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The Best Smart Locks for Sliding Doors

The Best Smart Locks for Sliding Doors
calendarAugust 15, 2023

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"Can I put a smart lock on a sliding door?" This question is one of the questions that often haunt sliding door owners because, in general, smart locks are only available for swing doors. But things have changed; today, you can easily find the best smart locks for sliding door.

Many modern homes are opting for sliding doors due to their convenience and stylish appearance. They offer a smooth flow between indoor and outdoor areas and are perfect for homes with limited space. 

However, finding a smart lock suitable for sliding doors can be difficult, as most options are designed for swing doors.

With the progress of technology, there are now numerous options for smart locks made specifically for sliding doors.

Are you looking for a suggestion?

Here are some recommendations for smart locks for sliding doors: 


1. Kaiser Door Plus


Looking for a smart door lock for your sliding door? Well, Kaiser Door Plus is one of the best digital door locks Singapore.
As the best smart door lock, one of its advantages is that this lock uses a Rim Lock. This type of lock is mounted on the surface of the door and locks into a bracket attached to the door frame. The advantage of this type of lock is that it can be installed without disassembling or replacing the door.
Not only for entrance door use, this kind of smart lock is also known as the best balcony sliding door lock Singapore since you can use it to secure your patio sliding door.

More information for this lock:

  • 4 Modes Unlocked Systems: fingerprint, PIN code, card, remote control.
  • No Handle
  • Auto Lock
  • Randomizer PINs
  • Mute-to-Silence Mode

The distance between the door and the gate is at least 8 cm.
Get the Kaiser Door Plus HOZ Digital Lock for only $499. This offer includes a two-year warranty and professional installation services for your smart lock.


2. Super Slim Smart Mortise Lock (SDL-SS1)

What is a good lock for a sliding door?

One of the smart sliding door locks you can try is Super Slim from Smart Door Lock Australia.

This smart lock adopts a mortise lock system, which is a lock system that is embedded directly in the door body. Therefore, the appearance of this smart lock tends to be slim and doesn't take up much space.
It is important to note that the Super Slim system utilizes a two-bolt mortise, which consists of two locking bolts that effectively secure the door. This enhances the security of the system significantly.

More information about this lock:


  • This lock offers multiple accesses: keypad, fingerprint, Fob, Bluetooth access lock, Wifi access lock, and also mechanical key.
  • User capacity: 200 fingerprints, 150 PIN codes, and 200 keycards.
  • Power usage from the battery with a life span of up to 10 months.
  • You can reverse it to fit a sliding door with a left or right handle.


Door Thickness: 40 mm - 60 mm3.


3. Lockey Digital 2500 Mechanical Keyless

Do they make smart locks for sliding glass doors? Can you put a smart lock on a glass door?

Yes, some companies make smart lock products for sliding glass doors, and yes, you can put smart locks on a glass door.

As the name suggests, the Lockey Digital 2500 Mechanical Keyless sliding door smart lock does not use a key to access it. You can only open this smart lock from the outside by entering a PIN code, while to open it from the inside, you only need to turn a round knob.

This sliding glass door smart lock is designed specifically for sliding glass doors and uses a hook-bolt lock system. When you turn the lever from the inside or lock it from the outside, a hook-shaped bolt will turn up and secure the door onto the door frame, preventing it from slipping or accidentally opening. 

For further details about this lock, please see below:


  • This smart lock is crafted from zinc-plated steel and coated with stainless steel, making it weather-resistant. You can utilize the lock for both interior and exterior purposes.
  • Available in many color variants: black, bronze, white, chrome, and also silver.


  • Door Thickness: 1.2 inches - 2 inches


4. Gateman G-Touch

What is a good lock for a sliding glass door? If you need another recommendation for your glass sliding door, consider Gateman G-Touch.
This lock utilizes a rim lock system. In this system, the lock is applied to the door surface and securely locks into the bracket on the door frame.
This sliding glass door digital lock boasts a sleek, contemporary, and slim design. If you favor a minimalistic or modern aesthetic, this smart lock could be perfect for your glass sliding door.

More information about this lock:

  • You can access the key via PIN code (up to 30 PIN codes), card (4 pcs), and also remote control (max 20 meters).
  • Power from batteries.
  • Matte black look.
  • Requirements:
  • Door Thickness: 35 - 65 mm.


5. AU Smart Locks - Slim Series Smart Door Lock

The next option for a smart lock sliding door is the Slim Series Smart Door Lock from AU Smart Locks. This intelligent lock utilizes a mortise locking system, ensuring that it is integrated into the door, maintaining a sleek and tidy appearance.

One of the primary benefits of this intelligent lock is its auto-locking capability, meaning that the door will automatically lock when it's closed. Additionally, there's an emergency power supply feature that serves as a backup power source during power outages.

In addition, this smart door lock is crafted from stainless steel, providing robust protection against external elements. Moreover, this smart lock is suitable for aluminum and wooden doors.

More information about this lock:

  • Six ways access: fingerprint, PIN code, WIFI app access, mechanical key, Bluetooth app access, and card.
  • Suitable for wooden and aluminum doors.
  • Available in black and silver color variations.


  • Door Thickness: 30 - 80 mm.

