5 Features of Philips Digital Locks to Look Out For

October 19, 2022

With the booming success of smart digital locks, the list of brands releasing their selection of digital door locks seems to be getting longer each year. From Kaiser+ digital locks to Samsung digital locks, renowned brands have been jumping on the digital lock bandwagon and making accessible, meaningful innovations aimed at improving convenience. And of all the top digital lock brands in Singapore, Philips has been making waves with its extensive selection of smart door locks that boost homeowners’ well-being.

Driven by the belief that there’s always a way to make life better, Philips is more than a mere technology company that pushes out household and personal care products. Now a leader in the fast-moving industry of smart locks, their range of digital locks boasts ground-breaking features that address common challenges faced by homeowners. Designed to deliver maximum protection for you and your family, here are the top 5 features that are sure to pique your interest when considering Philips’ range of digital locks.

1. Bundles for Your Gates and Doors

Looking to say goodbye to the key-only era for good? That’s exactly what you’ll get when you consider Philip’s smart locks. Going beyond simply offering a wide selection of digital door locks, Philips pairs the best of their door locks with gate locks for an easy user experience. If you find the simple, compact, and thin designs and the multiple access modes of their door locks appealing, Philips has made it possible to experience those same features in their digital gate locks. The Philips Digital Lock 5100K, for example, allows you to enjoy convenient access instantly with its six access modes. Equipped with a semiconductor fingerprint sensor that supports swift and accurate recognition in 0.5 seconds, leading a safe and smart life will be a breeze. Get convenient bundles like the Philips 9300 and Philips 5100K Bundle and revel in top-notch door and gate opening experiences upon installation.

2. Swift Detection and Unlocking

With customers’ needs remaining at the heart of everything that they do, Philip’s range of digital door locks are products of innovation and strategic vision. By adopting a human-centred approach to their product design, their digital locks are not only advanced but also deliver new experiences. This means finding products integrated with features like fingerprint, touch and infrared sensors. As seen in the Philips Digital Lock 9200, which comes with a fingerprint sensor integrated into its push pull handle, immediate fingerprint verification is made possible the moment you hold the handle. But that’s not all! With a touch and infrared sensor on the indoor handle, doors are easily unlocked when your hand touches the sensor. Add to that its fully automatic mortise that allows you to unlock the door without extra action, and the door opening experiences delivered by these digital locks remain unmatched in the industry.

3. Verification Portfolio for Double Security

The ability to unlock and open the door at one go aside, there is no denying that the main purpose of smart digital locks is to up the levels of security in your home. Digital door locks like the Philips 9200 and Philips Digital Lock 702E double the security levels of your abode with their dual verification mode. Once activated, combine two verification methods, like fingerprint access with a PIN code, to upgrade your home security and get rid of any security risks effectively.

4. Higher Lock Reliability

Thought smart locks were just simple locks that came in fancy silver or black plastic casings? While this might be the case for some digital locks pushed out by other manufacturers that are all about cutting costs throughout their design process, this could not be further from the truth for Philip’s range of digital locks. With Philips door locks like the Philips Digital Lock 7300 that comes with a unique design of pin tumbler and vane structure, higher lock reliability, and better home security are guaranteed. Its C-grade lock cylinder also employs multiple anti-theft technologies, providing higher deterrence against technical lock-picking. This Philips 7300 also eliminates the risk of tempering while you’re away when the safe handle function is enabled. When this function is leveraged, you can rest assured that no one will be able to open the door by pushing the indoor handle, preventing any form of door unlocking from the inside through the door viewer.

5. Assurance of IoT

Looking for a digital door lock that seamlessly integrates into your smart home? Allowing for the distribution of one-time PIN codes and remote viewing of unlocking records, locks like the Philips Digital Lock 9300 promises better security. Be informed of all the occurrences happening inside and outside the door with the photos and videos taken by its smart door viewer. Review these snaps at once when uploaded under the abnormal alert tab of the smart app and take the necessary actions to keep your home safe.

Get Your Philips Digital Locks at Hoz

Boasting several top-notch features, Philips digital locks are definitely worth considering if you are looking to install a digital door or gate lock in your home. Efficiently eliminating security risks and improving anti-theft performances with its many functions, what more could one ask for?

If you are looking to experience the wonders of all that a Philips digital lock has to offer, you’ve come to the right place. At Hoz, we carry a wide range of Philips digital door locks and more. So, what are you waiting for? To get started, check out the extensive collection of digital locks and shop online with us today.

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