Knock-Knock, Who’s There?: Understanding Digital Door Viewers

October 24, 2022

In order for a business to succeed, it has to do one thing – fill the market gap. While the booming success of digital locks and the way these smart locks have changed the way we look at security are not something to be overlooked, it was only a matter of time till businesses searched for ways to enhance existing consumer benefits. In the attempt to overcome a potential “flaw” of digital door locks, a relatively new innovation has slowly been gaining massive popularity. 

Seamlessly stringing itself with the smart safe living trend that is now the go-to modern plan for any homeowner looking to elevate the security levels of their abode, digital door viewers have taken the world by storm. But what are digital door viewers, what do they bring to the table, and which smart digital door viewer should you consider installing in your abode? 

What is a Digital Door Viewer?

Gone are the days when you’ll have to tiptoe and peek into the peephole or use chain door fasteners to open the doors slightly to see who’s knocking on your front door. Providing a safe way to identify visitors or things occurring in front of your house, digital door viewers are levels above the typical small peepholes that come with most common doors. Designed with a built-in camera, these smart digital door viewers edge further into home security territory with their multi-purpose use. From allowing you to interact with visitors without opening your front door to keeping an eye on your delivery, electronic door viewers improve general home security. 

What Does it Bring to the Table?

Tired of being left in the dark when it comes to figuring out who’s knocking on the door or not being aware of potential threats until it’s too late? Working perfectly with digital door locks, digital door viewers make it a breeze to view scenes in front of your door anytime and anywhere, making your home that much more secure. But you might be wondering how this is any different from digital door locks like the Philips Digital Lock 9300 that come with infrared sensors and a smart door viewer. The difference lies in the fact that digital door viewers not only support remote intelligent monitoring but also adopt features like a PIR infrared sensor that detects motion within a long distance outside the door. While digital locks with smart door viewers make security assured at your fingers by taking photos and videos, these are only available for review after being uploaded onto the smartphone app. Smart digital door viewers, on the other hand, take it up a notch with their real-time monitoring capabilities and additional advanced features like starting real-time audio calls with their built-in microphone and speaker. From AI human motion detection and prying alarm systems to lenses that absorb a high volume of light for better night vision and HD touch screen panels with an interactive design, digital door viewers are great innovations to leverage to keep your home extra safe. 

Digital Door Viewers in Singapore

If you are sold on the idea of integrating a smart digital door viewer into your smart home ecosystem and have plans to get one installed soon, the next step is to find door viewers with advanced camera capabilities. With the door viewer market in Singapore being flooded with several options, narrowing down on all the digital door viewers and picking one that is compatible with your needs is crucial. At Hoz, we not only boast a selection of top-notch digital door viewers with great cameras but also ones that come with processors that can be linked to your smart doors, deliver strong performance, and enable easy disassembly and charging. An option to consider is the Philips Door Viewer DV001. And some of its features include: 

Philips Door Viewer DV001

Never ask “Who’s there?” again with the Philips Door Viewer DV001. Simple and stylish, this digital door viewer comes with 24-hour AI human body detection and 170ᵒ ultra-wide-angle lens with noise cancellation infrared night vision function. Paired with a 1080P HD display, its lens offers better night vision, capturing everything even under insufficient lighting environments. But that’s not all! Make real-time communication everywhere possible with its two-way audio call feature and see every record offline with viewing records that will be saved on the Cloud server for up to 3 days in the Philips app. With a large Lithium battery boasting a standby time of up to 90 days, an intensive metal body and an ARM quad-core processor, simply link this digital door viewer with your smart door lock for much secure assurance. 

Know Who’s Knocking on Your Door with Hoz

If you are looking to have a digital peephole viewer installed in your home, look no further than Hoz for a selection of electronic door viewers in Singapore. Link your door viewers with the right digital lock for your home in Singapore and enjoy the benefits of a safer living space. To get started, check out our collection of smart digital door viewers at Hoz and shop online with us today.

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