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15 Laundry Room Ideas with Clever Storage Strategies and Design Tricks

15 Laundry Room Ideas with Clever Storage Strategies and Design Tricks
calendarDecember 26, 2023

Best Drying Rack - Having your own laundry room in a home might make you feel giddy, especially if you are just finishing building or renovating your home.


However, thinking about the most suitable design and style is indeed quite complicated. Because of that, you should look around for some laundry room ideas. 

Since there are laundry room designs here, you should read this article to completion. You can find around 15 designs with different styles. You can find about 15 scenarios with different styles, each with clever storage strategies and design tricks. So you can adjust it to the nuances and concepts of the home. 

Here are some recommendations just for you! 


Laundry Room Ideas for Small Spaces


Having a small home or apartment is common today, especially for the Millennial and Z generations.

However, the situation should not reduce all the functions and aesthetics of the home. 

For example, there is a laundry room. It is something that many people forget because of insufficient space.

In fact, the existence of this room is essential in your home, especially for tidiness and efficiency purposes. This is because you can put all your dirty clothes, wash them, dry them, and tidy them in one place without dirtying any other rooms. That is why you need a laundry room at home. 

However, sometimes you have a problem because the space is too small. So, you can use those tricks to solve it!
1. Use a Small Machine and Put Them Under The Cabinet

Putting a small washing machine under the cabinet definitely could help you maximize the space. 

So, you only need one cabinet, and that's it. Then, you can store soaps, detergents, clothes, deodorizers, and other washing utensils on top of the cabinet. 

Does a laundry room need a sink? It would be good if there is still a room. You can plant them on the cabinet. 


2. Only Use One Machine

However, if it turns out that the laundry room is still too small for you, you can only use one machine. Just forget about the existence of a drying machine. 

You could use a drying rack instead. Pick the wall-mounted style or the digital one because it would be perfect for a small laundry room.


3. Make A Room in Balcony


If you live in an apartment and/or home with a balcony, you could definitely make a room there. 

This is because laundry rooms on the balcony are becoming more common nowadays.

Having a laundry room outdoors has its own pros and cons. The pros are you do not have to purchase a drying machine. 

Just air-dry them with a hanger or drying racks. However, on winter or cloudy days, this might be a problem. That is why you can consider using digital drying racks.

Classic Laundry Room Ideas 

Apart from those designs, you can also carry classic concepts while making a laundry room, especially if you want to make the room feel elegant with a hint from ancient Greeks or Romans. This concept would be perfect for those who want to build a laundry room indoors. 

Here are some recommendations for the designs just for you! 

1. Use A High Ceiling to Make The More More Spacious 

The first thing you should note is to use a high ceiling, which is similar to the characteristics of a classic house. 

Those ceilings will make the room seem more spacious and elegant, even though the room is not that big. 

Remember to add a sink and cabinets, too, to make it more classic.
Aside from those things, what is normally in a laundry room? Usually, aside from the sink and cabinets, you need a washing machine and a drying machine as well. 
However, you could also use a drying rack, either the folded one or the wall-mounted one. However, the drying racks that fit the classic laundry room the best are the digital ones.
2. Use White as The Dominant Color

The next tip you should consider when building a classic room is using white as the dominant color. It might seem simple; however, did you know that white can increase the room's light and space?

The color also looks harmonious with the classic home's concept, that is often predominantly white.
Installing windows in the room can be a wise choice so that ventilation and lighting in it remain good. 

You can also install a drying rack, especially the digital ones, to make it more spacious.


3. Give a Hint of Marbles to Add a Classic and Elegant Impression

To make it look more classic and elegant, don't forget to hint marbles in the room. For example, you can use it on the surface of the cabinet. 

You can store everything you need to wash clothes on top of that, such as detergents, soaps, etc.
If you are wondering what is a good size for a laundry room, 12 feet wide could be enough. But, in the condition that you have a spacious home. Installing a drying rack, especially a digital one, is also a good idea to fill the space. Not only is it nice to look at, but it also makes your work easier.


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Luxurious Laundry Room Ideas

Who says that a laundry room can't look fancy and luxurious? It will likely happen, especially If your home carries the same concept. However, there is also a way to make it more fancy even though the space is not that big. 

Then, how do you renovate a small laundry room to something more luxurious? You can certainly find some recommendations for a fancy laundry room below here!

