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Types of Commercial Door Locks: Security and Reliability in the Business World

Types of Commercial Door Locks: Security and Reliability in the Business World
calendarOctober 6, 2023

Digital Lock - A crucial element in the business sector is security.


The sort of commercial door lock that is employed is one of the crucial components in preserving security. 

Commercial door locks guarantee that company assets and information are kept secure and offer protection against unlawful access. 

The several types of commercial door locks that are available, as well as the benefits and drawbacks of each type, will be covered in this article. 

Types of Commercial Door Locks
Without further ado, here are the different types of commercial door locks that you should know.


1. Cylinder Lock 


The cylinder lock is one of the most widely used types of commercial door locks. This lock operates by placing a key into the lock cylinder containing a plate that matches the collision. 

Single-cylinder locks and double-cylinder locks are the two basic varieties of cylinder locks.

There are two different kinds of cylinder locks, specifically

Single-cylinder locks: This type of lock only features a locking mechanism on one side of the door, while the other side has a keyless handle.  

When it is necessary to open the door from the inside swiftly, this type is frequently used on shop or office front doors. 

Double Cylinder Locks: Double cylinder locks require the usage of both the inside and outside of the door to open the door since they include a locking mechanism on both sides of the door. 

However, if the keys are misplaced or locked in the room, this could provide an issue.


2. Electronic Lock

Due to their excellent security and simplicity of use, electronic locks are becoming more and more common in the commercial world. One must employ electronic technology to unlock a door with an electronic lock, such as an access card or PIN number.

Examples of electronic locks are:

  • TheAccess Card Lock

To unlock the door, a specific card must be tapped or slid over a reader. It is frequently utilized in accommodations such as hotels, convention halls, or office buildings where entry is restricted. 

  • PIN Code Lock

With this lock, you can unlock the door by keying in a specified numerical code on the keypad. To increase security, the code might be modified occasionally. This kind is frequently used in server rooms or other locations requiring extreme security.


3. Master Key

A business door lock with a master key enables one key to open multiple doors. 

This is particularly helpful for large or complicated enterprises with numerous entrances that need to be accessible by numerous personnel. 

You can find two types of master locks:

  • Grand Master Lock

All doors in a building or complex can be opened with the Grand Master Lock key. Only the owner or senior manager often receives this.

  • Area Master Lock

Several doors inside a specific area or division can be opened using the Area Master Lock key. Managers of specific areas or departments can now access all of the entries in that area.


4. Access Control Lock 

Access level settings can be made at a very fine level with access control locks, which are a more complex security solution. Locks with access control features can be used in a professional context to regulate who has access to what places at certain times.

Access control lock has two types:

  • Electronic Access Control Locks

These devices can be managed by software and give business owners the ability to arrange access times, keep track of logins, and send security alerts. 

  • Biometric Locks

Biometric locks require distinctive identification, such as a fingerprint or retinal scan, to grant access. One of the safest lock kinds available is this one.


5. Fire Resistant Door Lock

Security at the workplace includes safeguarding people's lives and property and protecting assets and data. To stop the spread of fire, fire door locks are specially created to adhere to high safety standards.

An electronic fireproof door lock can be utilized for fireproof doors that need to have limited access. Large commercial structures like hotels or shopping malls frequently use them.


6. Automatic Door Lock 

Automatic door locks are gaining popularity in the commercial setting as we move into the current era of technology. This lock combines automation and sensor technologies for access management to specific locations. 

These are a few examples of frequently used automated door locks:

  • Sliding Door Locks

In businesses and big shopping malls, sliding door locks are fairly chosen. In response to an approaching person, they enable the door to open and close automatically. As a result of less air loss, this makes using the product more comfortable and may also increase energy efficiency. 

  • Turnstile Lock

Another name for this type of lock is the revolving door. You can find it at the entrance of large buildings such as hotels or retail centers. 

The purpose of its use is to control the flow of heavy traffic and to make it easier for users who want to enter with large luggage or objects.


7. High-Security Lock 

Some firms demand extremely strong security standards, especially if they are keeping assets or sensitive data on hand. A unique kind of business door lock termed a "high-security lock" is frequently employed in such circumstances.
There are two types, namely:

  • Magnetic Door Locks

To restrict access, magnetic door locks use a magnetic field. Since there are no mechanical components to break into, they are incredibly challenging to break into. They are a secure option for storing valuables because of this. 

  • Abloy Lock

This is a well-known brand of lock that offers a high level of security. This type uses rotating disk technology to open the door. This type of Abloy key can be found in research facilities, military installations, or data centers.


8. Environmentally Friendly Commercial Door Locks 

There are other varieties of commercial door locks made with the environment's impact in mind in an effort to maintain a sustainable business. These door locks are frequently called green locks or eco-friendly door locks; they are:

  • Door Locks Made of Recycled Materials

To lessen their environmental impact, some commercial door lock manufacturers increasingly use recycled materials, such as aluminum or steel. 

This reduces waste and the use of priceless natural resources.

