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Unveiling the Diversity: Various Types of Door Locks

Unveiling the Diversity: Various Types of Door Locks
calendarAugust 12, 2023

Best Digital Lock Singapore - When it comes to home security, one of the first lines of defense is a reliable door lock. With the advancement of technology and innovation, various types of door locks are now available to suit different security needs and preferences.

How many types of door locks are there?

In terms of self-use, there are about seven different types of door locks, with each type offering its own set of benefits and drawbacks. So it's essential to do your research before deciding which door locks you will use for your needs.

Whether you're looking for traditional options or high-tech solutions, here are some of the most common types of door locks with pictures:


How do you protect a door from burglars? The adoption of a lock as a precautionary measure is the obvious response to this question. Now, one of the locks that you can use as a door guard is the deadbolt lock.

Deadbolts lock is one of the types of security door locks that offer the most effective protection against intruders and robberies. Unlike any other lock, this lock is mounted separately from the door handle. Thieves often attempt to open things with a knife blade, but this item is designed to resist such attempts.

Deadbolts are one of the best wooden door lock types because the wood material is hard, making it difficult to punch holes. For optimal security, using deadbolts in combination with wood doors is recommended.


  • A Single-Cylinder Deadbolt

This type of door has a bolt that can only be opened with a key on one side and a rotary handle on the other.

You can safely use this type of lock on doors that are not located within 40 inches or one meter of a window. If thieves break the window next to the door, they can easily open it by turning the handle inside. This is why having a proper lock for every door is essential.


  • A Double Cylinder Deadbolt

This lock requires a key to unlock the door from both sides. This lock provides a higher level of security because even if a thief manages to shatter the glass around the lock, they won't be able to open the door without the key.


  • Touchpad Deadbolt Lock

The touchpad deadbolt lock is a contemporary innovation that can be operated without a physical key. You can unlock the bolt using a numeric code or an access card.


Knob Locks

Of all types of locks, the next one is knob locks. The design of knob locks is straightforward. It typically includes a handle for accessing and securing the door, with the lock mechanism concealed within the handle.
This locking mechanism is operated by turning the handle or the key in the center of the handle. People often use this kind of lock on interior doors like bedrooms or bathrooms.

This lock type may not be as secure for exterior doors due to its limited security level. Knob locks are susceptible to burglary techniques like lock picking among the various types of locks.

Lever Handles

Talking about the types of door locks for homes is incomplete without a hand lever lock. Lever handles can be easily operated by pushing the lever downwards. You can choose from two types of lever handles - one with a safety lock and one without.

The one without a safety key is a type commonly used for indoor purposes, such as in classrooms or meeting rooms. On the other hand, locks with security features are typically utilized for rooms requiring a higher level of security.

One of the main advantages of lever handles locks is their greater accessibility, especially for those with disabilities. These locks are more accessible to operate than knob locks, making them suitable for the elderly or people with disabilities.

Of all the types of door locks for aluminum doors, this type of lever handle is the type of lock most often used on aluminum doors.



Padlocks are essential in securing your valuables and keeping them safe from theft. People use these versatile locks for everything from lockers to sheds to gates. It also comes in various shapes and sizes to fit any need.

You can find this lock in countless variations, operated through the use of keys, numbered dials, push buttons, and even electronic means. This kind of lock has been created with several layers of security. Range from extremely low to those that carry high-security ratings and can be very difficult to open.


Padlock Types:

  • Key Padlock

This type of padlock is the most commonly used by people. This particular padlock necessitates the use of a physical key in order to open it. In most cases, after inserting the key and unlocking the lock, you cannot remove the key unless you lock it again.

  • Combination Padlock

If a keyed padlock uses a key to open it, this type uses a combination of numbers or letters as access to open it. Many people generally use this type to lock lockers or bicycles in public places.

  • Circular Padlock

This padlock features a tightly rounded design, giving it a higher level of security than any other padlock. Just like the keyed padlock, this type also uses a key for access.

One of the most important things to consider when choosing a padlock is the level of security it provides. When searching for padlocks, choose those with hardened steel shackles and bodies. These types of padlocks are more resistant to being cut or broken open.

Another factor to consider is the size of the padlock. Big padlocks may provide greater security, but they may also be more cumbersome to use. On the other hand, smaller padlocks may be more convenient but may not offer the same level of security as larger ones.

Choosing a weather-resistant padlock is also important, especially if you plan to use it outdoors. It's essential to check for padlocks made with rust-resistant materials and coatings. It will ensure that they continue to work correctly, even after exposure to sun or rain.

