free out wrinkles and relaxes the fibers while keeping harsh contacts at bay.

Choosing from the Perfect Jeans Drying Racks Suggestions

One of the act-of-love gestures that you can do to your collections is by following the right – and make-a-sense – denim care instructions. How you dry them, for instance, makes all the difference. 

And here's where the Philips Smart Laundry Rack truly shines. This innovative tool is much more than a simple rack. It’s foldable and collapsible, which fits seamlessly into your home in spite of the space size.

Additionally, this smart solution is an energy-efficient champion that offers a sustainable drying solution that uses far less energy than traditional tumble dryers.

Having a good combination of washing your jeans and drying them properly ensures that you’ve done your best at taking good care of your denim. 

To complete the entire thing, go with the smart laundry rack from Philips. 

By that, each time you learn how to wash and dry jeans properly, it takes you to do all of those tasks with the utmost efficiency and love.





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