  • Energy-Efficient Automatic Door Locks

The automatic door locks that are developed with energy efficiency in mind can assist in decreasing electrical power consumption and make a company's energy use more sustainable.

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How to Choose The Best Commercial Door Lock


Making the proper commercial door lock selection is crucial to preserving the security and dependability of your company. The choice of lock relies on the particular security and access requirements, and each lock type has pros and cons of its own.
It's crucial to consider these vital factors while choosing the right kind of commercial door lock:

1. Security 

When selecting a type of commercial door lock, security is the most crucial consideration. You must make sure that your company's door is sufficiently protected from hacking attempts or unwanted entry. 

Electronic locks and biometric locks can provide a high level of protection. 

2. Ease of Use 

A business door's ease of use is also crucial, especially if numerous people use it. Without the need to carry numerous physical keys, entry can be made easier with electronic locks that use a PIN code or access card system. 

3. Business Scale 

The size of your company should also be taken into account. To effectively monitor access, larger organizations with several entrances may require a more complex system of master locks or access control locks.
4. Security Standards 

Verify that the type of lock you select conforms with the security requirements in your location. This can include industry safety standards or particular laws that are relevant to your line of work. 

5. Budget 

The final factor to take into account is the budget. Some commercial door lock types, such as electronic locks and cylinder locks, may need a larger initial investment than others. In order to secure your company, you need to keep in mind that security is a crucial investment. 


Example Usage of Commercial Door Locks

The following are some examples of the use of commercial door locks: 

1. Hotels

To grant entry to guest rooms, hotels use commercial door locks, such as electronic card locks. This offers a high level of protection and makes controlling guest access simple. 

2. Restaurants

Commercial door locks are used by restaurants to restrict staff or patron access to a certain dining space or storage area when those areas are more exclusive or have limited access. 

3. Corporate Offices

Businesses typically utilize commercial door locks, including mortise locks or smart card locks, to secure certain offices or locations that store sensitive data or expensive equipment.

4. Retail Stores

Retail firms typically utilize commercial door locks to impose access restrictions on warehouses or storage areas that contain priceless products.

5. Gyms

Gyms and medical institutions typically use commercial door locks, in particular panic door locks, to enable safe egress in an emergency.

6. Shopping Centers

Large retail complexes frequently use computerized commercial door locks to restrict access to underground parking lots, main entrances, and specific areas.
7. Apartment and Condo Buildings

A common feature of contemporary apartment and condo buildings is the installation of electronic commercial door lock systems, which give residents entry to their buildings and apartments via an access card or code. 

8. Airports

Airports utilize a variety of commercial door locks to control access to vital locations like runways, operations hubs, and safes for valuables. 

The aforementioned examples all highlight the significance of different commercial door locks in protecting different commercial premises and offering effective access control.


How to Maintenance Commercial Door Locks

Maintaining commercial door locks is important in ensuring optimal safety and performance. Here are some ways to care for commercial door locks:

1. Regular Cleaning

Clean the lock regularly from dust, dirt, or other residue using a soft brush or an air compressor. Use a special lock lubricant to keep the lock mechanism functioning properly.

2. Check and Replace Worn Parts

Check the lock periodically for worn or damaged parts, such as the handle or lock teeth. Replace worn or damaged parts immediately to prevent more serious problems.

3. Avoid Using Locks with Excessive Strength 

Do not force the lock if it is difficult or doesn’t work smoothly. This can damage the lock. Be sure to give the lock user-specific instructions on how to operate it carefully.

4. Electronic Lock Maintenance

Electronic locks need to be powered or have enough batteries. Follow the manufacturer's recommendations while changing the battery. Check and calibrate electronic systems periodically to keep them accurate.

5. Monitoring System

Use a monitoring system where possible to monitor activity using commercial door locks. This helps detect potential issues or hacks.

6. User Training

Provide training to staff or users on the correct way to use commercial door locks. Make sure they understand how to use it safely.

7. Check Lock During Routine Maintenance 

During routine building maintenance, check commercial door locks to ensure they are working properly. Make repairs or replacements if necessary.

8. Note The Treatment History

Make a note of any upkeep or fixes made to commercial door locks. This can help in planning further maintenance.

Regularly maintaining your commercial door locks will extend the life of the lock, reduce the risk of failure, and keep your business safe. 

Be sure to follow the maintenance guidelines provided by the manufacturer of the commercial door lock you use.



A primary concern in a corporate environment is to ensure the security system is working. You can make sure that your company is safe and can operate effectively by choosing the right kind of commercial door lock. Additionally, for the best recommendations based on your company's needs, speak with a security specialist or a locksmith. 

It's crucial to always stay agile with technological advancements and security sector advances when making decisions. Never undervalue the importance of your company's security. 

By choosing the correct type of commercial door lock, you can protect not only your material assets but also your brand and the long-term viability of your business.

Now you know the various types of commercial door locks. Hopefully, the explanation above adds to your insight. Also, read other interesting articles on our blog.





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