Top 4 Digital Locks for Glass Doors

October 31, 2022

Electronic locking systems are widely used these days because they provide greater convenience, better security, and lower installation costs compared to conventional deadbolt mechanisms. However, it can be difficult to find reliable and precise digital locks for sliding glass doors that are commonly used for patio doors. While sliding glass doors make an attractive focal point in your home, they can also present a number of security challenges. Unlike traditional wooden or steel doors, sliders do not provide much physical resistance against forced entry which makes it imperative for homeowners to implement a secure smart lock that can tackle this issue effectively.

Hoz provides smart home solutions that place a great importance on security. To help you better safeguard your property, we have created a list of the top four digital locks for glass doors that you can refer to when choosing a suitable electronic lock for your home.


The WEZPRO Glass smart lock is great for sliding glass doors with its high-tech access features such as fingerprint recognition, PIN code and RFID card. It has a swift detection of less than half a second and an automatic lock function that will add convenience to your daily routine. It also has a sleek and simple design that will complement your glass door without looking too bulky, elevating the design of your home entrance. With a PIN randomiser that generates numbers in random order every time you are required to enter your access code, prying strangers would not be able to guess what you’ve entered on the keypad. Designed specially for doors made of glass, the secure electronic lock also offers an optional double door bracket for double glass doors.

Igloohome Digital Lock RG1-01

Another excellent digital lock for your glass door is the Igloohome Digital Lock RG1-01. Apart from its four unlocking methods, it also provides superior security with an obstruction, anti-tamper and intrusion alarm, the ability to track your access history, a security lockout feature that activates after incorrect passcode attempts, and many more functions. With this smart lock on your sliding glass doors, achieve reassurance every time you leave your home, whether it’s for five minutes or five hours.

Kaiser Glass Lite

The Kaiser Glass Lite electronic lock is more than capable of keeping your glass doors safe from unauthorised access. It has a PIN randomiser and automatic lock function that can give you peace of mind, along with three unlocking methods, including a remote control. Engineered specifically for glass doors, this smart lock also comes with a double door bracket for double glass doors. If you’re looking for a digital lock that can enhance the design and safety of your home, the Kaiser Glass Lite might just be the right fit for you.

Kaiser Glass Pro

Last but not least, we have the Kaiser Glass Pro digital lock that comes with three access modes. Precisely engineered and innovated to give you outstanding security, you cannot go wrong with this option. It has a PIN randomiser, swift detection, and an automatic locking feature that will give you the convenience you need without compromising on safety. In the event of a fire breakout, the smart lock will also automatically unlock your glass door when the temperature reaches over 65 degrees celsius. This allows trusted neighbours or the fire department to easily access your home in order to prevent further damage. With a double door lock for double glass doors, this reliable and stylish electronic lock will make the perfect addition to your glass doors at home.

Choose Hoz for All Your Security Needs

At Hoz, we strive to deliver innovation through integrating the best smart home solutions with the right resources that fit your needs best. Whether you’re looking for a digital lock for your glass door or your main gate, we’ve got you covered. Contact us today for more information and secure your home with us today.

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