1. Try to Use Two-Tone Scheme 

The first thing that you can do is try to use a two-tone scheme in a room, for example, black and white, gray and white, or black and gray. The combination of these three colors gives the impression of luxury. Add some glass ornaments to the room to make it more fancy.
To make it more luxurious, you can add furniture aside from the washing and drying machines. Some furniture in a laundry room that you need are cabinets, detergent, and any other similar items to wash the clothes, iron mats, cabinets, laundry basket, and drying racks. 

There are certainly so many drying racks that you can choose from, but the digital one is definitely perfect for a luxurious room.

2. Use More Spacious Space for The Room 

The next tip to make it more fancy is to use more spacious space. You could fill it with washing machines, cabinets, and furniture such as drying racks. However, only do this if you live in a home with many other people. If you only live alone, then a small room would be enough. 

As a tip, add some windows at the end of the room. If you are wondering, does a laundry room need ventilation? Then the answer is definitely yes. In fact, it would be useless if you used a large room but still did not have enough ventilation there. Aside from that, it also could make the room feel more spacious. 


3. Put a Table in The Middle of the Room

If you are living with more people and use more than one machine, you probably need a table in the middle. The desk can make you do the chores more easily, and it will help increase its aesthetic aspect as well. Obviously, you can make an aesthetic laundry room that looks fancy and luxurious.


Minimalist Laundry Room Ideas

Simple is best. You might already be familiar with that. This is definitely one of the reasons why the minimalist home concept is very popular these days. So, if your home already carries this concept, you can build a minimalist laundry room as well. Here are some recommendations just for you!


1. Make Sure The Room Seems Full, but Not Crowded

The first step is to make sure that the room seems full but not crowded. The method is easy, namely by using only the furniture needed, such as washing machines, cabinets, sinks, etc. You could use a drying machine, but installing a drying rack is not that bad either. Especially if you use the digital one. 

Blending the furniture with your favorite color is also a good idea. It would definitely fit the room into your own aesthetic.


2. Using Woods as Decoration Ornaments and Furniture 

Aside from that, you can also use wood as decoration ornaments and furniture, such as the cabinets if it fits with your aesthetic. Those kinds of furniture are relatively easy to find and definitely beautiful to look at. Especially If your house carries the same concept and you have a lot of wooden furniture.
A dim yellow light might help you liven up the right mood and atmosphere. Installing a drying rack, especially a digital one, might also help.

3. Making a Simple Laundry Corner in The Bathroom 

Sometimes, making a whole new room is not exactly the answer that you are seeking. So, if there is no room ba So, if there is no new room, you probably can make a minimalist laundry corner in the bathroom. It is simple and relatively easy to do. 

You only need a washing machine, a drying machine, and two or three racks to store washing utilities. You can store spare towels and laundry baskets there as well. Then, you could use a drying rack outside the room or on the balcony to air-dry or heat-dry the wet clothes.

Laundry Room Ideas in a Rooftop 

If your home has a rooftop, you can build a laundry corner there. Especially if you live in a tropical country where you rely the most on sunlight to air-dry your clothes. You don't have to carry wet clothes up to the roof, which is obviously heavier than dry clothes. 

Here are some recommendations just for you!

1. Use The Back to Nature Concept

If you are a green thumb, using the back to Nature concept is definitely a good idea for you. You can plant gardens in all corners of the roof to make it look more pretty. 
The existence of some chairs and tables will also help you to increase the aesthetic purpose. Aside from that, you could also use that to take a rest while waiting for the laundry process to finish. 


2. Create Three Sections to Wash, Store, and Dry

Because you build it on a roof, the space is definitely more spacious. To make use of it, you can divide the room into three corners: the corners for washing, storing, and drying. This will make the room tidier and the workflow while washing all the clothes feel more organized. 

You can use a drying rack instead of a drying machine. But If you want the drying process to run faster, you can use both of them. Another option that you have is to use digital drying racks. It is more sophisticated and can dry your clothes quickly without damaging them, like what happens in drying machines.

3. Install Laundry Room Set in One Corner and Drying Rack in The Other

If you have a smaller rooftop or if you only have a balcony, you can install a laundry room set in one corner. There, you can install a washing machine, cabinets to store all the utilities, and a sink to wash your hands or any other things.

Then, on the other side, you could install a drying rack. Either it is the dowel style, the winged style, the one which is mounted on the wall, or the digital one.
If you want to use a Digital Drying Rack for your laundry room ideas, you can go to Hoz and purchase one of the best products there.  

You can choose a rack controlled by remote or voice command. So, what else are you waiting for?

You can have The Best Drying Rack right now!





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