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6. Gateman G-Swipe

The next option from all of the smart door locks for sliding doors on the list is Gateman G-Swipe. 

This smart lock utilizes a biometric lock system, specifically fingerprint recognition. It can store up to 20 fingerprints for access control.

Additionally, you have the option to use a PIN code or remote control (with a maximum range of 20 meters) for entry.
This smart lock has excellent security features, including alarms that alert you to suspicious activity or fire. Additionally, it also has an auto-lock setting that automatically unlocks the door when it's closed.

More information about this lock:

  • This smart lock uses power from a battery.
  • There is an English voice guide.
  • Chrome color display.


  • Door Thickness: 35 - 65 mm.


7. Slim - Smart Mortise Lock (SDL-S2)

Can you put a keyless entry on a sliding door? Yes, you can! This smart door lock is keyless, and to open it, you can use either fingerprint, card, PIN code, and Bluetooth or wifi access app.

What about the lock system?

In detail, this smart door lock uses a mortise lock system, making it look neater and slimmer than most other smart locks.

Regarding the type of door material, this particular smart door lock is best suited for use on wood, metal, and aluminum doors. It cannot be used on glass doors.

More information about this lock:

  • Power uses a battery that can last up to 10 months.
  • User capacity: 200 fingerprints, 150 PIN codes, and 200 keycards.
  • You can reverse the smart lock to match the sliding door with the left or right handle.
  • A passage mode feature regulates the door to remain open for a certain period of time when there are guests or office needs.


  • Door Thickness: 35 mm - 55 mm.


8. Specter D1 Smart Lock

The Specter D1 Smart Lock is another option for those of you looking for a smart lock for a slim and modern sliding door. When you install this smart lock, you won't have to worry about making your door look bulky because it comes with a mortise lock system.
The main advantage of this smart lock is its smart code feature. If someone needs a PIN code, you can generate it remotely. Additionally, you can choose the code's validity period - whether it should be for one-time use, permanent, or recurring.
More information about this lock:

  • This lock operates using a rechargeable battery as its power source.
  • There are five available options for unlocking: fingerprint recognition, swipe card, PIN code, Bluetooth access app, and emergency key.
  • Has a low battery alert feature.


9. Sylvan SL36E Smart Sliding Door Locks

You can access this smart door in four different ways: fingerprints (up to 200), PIN codes (up to 150), cards (up to 150), and key override.
This product has the advantage of being rated IP66 for weather resistance. This means it is suitable for use in humid or dusty environments, as well as for outdoor installation or in places exposed to external weather.

  • More information about this lock:
  • This smart lock operates on battery power.
  • Available in black and also silver.
  • The lock system uses a mortise.


  • Door Thickness: 35 - 65 mm.


10. Yale YDR41A

The Yale YDR41A is a smart door lock that uses the Rim Lock key system. Its unique vertical bolt mechanism is locked on both sides, making it highly secure against break-in attempts. With this smart lock, you can rest assured that your door is safely protected.

One of the benefits of using this smart door lock is the added security it offers through integration with your smartphone. By using the dedicated smartphone app, you can receive real-time notifications if there's any activity at your door.

More information about this lock:

  • This lock uses various access options: fingerprints (up to 100), smartphones, PIN codes (4-10 digits), and also remote control.
  • There is a notification when the door is unlocked.
  • Suitable for wooden doors.
  • Available in black.


  • Door Thickness: 35 - 70 mm.


11. Lockey 2500KO Mechanical Digital Sliding Door Lock With Key Override

The Lockey 2500KO is a unique digital mechanical door lock that is specifically designed for sliding doors, patio doors, and sliding gates. This lock provides a convenient keyless security solution, utilizing a PIN code of 2-5 digits for main access. A manual key can also be used as an alternative in an emergency.

One fascinating feature of this digital lock is its mode of operation. It functions without requiring cables, batteries, or electricity, which makes it a sustainable and eco-friendly choice.
More information about this lock:

  • You can adjust the lock installation to match the sliding door with the left or right handle.
  • Weather resistant.
  • Installed above the glass door.
  • Lock system: mortise lock.


  • Door Thick: 1,3 to 2 inches or fits up to 3 inches with an extension kit


12. E-LOK 7-Series Snib for Sliding Doors

Here's another choice for sliding doors: the E-LOK 7-Series Snib. It has an IP55 Weather Rating so it can be used outside without worry. This rating means it's resistant to dust and water.
Similar to other slim-designed smart locks, this particular one also utilizes a mortise locking system that doesn't occupy too much space. 

You can access this smart lock in four ways: PIN code, fingerprints, card, mechanical key, and app unlock.

More information about this lock:

  • Available in black option.
  • Power uses a battery.


  • Door Thickness: 30 - 70mm
  • Those are some smart lock recommendations that you can use for sliding doors. It's important to ensure the safety of your sliding doors, and modern solutions such as using smart locks can be a smart choice.
  • Smart locks for sliding doors not only provide convenient access control but also enhance protection.

Want to switch to a smart lock for extra protection for your sliding door, but you are confused about where to buy a sliding door lock? No need to worry! You can get the best smart locks for sliding doors, swing, glass, and gate doors at HOZ with the best deal. 





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