Mortise Lock

What kind of door lock is most secure for commercial use, you ask? Well, unlike other types of door locksets, mortise lock is known for its high strength and superior security.

Why is that? In use, the mortise lock is installed inside the door frame, making it more difficult for someone to break or damage it.

With this type of lock's high level of security, mortise locks are a common choice for people to use in commercial and residential environments. This is particularly important for locations that require the highest level of protection.
The mortise lock is one of the most common of all types of sliding glass door locks. They can be concealed within the sliding door's compartment, preserving the streamlined appearance that sliding doors are renowned for.

Types of mortise locks:

  • Deadlatch

Deadlatch mortise is a lock that automatically locks when the door is closed. This type of lock uses a key from the outside and a rotary lever from the inside to open it again.
Most people install this deadlatch mortise lock on important room doors that are not often accessed, for example, a valuable storage room.

  • Deadlocks

Like the deadlatch, this lock will also lock automatically when the door is closed. If you can open the deadlatch with the rotary lever from the inside, you can only open this type of lock with the key.
There are numerous varieties of mortice locks, the most common one being three levers and five levers. The number of levers in a mortise lock system determines the number of locks or levers present. As a general rule, the more levers a mortise lock has, the higher the level of security it offers.

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Chain Locks


The chain lock is one type of additional lock that many people use on doors to provide an extra level of security. This type of lock consists of a chain connected to a door frame and a unique handle. The chain lock is usually in a room such as a hotel room or the entrance of a house.

For security purposes, this type of lock allows you to open the door only as far as the length of the chain. Generally, the length of the chain is not more than 10 cm.


Digital Lock


When considering advancements in modern times, the best type of door locks to utilize would be smart locks. A digital lock is a type of lock that uses intelligent technology to control access to either a house or a building.
This type of lock combines the capabilities of a traditional lock function with wireless connectivity and smart features. This lock offers advanced features such as a remote control and security cameras to keep your place safe. 

Here are the different types of security door locks that fall into the digital lock category:

  • Bluetooth Lock

This type of digital lock utilizes Bluetooth as its network to regulate entry to the door, as the name implies. With the help of the Bluetooth system, the user can send a signal to the door to lock or unlock it via a BLE device such as a tablet or smartphone.
One drawback of this particular smart lock is its limited Bluetooth range, which may result in a signal loss at any given time. Typically, the Bluetooth range is effective up to 10 meters.

  • Wi-Fi Smart Lock

Like Bluetooth, the Wi-Fi lock also has a remote control function. The advantage of Wi-Fi in this lock system is that there are no distance limitations. The process will work just fine as long as the smart device and smart lock are connected to the internet network.

  • Biometric Smart Lock

A biometric smart lock is a type of smart lock that uses a biometric recognition feature to control access to the door. This means the lock recognizes an individual's unique physical characteristics, such as fingerprints, face, or even eyes, to open the door.

Generally, if your characteristics match the existing biometric data, the lock will be unlocked automatically. This smart lock system provides access to you or to any other individuals who have registered in the system.

  • Keypad or Pin Code Smart Lock

Next is a keypad smart lock. A keypad smart lock is a type of smart lock that comes equipped with a digital keypad. This keypad allows you to enter a numeric code to open the door easily.

A drawback of using this digital lock is the need to remember the access code in order to unlock the door. Additionally, if someone else has knowledge of the code, they can effortlessly gain entry without requiring a physical key.
In order to avoid this problem, picking a secure password that is difficult for other people to decipher is necessary.

  • Radio Frequency Identification Smart Lock

Shortly, this kind of digital lock is a type of door lock that uses RFID technology to control access to the door. RFID is a method of automatically identifying and storing data using radio waves.

Digital lock technology uses RFID to read a card that serves as a key to grant access to a door. People often use this technology for hotel rooms or offices.


If you are interested in using a digital door as a security system at home, you can consider a variety of digital lock products from HOZ. Numerous digital locks are available with different designs to meet your specific needs. Consider using the HOZ as your security partner for a safer and more convenient future.


Your door lock is your first line of defense. Before you lock it in, lock in your knowledge by researching the best option for your security needs.


Final Verdict

Selecting the right door lock is a critical decision to ensure the security of your home or business. Each type of lock discussed in this article offers unique features and benefits, catering to different security needs and preferences.
By understanding these options, you can make an informed choice to effectively protect your property and loved ones. Remember, a well-chosen door lock is an investment in peace of mind and security.


Those are some of the most common types of door locks people use, with how door locks work of each kind. Hopefully, the discussion about types of door locks has provided you with a clearer understanding of the options available.





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